Whirlpool Washing Machine Extended Warranty Problems

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I’ve taken an extended warranty from Whirlpool for my washing machine. I have extended my warranty and I got 1’st service request registered on a long time ago the people said they will send their engineer in 24 hours. nobody came till late in the month, then i phoned whirlpool again to ask for service, they again said today our engineer will visit at your place. Nobody came to check it out. Since November, I am calling them twice a day they are answering the same. Now I am really feeling very frustrated. Can something be done against whirlpool or who ever is responsible for this put off action. I want some suggestions please, best regards.

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One thought on “Whirlpool Washing Machine Extended Warranty Problems

  • Denise Lickteig

    I purchased a Whirlpool Duet Steam 1 1/2 years ago. It has not averaged 2 loads per week and broke down. The repairs were going to be extensive. Called Whirlpool and they will not stand behind their product and strong arm you into an extended warranty through Assurance Solutions. They refuse to listen and demand sending out a tech that then says they won’t replace it they will only fix it. Once it is fixed. It again breaks in the test load (note no clothes have even been put in the machine). Call Warranty people they once again won’t do anythin til send a tech out. I have had to take 4 days off work to accomodate their techs and now they admit the machine has a problem and are willing to replace it. However, they have depreciated the appliance that I bought that was defective for $870 that is 1 1/2 year old down to $636. Then subtract the additional 325 they made me pay for the extended warranty and the 4 days I had to take off work dealing them first trying to fix it. I came out with less than nothing. Whirlpool is continually sending quality control issues to their extended warranty people. It was a product quality/default issue to begin with that Whirlpool should have stood behind instead of strong arming its customers into an extended warranty. Sweet deal for them, they never have to stand behind their product and the consumer gets screwed in the process. When is someone going to step up tp the plate and protect the consumer. There are all kinds of complaints on this washer having the same problem. .

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