Walgreens Customer Service Problems and Rude Managers

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i have had 2 very bad experiences at walgreens in the past 2-3 weeks. i will not be shopping at walgreens again and will be returning everything i have purchased recently. the first incident occurred at the falls of the neuse store in raleigh nc. i was overcharged for 2 items. i did not realize right away. i came down with the flu and was rear ended in a car accident so i could not go in right away. when i did go in, 2 walgreens managers, said they were not going to give me the money back b/c it had been over a month, which it had not. anyway, it was their fault for overcharging me. i had to argue with them for over 30 min. then they said they would do it just this 1 time. did not apologize that i was overcharged and were very rude.

this past incident, i was using the rr coupons at walgreens. the purchase came to 3.36. i was told i could not use the rr coupon b/c i was .33 short of the 3.00 rr coupon that i had used. i was told i needed to buy something else. well, there is nothing in that store for under .40 except candy, which i did not want. the cashier put a piece of candy on my act, but i told her to take it off. i went around the store and got an item for 1.00 and still i was told that even w/ the additional 1.00 i could not use the 3.00 rr coupon. i paid for it w/out the rr coupon. i noticed she did not take off the candy. she called the mgr, who was so rude, she did not say one word to me, not even apologize for the error.

i walked out to my car and thought abt the price and went back in and asked for the mgr to see why i could not use the 3.00 rr coupon. she did not even look at the receipt, refused to recalculate or do anything. she was again rude. very poor customer service. if i had had the items w/ me i would have thrown them in her face and told her she knew what she could do w/ them. i went home and emailed walgreens the next day, no response, i have called over 5 times in a wk and still no response. the mgr at the walgreens store on rogers rd, wake forest, nc was to call me, he closed out the complaint stating that he had spoken w/ me. not true.

i asked for a regional/district manager to contact me but i was refused b/c i was told the store mgr would have to talk to me first. he never called. i called several more times and still not response. i am returning everything that i have purchased at walgreens recently and will never shop there again. there customer service is terrible. the managers are rude. if you need to ask them a question while you are trying to locate something, it is like you are asking for the world. i will be filing complaints w/ consumer affairs and the atty generals office. they have had over 7 days to contact me and have refused.

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2 thoughts on “Walgreens Customer Service Problems and Rude Managers

  • Edith Grogan

    Our manager here in Bastrop La. never said a word to me when I returned to the store to report being charged two times for the same product, There was “no sorry” offered Nothing….This is not good. no nothing… This was the third time this happened to me at the same store, only this time I went back yes he refunded my money this time… I don’t care to shop at Walgreens again
    Edith Grogan A GOOD BYE…..

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