Turbo Tax Rejected my 2011 Return

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Turbo Tax never even told me my 20111 return was rejected and all because of a pin issue. Not to mention the extra fees this year. Then, I log onto my account to find none of my 2010 tax information is there. Can not reach anyone at Turbo Tax! Very upset with them!

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5 thoughts on “Turbo Tax Rejected my 2011 Return

  • Craig Faris

    The worst version with an error in the Div file that deletes the entire item if you try to edit it

  • C Hinshaw

    Turbo Tax 2011 was the biggest mess this year!! Never again!! I had to contact them 4 separate times for missing forms, information and state tax form. They managed to take hours of my time, corrupted my files and caused me to have to reenter all my info no less than 4 times. When I managed to finally complete everything I could not even efile without needing to download something else……never mind. Good thing there is still snail mail. And really, a $29.95 bank processing fee is highway robbery. Love the fact that there is no warning about that ahead of time. Will be using a tax “person” next year.

  • Terrie

    I filed with TurboTax…was overcharged…called to complain they fixed the overpayment…I then waited for my refund…only to find out my taxes were not e-filed…despite the fact that I have a statement from them claiming they were ….what a complete ripp off!…worse than a joke…how are they in business?….I will try to avoid all Intuit programs going forward…..

  • Terrie

    Yeah…it’s interesting how quickly you realize the value of paying an actual person after dealing with this company….I definitely would rather pay for the peace of mind as well….

  • Elizabeth

    I did my boyfriends taxes on a Sunday night and the following night I did my taxes. Today I found out that both returns had been rejected by the IRS. How did that happen? Well I don’t know because I can not find the email that was supposedly sent to me. And the email send to my boyfriend did not have a code on it so we do not even know what to fix…. This is very frustrating!

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