Where is Macy’s Customer Service Department

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Where is the service department at Macy’s? I have a Mary’s credit card and needed an additional card for my spouse. So I go to the nearest Macy’s store to inquire at the service counter. I am directed to second floor by a sign so I follow the sign. There are more signs on the second floor and as I follow them I soon realize that the signs are directing me in a circle. So I ask a sales associate “where is the service department” and he directs me to the far side of the sales floor where I find only a bank of telephones on a wall. I pick up a phone and someone finally answers. After stating my name and credit card number I tell the person on the phone what I need and he tells me that my card is fine.

But that is not what I had requested so I tell him again and again and he tells me that there is on problem with my card. Frustrated I tell him again what I require and and then he complains that he he can hardly hear me. This is a Macy’s house phone and I hear him plainly, like a bell ringing. Finally after another go-round I get my message through and he tells me that my wife’s card will arrive in two weeks. After more than a month the additional card in my wife’s name has yet to arrive. It is said that the third time is the charm. Well that was the third that I requested an additional card from Macy’s and it (they)has yet to arrive.

Is there a service department at Macy’s? I doubt it but there certainly is one at Nordstrom’s. On my first try (visit actually)there for an additional credit card for my wife, I walked into the store, spoke face-to-face with a well dressed service person who she took my information without hitch and the additional card arrived a week later.

Now that is service to appreciate.

Yours truly,

Truman Draper

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