Winners International Payout Service

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I was contacted by the Winners International Services. It was very suspicious that a man would need to ask me if i was a u.s. citizen and if i was working, and unwilling to reveal his name to me. I didn’t think that would matter if I was a 2.5 million dollar winner, and why would i have to pay fees. If it were true it should have been taken out from the winnings. He has already tried calling me five times. Once he even questioned where my location is and if i was telling him the truth. He was very forceful and questionable.

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One thought on “Winners International Payout Service

  • Tom Jones

    Got a call tonight from the same “Winners Payout Services” scam, very urgent, called back 3-4 times waking up my wife screaming that we had won a mercedes benz and 30,000 euros and they didn’t want us to lose it, got mr. Green the manager on the phone. Oddly enough Mr. Green spoke with a heavy Pakistani/Indian slur that made it hard to understand him too. He tried to steer me to “International Payout Services” and talked about picking up a voucher for $500 from Walmart,but when I started reading some of the complaints about Winners payout to him he hung up and has not called back again.

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