Poor Restaurant Service and Food Quality

Poor Restaurant Service and Food Quality 20.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

Dear Sir, I would like to give feedback on restaurant service and food quality. In this month, I visited McDonalds Inox, Pune frequently and I did not get service and quality of food up to the mark. Every time I got the cold drink without ice and the cold drink was flat also. The day before yesterday I asked to place order for Mc Swirl, they said it’s not available. Yesterday I ordered 3 Mc Puffs and the guy said we will send it to your table within 7 minutes, I got it after 20 minutes and that also after reminder. Day by day McDonald’s service and food quality is going down. I am also from Hotel industry and work as a Sous Chef at Westin Hotel, Pune.

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One thought on “Poor Restaurant Service and Food Quality

  • Dadii

    Today I have taken idly parcel from SAMRAT hotel, when i reached my home and opened the percel, Surprisingly I found the idly is half cooked, it is like raw idly not eatable, so if we order any percel then they will cheat easily..so they are not interested for customers satisfy and food quality…finally my money and travel to hotel everything wasted. don’t go to this poor service hotel which is in maruthi seva nagar bus stop, bangalore

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