Is Selling Advocare is a Pyramid Scam? Beware

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It has split my family in two becuse not everyone wanted to buy advocare, the one selling advocare says nothing but bad thing about us? I tryed it, but after a few months my body became imune to the “buzz”. If you have these products every day I think it has long term damaging affects. Also they have atificial flavors and dye’s ( food dye’s are bad,in the U.K. they are going to put warning lables on all products with dye’s, they case alergic reaction,s in some people and now they are trying to link it to “CANCER” ) I am sure they will find out that atificial flavors are just as bad, GO ORGANIC, I belive there are more natural products out there!

Advocare is fuled by money and greed. If you want to help someone, teach them how to have a more natural diet with real foods not suplements. Personaly I like to help people for free, and not take thier money!!! Its a pyrmid scam beware!!

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10 thoughts on “Is Selling Advocare is a Pyramid Scam? Beware

  • Lovely_FLower

    Agreed! The amount of demand they put on you to buy these supplements is beyond frustrating! I don’t know how many times I have to say no. No means no people, get a clue please. I already lead a very healthy lifestyle, am a fitness instrucor, and compete in womens fitness shows regularly. I do not need these products, but for some reason this girl at my gym thinks I need them. The funny thing is, I am in much better shape than she is. In fact she spends more time talking about advocare at the gym than actaully working out! Shes such a hypocrite talking about how healthy she is when she barely does a thing while shes there… Advocare isn’t a cure all product, they may sound like they are going to make your life better becasue of the way the salesperson pushes it on you, but all they end up doing is pursuig money and not health. It’s all lies.

  • stopbeingpushy

    The definition of Pyramid Scheme is a non-sustainable business model that requires an investment in which there are no actual products, goods or services being returned on that investment. In AdvoCare, you never put money in where you don’t get what you paid for. Example: Products @ retail cost- you choose to purchase a box of “X” product that costs “X” amount of dollars. Even exchange. Thats called Free-Enterprise. Now, when someone signs up for a wholesale/costco-ish membership just wanting a discount- $79 for a kit that includes a website, $50 worth of products, instant 20% discount on all products-no hassling-no minimum purchase requirements, nothing. Assume that new Member/Distributor decides they’d like to have a full stock of their nutritional supplements(equal to someone that purchases from Costco in bulk)- They choose to order $1500 of their products and click to Checkout only to notice [insert lightbulb moment here] that they now have a 30% discount on their products for-ever and are only paying $1,050 for them. Therefore, they purchased $1500 in product for $1,050. Then their neighbor decides to buy $150 worth of product from them….they have the right to choose to charge Retail Cost(making a profit of 30%) or giving a discount as high as what they paid for the product. Either way, no money is lost, investment-returned. It also sounds to me like you’re one of those “pushy” people that gets upset when someone doesn’t purchase your products. You give everyone else that is ACTUALLY knowledgeable on the products AND business a bad rep. Do you know the doctors that formulate AdvoCare’s products? Do you know anyone whose life has been saved through TPN/intravenous feeding through the tube?? The man that pioneered the invention for TPN feeding through tubes to transfer nutrients, SUPPLEMENTS, vitamins and amino acids through a person’s veins that otherwise might not have lived(preemie babies especially)…his name is Dr. Stan Dudrick. HE formulates AdvoCare products. TPN feeding is one of the top 4 inventions in Medical Science history. Not only that, but when an athlete gets drug tested and fails because one of their GNC, wal mart, “Health Food” store supplements reads positive for a banned substance-they lose their career. Professional and Olympic Athletes take our products because the products WORK and they are all 100% Informed Choice(tested for over 196 banned substances). The products aren’t “cheap” in cost, nor are they “cheap” in integrity and validity. Have a conversation with one of the Sci-Med Doctors and debate the subject. There are pushy “salesmen” EVERYWHERE in the world. If someone is being pushy about purchasing products or getting upset over their mom not buying a box of Spark, then they have much bigger issues to deal with and are definitely in the wrong industry. Look past the “sale.” Becoming a servant in helping others live better lives-THAT is what Charlie Ragus’ vision was for AdvoCare and it IS AdvoCare.

  • stopbeingpushy

    p.s. Next year, “Being Left Handed” will be linked to Cancer. Artificial coloring/flavoring? Doubtful.

  • Advocare Homer

    listen here stopbeingpushy, I joined Advocare and its a big scam. The products have been linked to someone in Pace, FL having cancer and I would advise to stay far, far away.

  • felicia mccasland

    I am an Advocare product purchaser. I do not understand how we can blame one particular thing for cancer. We have all been subjected to pesticides on our fresh produce, bottled water, second hand smoke, too much smoke, fresh meat that has been pumped full of steroids and whatever else. I come from a genetic line of brain tumors, lived in a home with 2 smokers, smoked 10 yrs as an adult, filled my body with junk after junk. I can not come out and blame anyone else for cancer. Something I take in can trigger the cells to grow and there we are. Pointing fingers while people are losing weight, that is ridiculous. Why not point a finger at VIsalus? They demand automatic shipping while Advocare does not. You can do what ever you want when ever you want with Advocare. Take it or leave it. Sounds like you want to leave it but drag it and those who have anything to do with it through the mud while you leave. I need to lose more weight for health reasons and if Advocare helps me have the umph then so be it. You are the type that says tax the obese more because of healthcare costs but degrade the products and ways that the obese try to help themselves. I know there is no quick fix to my weight but until you walk a day in my shoes and feel my shame then be quiet and let us fix our health the way that works for us because I promise, I will not infringe on your rights or your hard earned money while I do so.

  • david cervantes

    how is advocare a scam when it helps you better yourself your health and your lifestyle. nobody is telling you to put thousands and thousands of dollars into this company you put in what you wanna put in. i started on products march 2013 and have lost weight and feel better about myself people that complain about this company are a whole bunch of whiners that cant appreciate a good thing. to lovely_flower i noticed that you put in there that your a fitness instructor fyi just cuz your a fitness instructor doesnt mean your in good shape i know plenty of personal trainers/fitness instructors who are fat and out of shape i know cuz i work with a whole lot of them. and just cuz you compete in competitions doesnt mean your in good shape you can compete and come in last place nothing to brag about. maybe that girl at your gym sees you for more then what you are and wants to help better your performance. most people in america seem to think that eating a whole bunch of mcdonalds and drinking and smoking is good for you. but when it comes to health products they wanna question everything. advocare is not only about health its also about making money. people pay thousands of dollars to buy mcdonalds,alcohol,cigarettes nothing but junk that makes you unhealthy and your making these companies rich. advocare is paying you to get healthy and live good lives. but yet people wanna say thats a pyramid scheme. no america these franchises are pyramid schemes.

  • david cervantes

    I am also a corporal in the united states marine corp these products help me overcome any obstacles that get put in my way and help me focus on what im doing. and will continue use and share the amazing products that advocare has to offer. because they work. i get a discount on products and family and friends enjoy all you negative people about advocare if you dont like the company then stay away from it simple as that. and to advocare homer smoking causes cancer people still smoke, to much junk food causes obesity people still eat it, drinking and driving causes accidents and death people still do it. my point is people tend to love doing the negative things that when it comes to positive things like advocare they just wanna talk bad about it.

  • Ed Garcia

    I tried to read the pro’s of Advofake but i had my moron filter on and the comments would not show up? Sheeple will buy anything and any invention claiming weight loss is a scam, You can’t out run your fork, cut and count calories and hocus pocus you lose weight, is that so hard to understand, i wonder how many that bought this read what Taurine side effects are!

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