sony authorised dealer in Nellore ( Rayalseema Agencies) misbehaviour with customers

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when we go to shop at Rayalaseema Agencies, Nellore
(Sony Cybershot W730 )
we ask the sales mangaer what is the price of above item he said that
it is worth of Rs: 7600/- then we ask him to get discount but he said not
then we said that we will get it more discount on online shopping
if u have any chance to give the discount
But he rashly said that the sales boy “SEND THEM OUT”
then we as is it the way to behave the customers ?
then he said that “SEND THEM OUT”
If a dealer of SONY is talks like that who will purchse Your sony product in the Nellore.
and your sales will decrease for that behavour
so please instruct your dealers please behave politely with customers when they buy or not is second thing.

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