Walgreens Customer Service Problems and Rude Managers

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i have had 2 very bad experiences at walgreens in the past 2-3 weeks. i will not be shopping at walgreens again and will be returning everything i have purchased recently. the first incident occurred at the falls of the neuse store in raleigh nc. i was overcharged for 2 items. i did not realize right away. i came down with the flu and was rear ended in a car accident so i could not go in right away. when i did go in, 2 walgreens managers, said they were not going to give me the money back b/c it had been over a month, which it had not. anyway, it was their fault for overcharging me. i had to argue with them for over 30 min. then they said they would do it just this 1 time. did not apologize that i was overcharged and were very rude.

this past incident, i was using the rr coupons at walgreens. the purchase came to 3.36. i was told i could not use the rr coupon b/c i was .33 short of the 3.00 rr coupon that i had used. i was told i needed to buy something else. well, there is nothing in that store for under .40 except candy, which i did not want. the cashier put a piece of candy on my act, but i told her to take it off. i went around the store and got an item for 1.00 and still i was told that even w/ the additional 1.00 i could not use the 3.00 rr coupon. i paid for it w/out the rr coupon. i noticed she did not take off the candy. she called the mgr, who was so rude, she did not say one word to me, not even apologize for the error.

i walked out to my car and thought abt the price and went back in and asked for the mgr to see why i could not use the 3.00 rr coupon. she did not even look at the receipt, refused to recalculate or do anything. she was again rude. very poor customer service. if i had had the items w/ me i would have thrown them in her face and told her she knew what she could do w/ them. i went home and emailed walgreens the next day, no response, i have called over 5 times in a wk and still no response. the mgr at the walgreens store on rogers rd, wake forest, nc was to call me, he closed out the complaint stating that he had spoken w/ me. not true.

i asked for a regional/district manager to contact me but i was refused b/c i was told the store mgr would have to talk to me first. he never called. i called several more times and still not response. i am returning everything that i have purchased at walgreens recently and will never shop there again. there customer service is terrible. the managers are rude. if you need to ask them a question while you are trying to locate something, it is like you are asking for the world. i will be filing complaints w/ consumer affairs and the atty generals office. they have had over 7 days to contact me and have refused.

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3 thoughts on “Walgreens Customer Service Problems and Rude Managers

  • Edith Grogan

    Our manager here in Bastrop La. never said a word to me when I returned to the store to report being charged two times for the same product, There was “no sorry” offered Nothing….This is not good. no nothing… This was the third time this happened to me at the same store, only this time I went back yes he refunded my money this time… I don’t care to shop at Walgreens again
    Edith Grogan A GOOD BYE…..

