Understaffed Walmart – Problems Waiting in Line

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I have shopped in dozens of Wal Marts across the USA and usually enjoy doing so, however the Wal Mart in Baytown, Texas is always a problem. I returned an item and stood in the line for 38 minutes before being helped, my wife and I then grocery shopped in Wal Mart and waited in the line to be checked out by a cashier for 22 minutes. I then requested to speak to a manager, who took 18 minutes to arrive to my location. Overall i waited for am hour and 18 minutes before being assisted by a Wal Mart employee. The problem isnt the employees, they are understaffed. Only 3 registers were operating out of 26 and one of those was a self check out register.

Only 1 clerk was working in the return department. After speaking with the manager she wanted to give me a $25 gift card from Wal Mart, and my reply was “keep the $25 and hire some help”. This isnt a once in a while problem as I have used this Wal Mart for nearly 6 years, and I absolutely refuse to shop there during the Christmas shopping time of year. It has been understaffed and mismanaged for the last 5 years. I live for the day when a Costco store opens in my area as I will never shop in this walmart again.

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