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I can’t believe I got sucked into this paid survey say scam. So I’m officially quitting my part time “job” tonight after 12 days of working FOR FREE! I found out through a career/job online search about a “Survey Say Panel” job where you get paid to take surveys online. Seemed easy and hey, I’d get to work at home! You’re supposed to do 3 “sample surveys” as a part of an informal interview. I passed those.

They got my address to mail me my paycheck, then I got an email saying I had a 10 day trial period to do 5 surveys per day, to make sure I was serious about it. I did all the surveys and then emailed them after completing the 10th one. Waiting for my check…yeah it was almost 2 weeks before I started calling customer service. Guess what? Customer service 1-800 number isn’t responding…surprise! Nobody has emailed me back, and after 11 emails…I’ve decided to give up. Survey Says…a bunch of HISS!

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