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I happened to turn on Disney Channel to see an episode of “Good Luck, Charlie”, which happened to be the one where Teddy thinks her laptop was washed in the dishwasher because Charlie put it there. At first, Teddy was to say, upset because she thought Charlie did this to herself, but then she happened to have a dream in which Charlie was dressed in combat boots, studded belt, leather short gloves, leggings, and appropriately lengthed matching shirt and skirt. Her hair (obviously a wig) was pink with magenta streaks. In the dream, she had come home late and had a boyfriend, named “Snake” who was currently in jail.

Why is this a complaint? Well, by this depiction of “bad behavior”, they had used a “different” sense of dress as the iconic mascot for this behavior. This is a stereotype in the most viable extent of the word. It is obscenely ridiculous. I am an Honors student. I have been nominated for this People to People Student Ambassador program to go to France, Italy, and Greece. I am a great influence on my younger cousins, because I have no siblings. I dress a lot like how they had shown Charlie. I wear combat boots, have at least 5 tutus, wear an excessive amount of black, and sometimes, wear wigs.

Dressing in this style does not mean I will end up having a boyfriend from jail or coming home late every night. Dressing in this style does not mean I will get into drugs or alcohol (I am deeply opposed to either because of its affect on my family). If Disney Channel should hear of this complaint, they will know that I am planning to send many letters and even make a video on this topic. This is absurd. I am deeply offended.

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