Please Turn off Annoying Google Predictive Search

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Please find a way to let us turn off the Google predictive search feature, that has rolled out in updates recently. It is now the default search feature when I open up a browser, and it is also on my Comcast homepage search engine. It is the most annoying feature ever, and has no redeeming value for me as I look for things each day. Everything I search for on Google now takes five times as long. Instead I am now using Bing, Firefox or Safari for all my searches because this predictive search feature is freezing everything up.

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18 thoughts on “Please Turn off Annoying Google Predictive Search

  • Syd

    Yes! Get rid of Predictive text in Google Search! Or, if Google wants us to imagine they have above room temperature IQ, move the “I Feel Lucky” to a location ABOVE the search space. That way, when Predictive Text ANNOYINGLY JUMPED ALL OVER HELL, the “I Feel Lucky” would be in one spot where I can repeatedly find it!!!!! You gotta move the mouse to get to the Text Field, then, move the mouse to find the skitzoid “I Feel lucky.”

  • jerry hall

    please add my name to the list of those who hate your predictive text on the search bar

  • Aristotle

    A rather poor way is to start the explorer with

    which doesn’t have the wonderful predictive feature, but you are back with the predictive feature on subsequent searches after you have used this URL the first time. No doubt Google will close off even this avenue if they find it becomes too popular and bypasses their marketing orientation steering you towards things you don’t want.

  • Sam

    Just goto another ‘Search engine’ GOOGLE is starting to be pants now days .. keeps forcing you to alter settings ‘sign-in’ and other silly stuff, i can only assume they are collecting data about your computer… its not needed… “WE WANT A BASIC SEARCH ENGINE” Without any predictive text or auto complete.

  • Robert Arnold

    Please,Please, tell me how to cancel this most annoying predictive text it slows everything down and to be honest who the hell wants or needs it. I don’t need to be told where I’ve been when I’m looking for something new.

  • Fred f

    To get rid of it, click the “cog” at the top right of the page, click “search settings” and go “tun off google instant”. that should do it.

  • answer

    Fred f
    12/01/2011 at 9:47 pm

    To get rid of it, click the “cog” at the top right of the page, click “search settings” and go “tun off google instant”. that should do it.

    NO it DOESN’T!

  • adam

    Please let me turn off your stupid feature, your settings under the cog don’t work, yes cookies are enabled, I’m not a complete imbecile.

  • matthew

    Agreed, hate this feature. I wonder if Google knows it gives them five times as many hits, and five times as much advertising money?

  • Nick

    On Google web page, type ‘Stop this annoying sh*te’ into the search field and press Enter key. At the top of the next page under the ‘Sign In’ box you will see a cog symbol. Click the mouse on it and select Search Settings. Select ‘Never show Instant results’ and click on Save. You still get the suggestions listed under the Google search line as you type, but you can type what you want in the field without it trying to predict/lose key strokes/slow everything.

  • wittylady

    Please turn off the wretched predictive text. I have to look at my keyboard when typing – so when i look up i find my type has stopped because of predictive text. This is extrememly annoying as not everyone can touch type

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