Taco Bell Complaint: You owe me money for a refund

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I was a bit furious when I found out that the place I eat at maybe three times a week ripped me off. I was working and sent my bf in to Taco Bell on Kingshighway in Cape Girardeau, MO 63703. He went inside and ordered a black bean burrito and a chicken burrito and he paid for them both. This was around midnight of 12-29-12 to 12-30-12. This past Saturday evening. After he paid for it, some guy in the back came up and said that they stopped making the black bean burrito at 11pm. They told that to my bf Scott. Then the cashier talked about it to her friend right in front of my bf, because he told me what was said. and I think its absolute crap. They gave him a bean burrito but did not refund his money. Im mad as shit, because this is my favorite place to eat and im poor so you all owe me 70 cents, thats how I see it, but I also think your cashier ripped you all off by pocketing the extra money. So Id look into it.

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