Poor Customer Service at Bank of America

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Had a closing today with Bank of America. Was poorly conducted!!!! we had been trying. To get a negate through BOA since November. Had a pre approved load. In first week of January our first closing was canceled because the pre approved mortgage was disapproved. the second thine the mortgage was approved and the closing was scheduled for last Wednesday. We got a call the same morning informing us that the load underwriter had called in sick and the paperwork was not complete. Rescheduled for today 11:00am. When we got to the Title company at 11:00am we where told that Bank of America just called and they want to change the paperwork.

We all waited 11/2 hours before we got the new paperwork. The title company was efficient an all paperwork was processed in less than 30 minutes. Shortly after Bank of America received the load documents the called to inform us that the are going into a 11/2 hour meeting and we will not get the wire transfer until after their meeting! 2 hours later we started calling to find the status. Found out that only one of the wire transfers has been summited ($400). The primary load wire was not submitted. The FED closes at 5:00pm eastern time.

Wire transfer never came!!! We can’t get keys to our new house until the wire transfer is received!! Hope to get access to our new home tomorrow!! There is NO accountability for Bank of America! Had we known all the issues that BOA is directly responsible for we would never have gotten the loan from them! I will tell everyone I what we have gone though! Recommend any other bank but don’t use Bank of America!

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2 thoughts on “Poor Customer Service at Bank of America

  • Spot Banks

    Soo many people post complaints against BofA on Twitter, that BofA had to form a Twitter Task-force to keep up the replies!

  • ladonna burden

    Worlds worst….I have never been thru so many ups n downs with a bank in my life. The were fraudulent transactions submitted on my acct and by the time I go thru with dealing with these idiots I wished I would have let those people keep my dam money because it was not wort the hassle or the time spent. So to all the thieves out there steal from BOA customers because by the time they do n e thing the money will spent n u will be long gone.

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