Stop & Shop Employees Rude to Customer

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I went shopping today with a good friend at the Stop & Shop on Mineral Spring Ave. in North Providence, Rhode Island. The Checkout employees treated my friend as if she were garbage. My friend Liz is a lovely woman in her mid-fifties with a graduate degree from a local university. She also happens (the horror!)to have beautiful short blonde hair. The fact that Liz’s hair was not dark sent the employees into a frenzy of ridicule as if she were somehow less worthy than themselves and probably trash.

This would have been hilarious if it wasn’t so dehumanizing and grotesque. The bizarre hatefulness of the Stop & Shop Employees was sick and turned my stomach. I can’t begin to imagine how such individuals’ minds work. I just hope karma really exists, and these so called people get the lives they deserve. They’re ignorant fools.

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