Walgreens Pharmacy Delays in Waiting for Prescription

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I went to the Walgreens on # 6 in SC, the Redbank store. I do not live on that side of town I was running a few errands and decided to stop by there. I was told when I dropped off my prescription, which is an antibiotic ointment for my eye, that it would take 35-40 minutes. I thought that was odd but ok. I got back over an hour later and they told me that it still wasn’t done. 15 minutes later they tell me that they don’t have it and they called the Walgreens downtown and they don’t have it either. I asked her to call the one by my house, she waited a little bit to call, they didn’t have it.

Meanwhile I have groceries in my car that are defrosting over this. I understand that stuff happens but they need to make sure that they have the medicine in stock before they let us leave the store or parking lot. This incident today has pretty much made my mind up to find a new pharmacy.

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One thought on “Walgreens Pharmacy Delays in Waiting for Prescription

  • Christine Oglesby

    I went to the Walgreens in Bartlesville this morning and was #8 in line. They had one(1) person working the drive through and waiting customers. People were very unhappy. I left and will go back later,,,,which is definitely an inconvenience. This long line happens almost every time I go there. We are transfers from Mays Drug and not happy at all with Walgreens. In fact, we are considering changing pharmacies. The employees are super nice..but need some help!!!!!

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