Problems with Comcast Xfinity Cable Internet

Problems with Comcast Xfinity Cable Internet 95.00% satisfaction rating from 4 complaints

Can someone please explain to me why it is that if Comcast’s newest upgrade to xfinity cable is supposed to be soooooo much better, I haven’t been able to watch a single show without interruption? When I watch a show I am lucky if an error message does not come on or a character on my favorite sitcom can get a full sentence out before being interrupted by my service cutting out. When I call the customer service representatives in my area, they are simply aweful! I only was able to recieve a $15 rebate on a month of service ( I still had to pay $50) where my cable/internet bundle barely even worked!

And that was after I threatened to get rid of my plan with them! I thought I’d give them a second chance this month, but yet again here we are and my service is even worse than last month. Their b.s. excuse is that they are doing upgrades for xfinity. Although they cant seem to give me a date when they will be done doing this. Does this mean that my service is going to be continually interrupted and useless infinitely? If so, I would not only like to cancel my service with them, but I would also like my money back for the last 2 months of shotty service.

And people should know that this is what xfinity cable really is instead of Comcast trying to pretend that I am getting a better deal by converting to xfinity from a cable/ internet package that I already loved.

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5 thoughts on “Problems with Comcast Xfinity Cable Internet

  • J Ruben

    For the last six month Comcast Xfinity internet speed and performance has – $UCK$ED!!! Connection/performance so bad I cannot run a speed test- I’ve been paying $43/mo for Performance Plus- 18 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up. I called six times, they came to the house three times, the problem is not internal but external, they won’t adjust my bill. Next step is a letter to the State Attorney General and the Public Utility Commission. Comcast is very OVER priced!!! As soon as my TiVo contract expires I am canceling COMCAST. Last time I was able to check my internet speed is was getting- 1.5 Mbps down and 500 kbps up.

  • Connie Major

    This Xfinity problem is HORRIBLE! Comcast tells me it’s a software problem and they are working on it. I cannot watch my recordings without it skipping to the end half way through, and this happens at least 10 times a day, if not more! The other program was BETTER! Comcast is $85.00 amonth for me, and I live on a fixed income. They have credited my account a couple of times, but, this is about 6 months. I should get all the credits for missed programs. A letter to the State Attorney General and the Public Utility Commission is next!!! Comcasts should at least be honest with their customers and tell them how long this is really going to take, and the customers would react more favorably. It just makes you want to cancel COMCAST!

  • Terry

    Comcast Cable Services are Terrible, The High Cost, the Promataions to upgrade when you already are paying for a particular service that does not work, the rude people at customer service. Ask them anything about your service and chances are you will be dirrecected to a recording or bombarded by questions that you have already answered. The list of complaints goes on. Shame on you Comcast, i never had any problems with Adelphia and AT&T, till you came along … Time to Turn it Off (Plenty of other service Providers for content and communication)… by the Way I Use a Land Line – STOP CALLING AND ASKING ME TO SWITCH!

  • Anonymous

    Xfinity internet sucks… its guranteed to be down atleast two nights every week!! and when it works alot of the time pages dont for some minutes and you gotta wait…. THEY NEED TO ALOT OF WORK ON THEIR SYSTEM

  • Junior

    COMCAST INTERNET SUCKSSS… Its down alot times and when it is up the lapses alot… VERY UNRELIABLE

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