Psychic Reading Theft from Psychics at Keen

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To Whom It May Concern! I like to made a complaint about lovepsychisara and her group, March 9, 2011 I spoke to lovepsychisara on the Keen site, she told me that she could help me with my love life if I paid her $200.00 and to send it to her by Western Union, which I did, and that I would see something happen in 48hrs. I did not her from her after that, so I called, and she stated that her partner would be calling me, so Paula called me, and as I asked questions, Paula shh me. I called Sara and told her that I was very unhappy with their service, so Sara stated that I could have my $200.00 back and I told her yes that I wanted my money back.

Sara stated to give her a couple of days to get my money back the same way that I gave it her-Western Union. Those days passed, I called again and this time I got another female voice on Sara’s cell phone, I told that I was upset with Sara and Paula, the female put their higher Pastor in charge name David, who told me that I would get my money back by the following Wednesday, March 16, 2011, and that he would pay back my money himself. I received no call for days, kept leaving messages, over a week, I finally get a hold of Sara, who ask me for my address and stated that the higher Pastor David gave her a check for $200.00 to mail to me, that was March 23rd or 24th, 2011.

No check called Sara and informs her that I did not receive a check. She stated that there was another woman who mailed it, as of today April 5, 2011; I still have not received my $200.00 back. I have been calling lovepsychisara leaving messages and I getting no responses. I feel that I had a scam pulled on me. At this time I am going to write the worst review by submitting this letter on the Keen site for everyone to see what kind of people Keen has working for them. I am also going to report this information the Better Business Bureau and locate the Commissioner for the Psych Business. It has been also a month that I have been dealing with matter and I am tired of the Bull Shit; just give me my money back.

Here is the proof that I paid
Thank you for using the Western Union Money Transfer® service. Your money transfer has been picked up by the receiver. Following is a summary of your transaction.
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN): 1176643176
Date of Order: 03/09/2011
Amount Sent: $200.00
Receiver Name: FRANCES MARKS
Status: Picked Up my money!

I have been on Keen site for some time now and have spent a good amount of money!!!

I received the email from Keen, asking me not to put this information on their site, that they would contact Sara (lovepsychisara) and try to solve this matter, and will not let me know the outcome, that was last week . Keen has now blocked my phone number and remove Sara (lovepsychisara) from my Keen account. I called Sara again to inform her that I did not get my money yet. First it was that she had my apartment number wrong, Now she stated that she may have told the woman who was to suppose to mail the check it to me, that she may have given her the wrong state to where I live and that she will find out and mail it me overnight, that was 4 to 5 days ago.

Still no check sent to me. I have called and left messages concerning my money, now I did not get any answer back from Sarah. I even stated how would you feel and what would think of this matter if it was happening to her. I just want my $200.00 back so I can stop the calling and stop being upset. I am at this point now to take legal action against Sara (lovepsychisara) and her group. Also report this matter to the Better Business Bureau and make a complaint to Consumer Complaints. I have been dealing with this matter now for four weeks. ) I called today and still did not get answer, I just Keen’s site and now Sara is not on it.

I think Keen is covering for people like this. Today I am contacting the Commission for this type of service and inform the Better Business Bureau..

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5 thoughts on “Psychic Reading Theft from Psychics at Keen

  • BeBe

    See this stuff makes me sick when these “psychics” take advantage of people they know are desperate for answers!!!!! I was looking for an honest psychic last night, and the psychic site actually had a notice to customers to NEVER EVER GIVE THEIR OHONE PSYCHICS YOUR PHONE NUMBER OR YOUR MONEY. So these crooks obviously tell customers to send them money directly. I hope you press charges!!!!! I hope you get your money back and I hope you never use keen again! Here- read this site- it tells you tips for avoiding psychic fraud. And here is a site that I used to find honest REAL psychics that don’t steal! I have used the ones she recommends and they are all awesome!

  • Connie

    I just looked on Keen for that psychic and she is no longer part of Keen, thank goodness. Giving those of us who do an honest job a bad name is not good and when people call me and tell me they’ve given money for spells and what have you I just feel terrible for them. Spells don’t work darling, it’s your faith in yourself that does the job….our job is to instill that faith by way of giving accurate readings with many confirmations. I’m sorry you had to deal with this and I hope you don’t blame Keen because they have to weed out the bad psychics too.

  • shadow

    i am so sorry this happened to you, i hope you can find resolution to this also. if her name isn’t there then she either changed it or keen took her account down. either is possible. also keen doesnot protect its psychics at all, i can tell you that from experience.In all fairness there are both good and bad psychics on there. Some of the things for everyone to look for …if it says 100 percent,,run, if it promises to bring someone,if it says,if you are not comfortable in the first 5 mins, if they ever ask you for personal info or ask for money …defintly run….the biggest problem is that anyone can work they don’t have to be psychic and sadly enough give a very bad name to those that are real. i sincerely hope you get your money back. the other thing to look for when you are reading feedback is if things actually happen, as in clients leaving remarks that things have actually happened over a reasonable amount of time. also know that not every person connects to every reader..its just a fact..good luck :)

  • capricorn

    Am truely sorry and do hope that u get ur money back. My experience with Keen has not been either good or bad as far as predictions coming to pass. I have been read by different psychics but specially one lady (lately) Ellen Hartwell and I’ve got to say that I have felt the most comfortable and at ease with her. She is a wonderful, caring person but I do have one concern very, very few of her predictions have come true. I hve a strong connection with her and felt in my heart that she has not lied in any but I just don’t understand why her predictions never came true. I have all the faith in the world and am not upset at all. I have not spoken to her in a long while because even though I loved our conversations predictions never came true and am not going to continue wasting my money. But I really do not blame Keen. We choose to believe what we need to believe. Much luck to you.

  • Lou

    Not all readers are bad but anytime anyone says they can magically fix things or bring back lover run away they can not its all a scam to take from the broken hearted

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