T-Mobile Fraud Department – Identity Theft

T-Mobile Fraud Department – Identity Theft 60.00% satisfaction rating from 2 complaints

T-Mobile has given a third party collection agency information regarding me having a $2,000.00 cell phone bill. I have never in my life had a T-Mobile account. I submitted a letter to the company (MCM) and contacted T-Mobile Fraud Department. I was then REDIRECTED back to MCM, which doesn’t make any sense. MCM is representing T-Mobile with information given to them. It was last told to me that my last address they have on file is in Texas, which is a state I have never lived in my entire life. This company is pathetic and after reading all the consumer complaints I can’t believe they are still getting customers and not investigated by a governing body.

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One thought on “T-Mobile Fraud Department – Identity Theft

  • Mike Evans

    I too have a negative account listed on my credit report for T-Mobile, which I have never used before. It is for $1765.00 and reported to Midland Funding LLC.

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