Wells Fargo Liars and Thieves

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Wells Fargo are liars and thieves. When I first started having problems they informed me to call their home loan program and also contact the Home Affordable Modification Program. After months of getting nowhere and multiple trials payments I am told that the “Investor” that now owns my loan does not do modifications through the Home Affordable Modification Program. So instead of making arrangements for me to pay off the loan with a low interest rate Wells would rather sell the house to investors and get reimbursed the LOSS from the government which means the tax payers. Wells made money when they sold my loan to investors and now Wells will get paid again from the government that guaranteed the loan. They get money no matter what happens, so why would Wells Fargo ever care about the interests of their customers!!! They can’t lose no matter how bad they run their business!

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  • Stephen Wagner

    Teller and Branch Manager at Coopersburg, PA branch of Wells Fargo are sexist. Branch personnel required presence of my wife to accept a deposit by me in our joint account. Other branches of Wells Fargo had no problem repeatedly completing the exact same transaction. All evidence pointed to discrimination based upon my gender.

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