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I placed on order with Target for multiple items from which 1 item shipped out the following day. Upon checking the order status on their website I realized 2 items became out-of-stock. So I removed these items from my order and placed a second order for another item which shipped out the following day. When I inquired with Target I was told the order was ‘stuck’ in their system and could not be reach, found, or anything. Anything wrong with this particular order is their fault and they wont give me any information on the problem, on the items, or the status of my order or when it will actually be shipped. It has been at least 7 working days since I placed my order and it still hasnt shipped. Come on Target!!!!

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20 thoughts on “Target Website Problems

  • Susanne

    I am rather frastrated that your website has been down for sometime now and even after calling to report the problem, nothing has been done yet! I have a baby registry with Target which basically translates to potention sales. But, how do you expect to make sales if all the hundreds of registrys you have cannot be accessed! I called my local target branch to report this, and the customer service person Samuel Goodin at Ventura, had the audecity to tell me that nothing can be done about the website that is down and instead of calling a target branch, I should call the target web managers?!!!!! To make it very clear to you, it is not a customers responsibility to track the right person to report a problem within your company, but whoever a customer talks to, should find the right channel to report the matter to and not bounce back YOUR problem to the client. My baby shower is drawing closer but since I will not wait for you to fix YOUR problem, I have registered at a different store and so far, purchases have been made. I maybe a very insignificant customer, but a customer is a customer! Please do something to rectify the problem. Regards

  • Renee

    I agree with Susanne, when are you going to fix your site? I live overseas and there is a rather big expat community here that isn’t pleased! With holidays coming up I’d really suggest you guys make this a priority OR maybe look into hiring a new tech crew that can fix it or make it a priority. You’re losing our business to Walmart… sad but true! FIX THE ISSUE!! Please and thank you.

  • rj

    OMG, your websit is so slow. Don’t you realize you probably lose so many customers because of this! For such a huge store, you should have a lightening fast website!! Another customer (me) looking elsewhere online shopping!

  • julie

    UGH! I hate the “new” TARGET website. I can never search for anything, my baby registry was lost. What a disaster. NOTHING was bought off my Target registry, but my other two registries were bought out! Your loss Target. Get your website up and running, it’s been almost 2 months and still have not fixed the problems. I hate that your webiste takes so long to load I get a “not responding message or a timed out message every time I try and shop on line. Definately looking for a different place to shop.

  • Julie

    What in the heck is wrong with your website? Why is it so incredibly SLOW to load and so incredibly difficult for a search to run? C’mon – get with the problem. I finally gave up and ordered from Walmart (who incredibly had SUPER FAST FREE SHIPPING and a speedy website and speedy search engine!)

  • Missy

    Same with me. What good is a baby registry there when it can’t be used. I can’t refine it, check it, or anything. It’s constantly giving me an “OOPS!” error message. I spent 3 hours registering everything there, but for what? Get an I.T. person, Target!

  • Frustrated with Target

    Target needs to get its act together. I tried several times today to shop on the website and I pure and simply could not search nor do anything productive. I truly wanted to buy a few items for decorating my house for Christmas. Not sure what Target is doing. They continue down this path and will likely be out of business in the near future. Please get your act together – soon!

  • mike scans

    I haven’t been able to use the Target website for months. I get a message that my brouser needs updating. The first time that happened I reloaded the browser from Microsoft and reset all my preferences, still no good. Target is the ONLY site that I have with this problem with and I have shifted all my shopping to others such as Wal*mart. Bye Bye Target.

  • melodie

    I’ve been trying for a month, just give up. I got the same message that the browser needed updating, so I did that three times. Just tried to go on website again, I give up, I’ll go to K-mart, tired of W-mart.

  • Shari@Rain into Rainbows

    Same issues with Target — out-of-stock item, order can’t be canceled, order won’t ship, it’s just sitting there somewhere in limbo. Of course, it was a Christmas gift. I’ve gone ahead & ordered from Amazon (who delivered already!), but the other order is out there. The Target rep was kind enough to tell me that when the recipient receives the package, she’s welcome to contact UPS to send it back, or she can return it to her closest Target store. Seriously, Target?!! Some “gift” that would be! FAIL.

  • Geoff

    This is because the new site requires a minimum of Internet Explorer Version 8 to be installed on your PC to render the new website correctly. If you step out of the stone age and actually update your personal PC it should pull up just fine

  • fix your site

    your website crashes my computer ALL the time. Fix the fing thing. huh!!!!!

  • steve

    We have Internet explorer 8 and I even reinstalled it. Soo maybe we do not need to get out of the stone need to get off your high horse! For some reason since they did something to their site I can no longer get it.

  • PJ

    I, too, have IE 8 and reinstalled it to no avail. After checking with friends they have no problem at all!!? is the only website I have this problem with so I downloaded Chrome to view it which is a real pain …..BUT WHY WHEN OTHERS CAN VIEW IT from IE8? I contacted Microsoft Technical Support and the issue is under review. I will post any “fix” that I receive from them. Until then, I am shopping other sites for convenience, a shame when I received Target gift cards for Christmas…

  • Tyler Lawrence

    Target still remains unresponsive to Windows XP consumers using Internet Explorer 8. I am still receiving the message, “Problems viewing It’s because your browser isn’t supported. Upgrade to one of the latest versions listed below to get the most out of your experience.” Target’s customer service representatives at the 800 number are lost – suggesting that individuals contact Microsoft to correct the problem. It appears to be a technical problem with when other sites (e.g.,, are easily available. This lack of flexibility on access suggests some serious problems with the website development team at Target!

  • Judy Richter

    As of today, February 11th, 2012 I have officially givin up on Way too aggrivating!

  • tiffany

    Hahaha uuggghhhh!!! I’m so frustrated I just laugh as I read these complaints. People having problems with registries, checking out, paying for things and not receiving them! When these people tell you you’re losing or potentially losing customers….THEY’RE SERIOUS! I came across this site by googling “whats wrong with targets website” .. hmmmm no one with a website should even have search returns like that in the first place but anyway…last night I planned to order a SIGNIFICANT amount of cosmetics (as a makeup artist I purchase products from $3-$50 a piece, as long as it’s great quality) this morning I was instantly irritated with how slow it is, I can’t even scroll. THEN I can’t even get past the “health and beauty” tab before the page goes white and stays that way?? WTF is that?! Tried over and over again with the same results. I will NOT be ordering from target ever, this would’ve been my first time and judging by others’ experiences in general with workers and target itself I won’t ever be a customer at all. I never really was but I’ve always considered it because of their prices but the prices aren’t worth the problems so I’ll be sticking to Walmart prices and drugstore sales for my less than high-end products. Walmart also has “Hard Candy”. <3

  • Abby

    I am expecting a baby in June and wanted to create a baby registry. I tried to create an account and it said that there was a problem creating the account because my e-mail address is an existing account which is not true since I have ever bought anything or made an account. I tried several times before I created a new e-mail address on yahoo and it still said I could not make an account because my e-mail was an existing account. I called the 1-800 number and the woman said that they were doing maintenance on the website and if it continues by the next day to call back. Sure enough, I tried several times and still encountered the same problem. I called the number once again where the woman asked me for my first and last name to see if I have created an account before. After I gave her my information, she told me that she could not access the information because the site was doing maintenance on that part. She told me to call back in a couple of hours, which I didn’t because I was so frustrated. After reading the rest of these comments, I prefer to create a baby registry somewhere else!

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