Who Has the Most Complaints on Service: Dish or DirectTV?

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I’m curious whether dish or direct tv has more complaints about their service online? Both of the companies seem to have quite a few problems from customers, with no real customer service in mind when they sell a product. There are always going to be people upset with bundled services or bundled problems, that’s just the nature of the business I guess.

Still I’d like to know who I should sing up with for cable television services, frankly I feel like I am forced to decide between the lesser of two evils instead of the right choice. When I had AT&T U-verse I could never get a hold of their support line. Of course when I wanted to sign up it was easy, when I wanted to cancel it was impossible.

I will probably end up going with Dish Network, because most of my friends have Dish, still DirectTV will probably be pretty tempting!

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One thought on “Who Has the Most Complaints on Service: Dish or DirectTV?

  • MikewithDISH

    I’m sorry you feel that way about the customer support DISH provides as that’s certainly never our intention to seem unhelpful! We always strive to provide the highest quality in the industry and enjoy the opportunity to check in with those who have any questions or concerns for us. Please let me know at michael.lemar@dish.com if I can be of assistance and I wish you a wonderful evening!

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