SMS Scams from Nokia MTN Vodacom

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Received an sms stating you have won R215 000 3am in the morning, I just want to know, how MTN/Vodacom/Cell C can leak numbers of their clients to these fraudsters! They should be more considered about their data and MTN should focus more on their coverage!

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18 thoughts on “SMS Scams from Nokia MTN Vodacom

  • Trushna bhoola

    hi, i recieved an sms 3 am saying my sim has won 195 000 from samsung yearly promotions, call mr Enny… is this some hoax again????????????? how does our number leak to these fraudsters??????????? given the fact that it is rica approved!

  • Mrs C E Olivier

    I received the following sms on my Nokia Mobile Phone on 9th June 2011. Dear Customer! CONGRATULATIONS,, You have won R95.000 on the Network Draw, Ref number is 1306N. Call Pamela on 0796897727 from 8am to 5pm to claim. T & C’s apply I phoned the relevant number and spoke to Pamela, who requested me to phone back in 5min which I did. A guy called Mark answered the call and requested my Ref Number. He told me that in order to claim my prize, I would have to sms my banking details to the mobile phone Number above and the money would be paid into my account by closing hours, on 10thJune2011. I have not done so yet and was hoping that someone would be able to tell me whether it it safe to give out your banking details< I am Mrs C E Olivier and my mobile phone nmber is 072 694 9847. I would appreciate Your Kind Assistance. Regards. Mrs C E Olivier

  • Annoyed

    This is exactly what I got on my Vodacom line this morning. Congratulations! your sim no.won R85, N0kIA YEARLY PR0M0 yout Yx2 contact mr Eric on 0733655638 make sure your Ticket no is Activated. If these jerks want to run effective phone scams, they should at least learn to f%@king SPELL properly. The scumbag who sent me this text can be contacted at +27714437820.

  • Scammed

    I received an sms yesterday congratulating me on a prize of R250000.00 that I had won in a Blackberry UK promo, where they had randomly selected by number. I was expected to buy two Vodacom R55 pre- paid vouchers and then sms them the pin numbers, after which my “prize would be delivered in two days. Then I received two cell phone messages from insurance agents” instructing me to pay R1850.00 for insurance costs before I could collect my prize. They were from two different people, and quoted the Nokia Promo not the Blackberry Promo. 24 Hours later the ” insurance agents” started harassing me with the one phone call after the other, demanding why I was not taking their calls and becoming quite aggressive. This should be stopped by Vodacom, Nokia and Blackberry immediately, as it is injurious to their reputation.

  • Yvette

    Hi received an sms that said that my MMS settings on my cellphone are incorrect. Then it said I must sms YES to get the correct settings. I stupid just went ahead and did it. What happens now? Do they have access to anything? Or can they charge me with anything? Help!

  • phillipa jackson

    With all these complains of Nokia promotions fraud what did you do for clients because l am also the victim. Why cant you publish this where each and everyone can access because not everyone have access of internet. Put it in news papers, radios and televions, so that these thieves can suffer. They are parasites they depend on us. Please stop this scam. Very lazy people

  • Alka Dindeyal

    Hi, my grandmum was also ‘almost’ scammed by these fraudsters, the sms received had the following : “CONGRATULATIONS!! Your no was among the lucky winnersin the NOKIA yearly promo : You’ve won R95.000. Ref no: 009kp. To claim contact Miss Sandre’ on 0714550803.” when she called the number, they asked her to purchase R275 vodacom airtime, and sms the pin number to them, and once they receive it, they will deliver the cheque to her home, as she was asked for banking details, and did not give it. its sad to know that also elderly people are also targeted, as they are not as aware as us with these scams, and these fraudsters would have easily gained R275 airtime!

  • Gabriella

    that was the exact same sms and reference number I recieved this morning at 06:00 pm instead i had to call for “Gift”. i went throught the same telephonic process and even i am nervous to sms them my details

  • Vikesh

    Hi I received an sms from rica awards promo (ref no:Ric03kp) saying congradulations your cell phone number have won you R850 000 from Rica promo. For activation call 0723792907 I did call spoke to a unknown white guy who gave the phone to a black lady name natasha saying to give her my reference number and cell she said my had won and to claim my price I must sms my banking detais so the money will be transfered in my account within 24 hours I did not..if any 1 knows more info please contact me

  • J

    I received an sms “’ve won R350,000 in rica 2012 all networks promo (ref no: ric581) at Samantha on 0787136813 for your claim”..

  • Bongumusa Msibi

    I received an SMS from 0817379247 saying that my cell no. has won R 195k in RICA promo Award, with the ticket no. I called a Mrs. Kim Mokwena on 0822534773 who confirmed the winnings and asked that I sms them my details for them to release the money. When I asked of the company she was from she said Rica, I asked the land line she said mobile lines are for promotions ….. really now! What is RICA doing about this? is it safe for us to still give our details to them if we are to be scammed like this?

  • Ian

    I received an sms (from 27 81 219 3813) That I have won R 350 000 in RICA ALL NETWORK 2102 PROMO (RIC 222SA). I must call Williams 078 918 6052. PLEASE WILL SOMEBODY CATCH THESE FRAUDSTERS. REMEMBER A GOLDEN RULE IN LIFE: NO FREE LUNCH; NOTHING IS FREE.

  • J

    I received the same from someone. Unless you can visually see this promo on your suppliers website saying you could win and your name is on their site, you should NEVER give out your bank details to anyone. They can you that information, your mobile number, name and other info they gleen from you to con you out of money. As Ian mentioned, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

  • FL Pink

    I also received an sms 2day saying rica has recognized my numbers. I huv won R950,000 n HP Laptop Ref no:R4ck. Wen i called they asked my banking details i gave them. Im rily scared is this a scam or wat am i in trouble Pls tell me 0837688243

  • Lubabalo

    I olso received this sms today 20/02/2013. It says Rica:Promotion yearly rewards by mtn. I won R185.000call this no 08101515130.Ref 066RP to claime and I didnt call the no.

  • G

    Hi, today 2013-03-06 I received message that I have won R950 000-00 in Rica2013 competition, but first i must buy 5 airtime vouchers of R275-00 each to receive my prize, what a scam. Vodacom, PLEASE make effort to stop/catch this scamsters, it is a disgrace for vodacom

  • Sonja

    Get an SMS I have won R950000.00 with the Rica Claims Department. I must call Ella Atkins at 0789107576 must SMS my bank detail. When I phone her to ask if it is a scam she also give me her ID no. 7107175033089.

  • johann van der merwe

    I have received the following message from +27818259626
    The message reads: CONGRATULATIONS: Your cell No. was randomly selected on NOKIA PROMOTION. You won R95 000. Ticket No 0166p. Call Mrs Sharon 0604940756. From 8am to 5pm.

    Please follow up and catch these spammers

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