Please Restore my Zynga Poker Account Chips

Please Restore my Zynga Poker Account Chips 85.00% satisfaction rating from 4 complaints

Dear zynga, I razuan bin razali Has an account with you in the recent past wherein i am a regular user of zynga poker. Day before yesterday while playing poker in a blink of eyes all chips from my account has been gone and the zynga poker account shows zero balance now. Reason I got from your end is abuse report against me which i never did since the inception of playing this game and if so i am damn sure that you have such kind of method where you can easily come to know the truth. I would like to request you to please take a serious note on this complain as not only me my other friends as well family member are playing and enjoying this game since long.

I am fail to understand that without any reason if any body send a abuse report against anybody which would be absolutely fake, should zynga poker blocked the account immediately without any back-check. Hope for the absolute justification from your end as i always believe the policy of zynga will do justice.

to contact me this is my email : clockwork_oren [at]

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3 thoughts on “Please Restore my Zynga Poker Account Chips

  • bobo nenen dong

    please help me ,telme now how open CA3 at texas holdem poker my facabook

  • jechsin

    dear zynga.iam loved playing zynga poker every day.i have 42m chip,playing normaly with my buddy and other player in table 10k.don’t know why screen goest reconect i got the DOH massege.this is first time for me,that hard work to win,so easy loses with DOH.I want takes back and play zynga poker anymore.sory about my english

  • illi lakey billings

    It says page not available wont let me play poker i can go as guest but its not my picture

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