United Airlines High Cost of Rebooking Fee

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To hungry United Airlines, Myself, my wife and my twin brother had tickets to fly to Denver on tuesday from Philly when a family emergency occured on june 12th. We had to cancel our entire 12day vacation because her father was admitted to the hospital with heart problems. We had planned this trip out west for over a year. We certainly were not trying to pull anything not out of the fairness of the family situation. I know and expected to pay a rebooking fee but 150.00 dollars is down right theft since we have flown this same flight twice before and is always sold out.

You will resell the 3 seats with no problems and steal 450 dollars from us 3 people who were unlucky to have a family emergency. Also, you have 702 dollars of our money which you expectus to use on your shitty airline after screwing us big time. If this is the way you treat all customers, I hope in the future people wise up and avoid United Airlines and see how bad and unfair they really are. I will never consider ever flying with united after this horrible event. I hope you can’t find any more customers to take advantage of like you did to us, but i know you will never screw my family again.

Rick Wetzel, Orefield pa.

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