Verizon Wireless Policy Complaint

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In December (2 months ago) I was looking for a good cellphone to use in our new Ford Fusion. The Fusion has a nifty “SYNC” system that allows you to play music, use your cellphone, acquire travel assistance and driving instructions, etc. ….. all handsfree. The SYNC System is a great feature included on all new Ford vehicles. (I hope Ford sends me a spiff for promoting their cars……lol). Verizon did not offer the iPhone in December, however they were offering a number of “Android” type phones that are highly touted by the Anti-Apple folks. The Android operating system is represented to be as good (or better) than Apple iOS by many reviewers that have no appreciation for Apple products.

I figured that they all can’t be wrong. The Android System seemed very impressive in their reviews. My first mistake was buying into that premise. I purchased an LG Vortex phone from Verizon for $80. I thought I made a pretty good deal for a feature loaded cellphone. WRONG!!!!! Compared to my iPad, iPods, MacBook and even my PC’s ….. The Vortex phone functions were complex and unreliable. The phone was pre-loaded with useless apps that cannot be removed. Many of the features on the Vortex required purchasing more apps that often didn’t work. The bottom line …… I was very unhappy with my purchase.

February : Verizon announced the Verizon iPhone! Perhaps this would be the answer to my dilemma. I figured that I would get rid of the Vortex Phone (an $80 loss) which I was willing to do. Maybe I could replace it with an iPhone under my new plan. WRONG!!!

Verizon was offering trades, such as the deal I was seeking, to all users that recently purchased new cell phones. VOILA! an answer to my problem ….. WRONG!!! The trade-in offer was only for purchases that were made in January 2011. Those of us that bought a phone in December (or earlier) were SOL.

I pleaded my case to several Verizon Representatives. All I received was disappointing news. I was stuck with the Vortex phone (or another similar phone) for the next two years …. Plain and simple …They had me by the shorthairs. The only way that I could add an iPhone to my Plan was to purchase an iPhone at full price (around $800). They would still hold me to the 2-year contract even though I would be supplying my own iPhone! My choices left me with no alternative. I canceled my contract and am now using the Vortex as a paperweight.

This is the deal that Verizon made with me:

1. Pay a $330 penalty to terminate the contract.

2. Pay for another month of service under my contract because I had entered another billing cycle.

3. Donate my Vortex to the Goodwill or use it as a paperweight, or:

4. Continue paying under my contract (for a phone that I will not use) until December 2002. (approximately $1,400)

Bottom line: I terminated the contract. I will have lost around 500 bucks! I learned an important lesson ……… Beware of Verizon Cellphone agreements! They will hold you to the terms, even if you hate the phone that you have purchased.

I made a dumb mistake assuming the Verizon would treat me fairly. I’ll go with AT&T for my iPhone purchase.

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3 thoughts on “Verizon Wireless Policy Complaint

  • Mike

    You are a retard. You purchased a very cheap Android phone and expect it to work like an iPhone. Do you have any common sense. The LG Vortex does not have good specs whatsoever. If you chose a phone with specs comparable to the iPhone like say a Motorola Droid X or an HTC Droid Incredible you would have a very high quality phone that is on par with the iPhone. The Android OS on a phone with good specs is amazing and destroys the hell out of the iPhone. How can you even think that the Vortex had as good specs as the iPhone. If it did, would it really only be $80 dollars on contract, lmao. if your willing to cough up $300 for an iPhone why not $200 for a very good Android with comparable if not better specs. People like you give Android a bad name. Why in the hell would they let you upgrade to a better phone for a two year contract price because you are retard. You cannot just upgrade to a new phone because you like it more and don’t want your current phone. They handled everything professionally and you are the only person in this whole situation that is in the wrong. I have Verizon and the HTC thunderbolt and I absolutely LOVE Verizon and the Thunderbolt. Verizon has the best service that you can possibly have at this day in age. The coverage is unbelievable and the customer service is AMAZING!! I have never had any problems with the customer service, they have always resolved my problems on spot. But then again i’m not an idiot and complain about things when I am completely in the wrong. But you go on ahead and have fun with your shitty service and dropped calls. and enjoy your lame iPhone. Don’t complain to AT&T when the iPhone 5 comes out telling them that they should give it to you for a discounted price because you haven’t had yours for even a year. Haha. Educate yourself DUMBASS!!

  • Wow

    you stole the words right out of my mouth. I have to deal with it everyday, people are ok to pay 200-300 for an iphone but when I show them other alternatives like androids they always want to get cheap all of a sudden and get a 50 or 80 dollar phone. Im suprised she didn’t go all out and get herself a free motorola citrus. lol

  • nick

    Ya I have had Verizon for over 15 years and always spoke high of them until I had a problem…. You might be like me and singing a different tune..

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