Vizio 37″ Led TV Reboots Randomly

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Purchased a Vizio 37″ LED 1080P TV. Set took too long recognize any video signal when changing channels and would mysteriously reboot on its own randomly. Tech Support of no value asked to speak to a supervisor twice. Told they would call back. After 3 weeks still no call. Wrote to VP of Operations. He did not respond nor did he have a supervisor respond.. Friend had same TV with same prob. Finally returned to store and purchased a Samsung which performs flawlessly. I would never purchase another Vizio.

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2 thoughts on “Vizio 37″ Led TV Reboots Randomly

  • JoAnn Pihl

    i am extremely dissapointed in the vizeo products my son purchased a very large vizeo tv about 3 years ago bought it from rc willey it has stopped working so he sent it off to be fixed but could not be done for less than it would take to buy a new tv so he went to walmart and got a new tv not a vizeo for less money. then recently my 36 in vizeo also quit which i also purchached aboyt 3 years ago now i need to go get a new one which also will not be a vizeo i am very bummed as we are not wealthy and will have to save up thanks for your time

  • Don

    We spent over $6000 on 3 Vizio TV’s and all 3 had the same issue, amazingly right after the original warranty expired. First was a 55″ purchased about 6 years ago. Into the 3rd year, we heard a loud popping sound and TV went completely out. I don’t remember what the repair cost would be at that time, but do remember we felt it best to just get a new TV. We again purchased a Vizio (47″) and a 32″ a couple months later. Just over 2 years the 32″ went out. No picture and no sound. A couple months later the 47″ went out. Now I started to get suspicious. I first tried emailing and then calling Vizio which was no help at all. They suggested I buy yet another new TV. I then called Costco. They supposedly have “real” techs ready to help and assists. Yeah right! The Costco “tech” I spoke with had me do a couple things and then said. “let me forward you to Vizio” – Oh great…. I know where this is going. So a Vizio “tech” gets on the phone and does no troubleshooting at all. He simply tells me they have a “flat rate” charge of $350. Are they kidding me? I can go buy a new 47″ for around $500 now. Needless to say, I really had my doubts about all this since 3 TV’s went out on me within a 6 year period…all Vizio’s and all right after the warranty expired. Something is fishy here. So I spent hours researching this on the net, and lo and behold, I start to find literally 100’s if not 1,000’s of issues the same as mine. One thing I notice is many of these “same kind of” complaints mention a fuse issue that causes this. SO I figure what the heck, I have nothing to lose. I remove the back on the 47″ and find the F1, F2, F3 fuses. I test them all with an ohm meter, and guess what. The F3 fuse is blown, which BTW is a very small fuse soldered onto the main board in the upper right hand corner. Again I figure I have nothing to lose, so I go get an inline fuse holder and a 1.5A fuse. I solder the inline fuse holder to the (very small) fuse on the board. I attach the fuse, plug the TV in and TV works like a charm. Total cost to repair this was under $5… on a repair Vizio wanted to charge me $350 for. What’s upsetting about all this is that the F3 fuse issue has been a problem for a long time, and you better believe Visio knows about this. SO my opinion is, VIZIO IS A SCAM. If you’re thinking about buying a new TV, BEWARE.. Vizio may be cheaper initially but in the long run you will pay more. I suggest paying a little more and get a more reliable TV from a company that cares! BTW I emailed Vizio back twice about the F3 issue and no one ever emailed back. What a pathetic excuse for a company. Don’t let some of these other positive reviews fool you. Do a “complete” research on this company before you decide to buy any product from them.

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