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29.95 for a Bank Processing fee? Really TurboTax? Every single year I use turbo tax to fill out my taxes. They have always made it simple, and sure they tack on a 19.99 fee every year, and that’s fine with me. To me 20 dollars is reasonable for doing my taxes, and considering how much I usually get back that’s fine.

Well this year for 2010 I used good ole’ turbo tax again, except this time when I got to the end I was met with a little surprise! After you are done with your tax return they always give you the deposit options.

You can either select a paper check which takes longer, or direct deposit. Either way they just take the 19.99 fee and deduct it from your check, even steven. Will this year unless you pay the 19.99 by CREDIT CARD, you are charged another 29.95 bank processing fee.

Wow so now in addition to paying turbo tax for taxes I have to pay them just for deducting the money from my return? The key advantage over turbo tax over H&R block and everybody else has always been the convenience! Now they are charging even more for that convenience, which to me doesn’t make it worthwhile at all.

Let me just say this…I am a LIFE LONG turbo tax user, and never have I seen a better reason NEVER TO USE THEM AGAIN. I also want to know if turbo tax is using the processing fee to make money, and does my money come to me or the other banks first? This seems like a scam.

Come on turbo tax, you have a great thing going. Whoever thought up this idea needs to be fired. Sure it may add money to your bottom line THIS YEAR, but people if nobody comes back NEXT YEAR what are you going to do about that? I have worked in sales and marketing before and this kinda logic is stupid!

Why alienate your loyal customers with fees, THIS IS THE REASON WHY TURBO TAX IS SO SUCCESSFUL (the ability to be cheap and easy to use). Spread the word, turbo tax sucks!

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11 thoughts on “Turbo Tax Bank Processing Fee

  • Raymond Wilson

    2/14/2011; Be forwarned. TurboTax online may not function properly using MS Internet Explorer. For 2010 taxes I got all the way to the end, wanted to print to mail, and TT does not allow one to Continue. Help Chat continuously suggested reconnecting via FireFox. ???

  • hissing kitty Post author

    Thanks for the feedback raymond and sorry to hear about your poor experience with Turbo Tax. It is unfortunate they would allow you to get all the way through the tax process before telling you that you’re using the wrong browser. Although IE has been known to choke on pretty much anything halfway complicated…

  • Michael

    what the !@#$ is my money. turbo tax told me i get my money on feb 4th, its the 21st. wtf is going on here. is turbo tax trying to take my money?!!?!! sick of turbotax using the processing fee and does my money come to me or the other banks???

  • hissing kitty Post author

    Sorry to hear about your poor experience with Turbo Tax Michael, again sorry they screwed you over. I hope they get you your tax return money soon, and if not you are always welcome to come back here and submit a complaint about them!

  • Jessica Jones

    I have a small tax preparer, bookkeeping business and financial consultant. I have used turbo tax sinse 1997. Never had a problem, but this year it has caused me many problems. Did my own taxes and got to the end to e-file for a direct deposit and said I was not connected to the internet, check with my provider, no problems. So I tried for 3 days straight, said you are not connected. Finally went to the Turbo Tax site and they said I would have to use my credit card to have one of their techs answer my one question. $38.00 to be exact. I said no way. But there was a complaint area and there was someone saying the same thing. that Turbo Tax told him he would have to file by mail and wait for a hard check, but he was heading for Afganistan and the IRS will not forward to a APO Box. He had no idea, how he was going to get his money. Instead of 8 days direct deposit, it take 8 weeks. One of our local radio stations said that Turbo Tax could not fix the problem and all that purchase Turbo tax would have to use the mail. Also, Tubo Tax that I used, changed numbers and calculations several times and one minute I was getting back $6,000.00, then it changed to $4,500.00. I had to go back I try to find what changed, nothing had, but It will not give me the reason why, not even in the error area. Too bad, I am done with Turbo Tax.

  • George Dziarski

    I have patronized Turbo tax – Quicktax – Can/tax since mid 1990’s. Bought this year’s version online at $39.99 near beginning of year after receiving their e-mail prompt. Middle of February saw it for sale at Walmart for $28.??. This year I noticed a problem that 2009 carryforwards for Capital Gain/Losses were not showing or being picked up in final calculation for Capital Gains tax calculation. Called Turbo Tax support hotline and got SUNEET MISHRA from India. Explained the two problems – price and carryforward not being picked up in 2010 return. Told me to manually enter the Capital Gains/Losses 2009 carry forward into the 2010 return and that the price was beyonfd the 60 day guarantee period. (Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Went back to my older returns 2009, 2008, 2007 and found the same issues applied. Now I have to re-file those returns to reduce my capital gain taxes in those years. Being seriously pissed, I asked about a credit for the dollar difference in what I paid on-line for Turbotax and what Walmart and others were selling Turbotax for. SUNEET MISHRA cliamed it was beyond the guarantee period and could do nothing about the price difference. I then asked for a name and number in Canada so I could pursue both issues. He claims there is no Canadian number or Canadian contact person other than a French speaking representative that interprets on behalf of Quebec non-english customers. Finally dawned on me that I was talking to a non-Canadian about Canadian tax issues all the way over in INDIA. What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially when you look at Turbo Tax’s website and see how they claim this product is a Canadian product. When are going to smarten up and start doing something about these false claims and lies!!!!!! Turbo Tax – NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  • Josh Highlander

    Went to file my 2011 taxes this evening and the same thing happened to myself, they were going to charge me 29.95 2 times 1 for the e-filing my state and the other for a bank processing fee! these people are ridiculous! DO NOT USE TURBO-TAX

  • Carrie

    Also quit using TT this year because of the “processing fee”. They wanted to charge me 86 dollars for filing both state and federal (because, of course, I can’t use Freedom because my AGI is “too high”, never mind that I’m a middle class American like most others). Screw THAT – everything’s done electronically now, I’m not paying that much money for a bunch of data to go through phone lines. If my situation weren’t so complicated, I’d just do it all myself. As it was, I used TaxAct this year and paid 18 dollars for both state and federal – AND it was the “deluxe” version. And I really liked it. I’ll be patronizing them next year.

  • Justin

    I filed my taxes on 2-02-12. I received an confirmation email that I would be receiving my card within 9 days…I never received it. I called T.T. they said they would send me another one. I never received it either. I received my emails stating that my refund was on my card, but I had no card so, again I called T.T. they said that because of security issues I would be required to fax a copy of my photo I.D., S.S. card, and proof of address to them, which I did. I called back within 48 hours, was put on hold for 45 mins. then told that they never received my info. but my fax showed that it had all went through just fine. I went ahead and refaxed it again. I waited a few more days just to get the same answer. They can not find my info. that I faxed. So, here we are today. My card is setting with over 3,000.00 on it and I can’t touch it. I tried to cancel my card so T.T. would be forced to send it either back to the IRS and State, or send a check to me, but they said that I had to fax my I.D… in order to cancel my card??? But if they’re not getting my faxes then, or they’re saying they’re not anyway. What good is it for me to fax, and refax my personal info. to them? Does anyone know how I would go about getting them to send my refund back to the IRS?

  • max gibson

    yep, I am so ticked off this year at the extra charge [with no hint it is coming] that I will DEFINITELY look at alternatives for next years taxes. Have used TurboTax for years and years and have been totally pleased – this simply disgusted me to the core. SAY IT ALL UPFRONT, you maggots!!!

  • Jeff Miller

    Scumbags!!! Said free, ended up charging me 86 bucks for federal, state and direct deposit. The Bank Processing fee is a SCAM!! Be forwarned…NEVER AGAIN!!!

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