  • Amber

    I have had several issues with Walgreens employees accepting coupons on items that are on sale or that awards points are to be given on. I have had them refuse to give me my coupons for $5 or $10 off my next purchase because I used coupons. How can they do that if the cash register printed the coupon for me? The woman employee folded it and put it in her pocket one time and the next time the male employee folded it and put it beside the receipt printer. Each time I spent over $100. I called back to the store to log a complaint and get an explanation and was told they would look into it and get back to me. Never heard back from them. I have been denied points if I purchase two of the same brand products, even if the products were different (shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, laundry detergent, fabric softener, OTC meds). I asked why and the employee couldn’t explain. She said I could purchase them in separate transactions, which I said ok…..just a pain in the butt. As we finished the first transaction and was going to start the 2nd the manager came up and was very rude to the cashier. I was very taken back at the way the manager spoke to the employee. She was very intimidating and the cashier looked like she was scared to death of this female manager. The manager told her not me that she could not let me have two transactions. The cashier tried to explain why I was doing this and before she could tell her the manager moved one hand from her hip (she had her hands on her hips as she was standing almost on top of her) and put the hand right in front of her face as to say stop/shut up. She wouldn’t look at me and grabbed a handheld basket from behind the counter and took my products with her arm and slid them in the basket and put it behind the counter on the floor and said “next customer”. I was appalled! My husband was with me and was beyond upset with this woman managers attitude towards the employee and her disregard towards us as customers. My husband would not move. She said your done here and motioned to the next customer to give her their items. The customer put her basket down and walked out the door with her young child. Mind you My husband and I have our 3 children with us. Most of the customers that were behind us either went to the photo counter or pharmacy to check out or just put their stuff down and left the store when she started yelling at the cashier. The woman manager looked at my husband when he said what is the problem here and why did you put our items behind the counter? She said because she (meaning me) cannot divide your transaction into because of store rules. My husband asked to see the store rules and exactly what she thought the division of my purchase was meant to accomplish that was against store rules. She turned around and put her back to us and picked up the phone. She hung it up and said she (referring to me) was going to obtain more rewards points with 2 transactions and that wasn’t going to happen at her store. My husband by this time was turning red with anger because she was acting as if we were criminals and she was the police and our crime was trying to obtain illegal tweets points. My husband took out his iphone and she made a sucking noise with her teeth and tongue and put one hand on her hip and the other on the counter and was looking up in the air. He then took my iphone from me and held them up showing the two walgreens card that are stored in the passport app on our phones. She looked at him as if to say “whatever” and shrugged her shoulders. He said to her “Do you see these, you ignorant rude woman? These are our cards – two separate numbers – not related at all. You didn’t ask what was going on, you just decide to throw what ever authority you think you have at us and the cashier figuring no one would question you, and I will not let that slide. Everyone is accountable for their actions.” She looked at him with even more malice and said I have the authority over every customer and employee in this store and she isn’t getting a second transaction. My husband laughed and said if you would have acted like a real manager and actually question what was going on you would have known that the second transaction was mine and I was paying for it with cash and using my own rewards card. He then said look at the items, men’s razor cartridges($52), suave men’s hair shampoo and men’s one a day vitamins, kids gummy vitamins, dr sholls shoe inserts, flushable wipes, and men’s deodorant over $100 worth of items I was purchasing with cash and i wanted the rewards points for the razors on my rewards card. Another employee had appeared behind the counter and the manager turned to him and said check him out and get them out of my store. She never apologized, never said I misunderstood or changed her attitude. My husband told the young man that he was very sorry but he wasn’t purchasing the shampoo nor the deodorant because in her rage of sliding the things from the counter to the basket she had cracked the tops on them. The young man apologized and said he would go get new ones from the shelf for him. My husband said no there is no need she broke them she should have to deal with it because it’s her store! He apologized and told the young man he had taken more and given more from that manager than anyone probably had and that we were going across the street to rite aid to purchase the same items there because customer service means more than than prices. We did not return there for a while until a neighbor told us they had replaced a lot of people at that location. We started to shop there again and was pleased with the head manager Diane and the other gentleman manager (I can’t remember his name) and many of their new employees. Then it started again.
    I was as very disappointed in the customer service a new manager in training offered to me and my family. Instead of explaining the sale quantity guidelines of a product and what could be purchased on sale, she raised her voice and was very rude! She treated us as if we were stupid and beneath her. Last time I checked I was the customer choosing to spend my money at this store once again. We had prescriptions we were waiting to pick up also so we decided not to check out at the front and put me through another incident like before since now I had recently had neck surgery and been diagnosed with Chiari (brain malformation) and stress brings on debilitating headaches which can send me to the ER, not to mention I can’t lift anything that isn’t at waist level and under 5lbs due to my neck surgery and this time we had our two of our 4 (the youngest children) with us We proceeded to the pharmacy to see if our RX was ready and check out there. We explained to the cashier the issues we had and that we were trying to figure out what the sale guidelines were since the other woman was so rude and wouldn’t answer our questions. As the pharmacy tech was getting our RX’s together (which we spend over $250 per month in RX’s there) the manager in training appears behind us and starts yelling at my husband. We chose not to engage in unethical banter with a very unprofessional person and also because we did not know how she would treat the pharmacy staff that had always been very nice every time we have picked up our prescriptions. We will not shop in that locations store until that employee is gone. We pick up our prescriptions through the drive through only. It is a shame how one unprofessional negative employee can cost the store area up to $400 in sales because of her negative improper use of authority she thinks she has. I hope she finds direction and help for the obvious anger she has towards people especially of a different ethnicity than herself.

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