United Airlines Cancelled flights …. 3 in one day

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Me and my 82 year old mother had a flight out of Paducah, Ky on Sept. 19th 2013. Our first flight was at 5:34am, Sept. 19th. I get a call on sept. 18th saying our flight was cancelled…please call United to reschedule. I call and I was on line with them for an hour and half. The boy I spoke with could barely could speak english and he was rude…. He threw a bunch of flight times at me and I told him I COULDN’T understand one word he said.. I told him I need an email with all these flights,,.. He put me on hold for 5 minutes and got back on line saying “ok the email was sent”. I said really what email did you send to ??? He again said hold on,,,,,, 10 minutes later he came back on saying I need your email ,… I said thought you said it was sent..,.. He replied no because I need your email … I then asked to speak to his supervisor……. I was lied to and put on hold for extra long for NO REASON!!!
We get to the airport at 1:00 pm to catch our 2:49 flight and low and behold on flight was delayed until 5;46…. Which meant we needed to reroute our flight. AGAIN!!! I have an 82 year old mother who can’t handle traveling ALL day long!!!! They finely got us a flight together ….. At 5:15 they announce they were gonna delay til 7pm.. My mom is tired and hungry and not to mention getting weak from waiting around …. Then they cancelled ???? We were in the airport from 1 to 6 for NOTHING…. I missed a day of my vacation and I could have worked since you all ruined my day….. My mother was so weak waiting on all the lies and bullshit you were feeding all your Paying Customers… It was a wasted day and now I have to have my husband take me to Nashville in the morning because I could drive due to the fact that UNITED couldn’t fly me back into Nashville on my return flight ??!! He will miss four hours Plus of work… You all took a day of vacation and my mothers too…. On top of that give us lame excuses and lies of why the flights were cancelled.. I want my money back .. …. Allll of it, due to your lack of your inconvenience !!!! I want my moms flight reimbursed as well….. This was a day from hell and you all owe not only me and mom but all those poor people who missed their flights taking them to their homes, daughters wedding and families !!! I’m tired and very …..VERY pissed!!! You can call me if you have any questions ,… I will be more then happy to recap this day from hell …. Here is our flight conformation numbers .,. And my cell number ..,.
Heidi Anna james # BZSV8D
Helga Hanna Lopes #BX4YYH

Once again I am very unhappy that my flights were cancelled, I was lied to, I’m having to fly out of Nashville and I lost a day of my vacation sitting around waiting for United to tell me we were screwed …..

I want our money refunded!!!
Cell number # 270-559-1462

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One thought on “United Airlines Cancelled flights …. 3 in one day

  • Catherine Powers

    There seems to be a real problem with United Airlines service in and out of Paducah, Kentucky. Last Thursday I was stranded in Chicago due to last minute flight changes and had to rent a car to make it home to Paducah!! My efforts to get some satisfaction from United have resulted in talking to “offshore” staff who can hardly be understood and leave you with a feeling of not receiving any help at all! Much like the United Customer Care desk in Chicago…they gave me discount coupons for a local hotel AND A BOARDING PASS FOR THE NEXT GUARANTEED FLIGHT TWO DAYS LATER!! I want a refund for my unused flight AND the rental car charges. You just had to be there to appreciate the number of dissatisfied customers standing in line in Chicago last Thursday night…The lack of concern by United was amazing…It’s obvious they do this all of the time!!! The rental car desks were overwhelmed with “walk-ups” and I finally found a car at my THIRD company. It took a total of almost four hours from the time I was aware of the “problem” until I was in a car leaving Chicago. Wish me luck getting any satisfaction from United!

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