Security Alert Zynga Poker Message Code CA5

Security Alert Zynga Poker Message Code CA5 84.88% satisfaction rating from 41 complaints

How can I remove the message codes “CA” from Zynga poker? I get many of these error codes when I play the game from CA3 to CA5 and so on, what do they mean? If I keep getting errors with no one from Zynga to help how can I keep this going? I love playing poker it’s my favorite and I play every night before bed.

Yesterday when I logged on it gave me a CA3 poker warning by Zynga, telling me there was a problem with the game. I searched online and now see many other people with this same issue. Here’s the error codes I have gotten so far.

CA1, CA3, CA5, CA7 are all the codes I have seen, with CA5 being the one I get the most frequently when I am playing online. Has anyone gotten a way to remove the error messages from appearing on the game. I can’t find anyone with an absolute answer, just lots of complaints and problems.

If I delete the application and reinstall the game sometimes the errors go away for a few hours then they keep popping up. Does this mean my chips are in danger or somebody has hacked my zynga poker account, if so it’s not worth it to me! Please somebody with a solution help.

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