Stop Barack Obama Advertising on AOL Emails

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I understand that the Huffington Post is involved with AOL now, but I really don’t want to see advertising for Barack Obama’s re-election everyday on my emails! If I do I will cease my AOL account that I have had for years! I also don’t want these advertisements going with the emails I send out!!! What can I do to stop Barack Obama advertising on AOL emails ASAP? It’s only because it’s the Huffington Post supporting him…I don’t!

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13 thoughts on “Stop Barack Obama Advertising on AOL Emails

  • Anonymous

    you cant i called aol to complain and they told me that i cant turn it off i think should call rush limbaugh and raise some hell

  • M J Smart

    Just do like me….I’m dropping AOL (All Obama Lies), and moving to Gmail.

  • jim dodson

    I deplore the stupid obama adds that come up every time I log on to my account, if you don’t take them off, now, I will stop using aol…….

  • Dave

    I have had it! I have been with AOL for 15 years but the silly Happy Birthday Barack ads everywhere on my email screens are driving me nuts. Good Bye AOL!!!!!!!

  • dnalra

    I also have used AOL exclusivey for over 15 years. I can not understand how they appear to support Obama. He is greatest threat to to freedom the USA has ever faced. He gives the appearance of a possible traitor.

  • Barbara Holmes

    I am not a supporter of Obama and I do not want him or her poping up while I try to read my Email and further more if they don’t stop I will go to No Mail—I’m with Dave.

  • Mark

    aol is so in bed with the obama’s its not even funny. GDP down over 13% last month and all you can find on aol or yahoo is about how well housing is doing. are you kidding… housing still sucks with a yearly rate of 373k new units, thats absolutly HORIBLE. can only imagine what the headlines would be right now if there were a republican incumbant…..HMMM

  • Lene Watson


  • Patricia Goldman

    Please get rid of all the Obama ads on my aol e-mail page. I do not want any political push from anyone. The birthday message deal was plain silly. Get back to the way things were and leave all this political stuff alone. I’m wary of most politicians and prefer to read about them and their track record,,,,not have them jammed down my throat. Here’s a novel idea, just report the facts and let the rest of us mull them over and make our own decision.

  • Carl Wheeler

    I hope all these Obama adds backfire on him,i think they will,Aol is trying to force feed all of us on a very failed President,Aol has failed long Aol

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