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The speed dating website I originally signed up for is still using my identity (which does not exist on their site any more) and all the contacts at my email address to do their advertising. They send out invitations to join their site using my profile and my photo as if it is me sending out the invitation. I keep contacting them asking them to pull my info, because after all I deleted my account, but they haven’t responded yet. Any other way that I can get this information pulled down off their site without resorting to legal recourse here? I never knew speed dating could be speed identity theft!

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2 thoughts on “Speed Dating Website

  • schepers

    i don’t like this web, cost to much money w/little results, feel i have been taken for a ride!!!please lose my information,after the regretful 40.00 i paid for,thank you,but i’m sure i won’t here a response from this,so disappointing!!!!!!!

  • lisa madden

    hello there…i hope you can sort this complaint out…i have asked for men on the dating site between the ages of 47 and 57 to message or speed date me and i am still getting young lads that are the same age as my kids texting and trying to speeddate me in the region of the 20’s and 30 range..i do not wish to entertain them..i also put down that they must have a photo of themselves and i am still receiving messages and speed dates from men with no photos..i am white and have no interest in any other ethnic minorities..and again i receive messages from other ethnics….i am paying for this service..and i expect my wishes to be considered into the account..please can you sort this out….i only want to speak to men if they have a photo and in the range of 47 to 57 and is caucasion..and not from another ethnic only british speaking…thankyou i hope for this to get resolved soon

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