Sony VAIO Laptop Cracked LCD Screen

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I purchased a new Sony VAIO Laptop – E Series (Blueray DVD, built-in motion eye, etc.) in Dec 2010. It worked fine until 3 weeks ago when the screen went black. Sony’s service tech informed us my new 18″ LCD screen has an ‘internal’ crack rendering my computer unusable! That’s right … my $2,000 computer has a cracked screen after only 3 months. It’s important to emphasize that my laptop was not damaged or dropped. It is not transported to and from work. It remains in our home office where I work. Upon learning of the ‘internal’ crack, the Sony service rep contacted their customer service center and handed me the phone.

My VAIO laptop was under warranty, but the LCD screen was not covered. Rather, Sony sent me a box to mail my laptop to Sony’s repair center in California at a cost of $700 to replace the LCD screen! That’s right. Sony’s customer service solution is to charge ME $700 to replace the faulty inferior quality LCD screen they marketed to me was a premium laptop. A word to the wise: Sony charges a premium price for the quality products they used to provide consumers. Those days are no longer! Sony’s low quality electronic products are the worst on the market and highest priced.

I will NEVER purchase another Sony product again, and continue to advise family, friends and colleagues to do the same. Sadly, Sony’s customer service is deplorable and unable to provide acceptable solutions to these quality issues eroding customer loyalty. Bottom line greed is Sony’s top priority. Not customer satisfaction! They’ve lost my business … I wish I’d read this message board prior to my purchasing the Sony VAIO – I would have made a different choice!

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5 thoughts on “Sony VAIO Laptop Cracked LCD Screen

  • Teja

    I am facing same problem i wish I had read this before.SONY vaio are just good looking but very much sensitive and not robust at all.Screens damage early within a month and doesnt come under warranty.I was told repairing cost of Rs15,000 within three weeks of purchase of SONY vaio of 36k..I am much disappointed with SONY vaio

  • Valerie

    Hey folks — Wanted to say that I had the same problem — it really upset me when I was told my screen was cracked and I’d done nothing rowdy to crack it. Best Buy said I just had to buy a new laptop — nothing could be done. But I found a guy here in Houston who can replace the screens for $150. It’s worth looking on line for someone local who can fix it for you!

  • Oscar

    Same thing here the same loptop and 3 weeks later I got a ship on my lower right corner of my screen thats black out and sony want’s me to send it over california and charge me $700 to fix there problems.. I HATE SONY THEY WILL DIE BEFORE I BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN!!! BUSTARDS.

  • Adra

    The Vaio Cracked LCD screen is my story exactly! There was absolutely NO abuse to this laptop, which is only six months old! I also will never buy another Sony product and will recommend everyone to stay away from them. The broken screen is totally due to faulty design. Sony should be as ashamed of themselves as I am ashamed of them. I bought a $620 laptop and they demanded $489 to repair a problem which is the fault of their poor design. I’ll take the $489 and buy another computer. You know it won’t be a Sony.

  • Denise

    We bought my daugher a Sony Vaio laptop for Christmas in Dec 2011. Three weeks ago it had blue lines appeared and what looked like someone had drawn inside it. We rang PC World who said it wasn’t covered and that we must have damaged it somehow then sent it to Sony repair centre who are saying surprise surprise we must have banged it or knocked it and yet we know for a fact that nothing untoward has happened to it it never moves out of her bedroom and she has looked after it so well. They are quoting something like £270 + VAT to repair it or if we just want to do it ourselves the pleasure of paying them £63 before they will give it back to us! In three months I think this is despicable and we will never ever buy a Sony product again now.

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