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I reported for jury duty this morning for Tarrant county in Texas. I was tired, sick, and the last thing I wanted to do was jury duty, but I wanted to do my civic duty so I went. The first thing that bothered me was the selection process for potential jurors. Tarrant county is huge, and encompasses large cities like fort worth and Arlington. You are telling me the best way to select and assign us is to put everybody in a big room as go down the list at random? In the wonderful age of technology we still have to wait in a room for hours calling out names 1 by 1!

This is a huge fail for a county as big as Tarrant. The second thing, and this is really why I am filing this complaint against Tarrant county jury duty, is the utter lack of respect for my time and money. I was asked along with many others to report at court at 1pm. So after hours of waiting around on uncomfortable benches we go upstairs to wait even longer for the courtroom to become available! We wait and wait for jury duty, online to be ignored out in the hall.

At this point they are over 2 hours late, and myself along with 60 other potential jurors have been waiting for more than 4 hours in this hallway. I feel disrespected by the city of fort worth and the Tarrant county jury selection process. I will never go through this process again, and counties like Tarrant should be ashamed that myself, along with others, can’t stand a process that should be an fulfilling part of our civic duty. I can’t blame people for skipping out on jury duty! What a joke!

*side note we ended up waiting over 12 hours at the court house just to be told we weren’t selected. The 48 of us sent home after 12 long hours were compensated just 6 dollars for our time! While the lawyers inside wasting our time probably made hundreds. Avoid jury duty in Tarrant County at all costs!

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