Terrible Roomstore Warranty Service

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ROOMSTORE WARRANTY IS TERRIBLE. Customer service is worse. My advice: DO NOT PURCHASE fabric protection plan or any other warranty other than what comes with your roomstore furniture. We bought a sleeper sofa in 2007. The first time we tried to use our warranty 5 year protection plan for a stain on the sofa this week (1/17/2011), we are told that they will not send out a roomstore technician to even come look at the stain to see if it is something that they can remove.

In the roomstore warranty book, it says to call within 48 hours, but you call and leave a message with a random front desk person. Then you’re told that the claim will go to warranty and they have 72 hours to return your call. Finally they return your call just to tell you that because you don’t know the exact day or time of the spill or exactly what the spill is, they are denying the claim…even after we told them that we don’t care if it comes out – just please send someone to at least take a look. When we asked the purpose of the warranty, we are told to go read the roomstore warranty book in full detail in a patronizing voice.

So last advice: if you do stupidly buy the roomstore warranty – make sure you make up a time/date and chemical makeup of whatever the spill or stain is prior to making your claim. Even then, it’s sure to be denied by some other minor detail you overlooked in the manual.

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2 thoughts on “Terrible Roomstore Warranty Service

  • Anonymous

    I bought bedroom furniture set from Roomstore located at 1009 Brittmoore Road, Houston, TX at the end of March 2010. The set had a dresser. When it was delivered some of the shelves of the dresser were damaged. I filed a claim with Roomstore to replace the damaged parts the next day. It took half a year for them to send new parts, which also came damaged. I scheduled another delivery, which also took very long time. Again the shelved came damaged. The estimated time for the third redelivery was March 2011. I called Roomstore customer service in early March. I was told the parts are coming at the end of March. I called at the end of March and was told the parts are coming mid April. Today (the 21st of April 2011) I talked to Roomstore people again and I was told the new parts are not coming until end of April or even later. Finally the parts came yesterday and guess what? Two of them were damaged and one was different color. I’m waiting again. I’m very tired of this game that Roomstore is playing with me. I want to return the bedroom set to them and forget about their existence.

  • yed

    The same thing happened to me. I ordered a part back in September, I sent them 3 clear pictures of what I needed and got sent the wrong part, I had to send that back and re-order the correct part. That was in January, they said the part woul be here at the en of February, then march, then April, today I called and they said may becausE “the parts are coming from over seas” they tell me this every single time. To me it’s complete BS. Does any one know a way or who to call to speed things up?

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