Calls from Winners International about Prize

Calls from Winners International about Prize 100.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

I have just been called by Winners International and a man claiming to be Albert Johnson told me I have won $365,000 and a new Dodge Journey. to be dilivered today Sat 12/3/11 . I was told to get a Green Dot Money Pack Paper scratched off card for $499. At the nearest Walmart Or Kmart . They said they will deliver the car today and $25,000 cash . I had to call 1-876-289-5992 ext-9 and talk to Mr Real Wybez about delivery and getting the Green dot card . I am not going to get the card. I don`t know why a legitamate prize would ever want a money card from Walmart.

I was also told the $499. was refundable . Both of the men I talked to had a very noticable foriegn accent . In the last month I have had several calls from Foriegn sounding people claiming to be from a variety of places Including Publishers clearing house , all wanting money in order for me to claim my prize . I believe that all of these calls are from the same group of people that get peoples names ,card numbers, address and other personal information from something they purchased online with a credit or debit card. Please Be Extremely Carefull Everyone .

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5 thoughts on “Calls from Winners International about Prize

  • greg

    I just had a call from a man name Michael Anderson From Winners International and telling me that I was chosen to be the winner of brand New Chevrolet and cash money amounting of 1.5 M but they are asking me to go to nearest walmart or send the money to certain Whitney Craighead through Western Union . The amount I need to send in order to process the delivery of the car and the check is $ 525.99 . I don’t believe in this because if you are truly a winner you don’t need to send any amount of money .They will be the one to send you the winning price without paying them for the said price. So good luck to you guyz. have a nice Day

  • rulan.yatsatie

    hey there i got a call from the same person with the same name micheal Anderson and james washinton and the told me that i won lincoln nav. and they told me to send money to them which i did to cover the cost . and they want more money what should i do

  • Ann

    I has the same experience as you guys before me and I did not entertain them. I received the same story line, with the same foreigners as what was described. “Mr. Harris from 1-876-289-5992 called first, then “Frank Sony” contacted me next @ 1-876-251-5061 x 9. I was not impressed with their story or what was offered. Too many RED FLAGS was showing up. I contacted my local fraud dept. to start an investigation. I think you guys should do the same.

  • Mikael

    I received a call from a Jim Wellington from Winner’s International. He told me that I won $385,000 dollars, but I had to pay a registration fee of $1,954 to claim the prize. I told him that I didn’t have the money and he said that’s okay because it was going to come out of my winnings, but he had to send it to me for some legal reason and I was to deposit it into my account until the check cleared and send it to Steve Tyson, and so I received the $1,954 via overnight mail…I feel pretty stupid about it now, but I did what I was told and sent the $1,954 to Steve Tyson via two money orders. I thought it actually came out of my winnings and since it didn’t come out of my pocket I thought it was legit. Then came the day of the supposed delivery. I got a call from Jim Wellington saying that he was at their broker’s office and I needed to pay a brokage fee of $2,535. I told him that I didn’t have the money and that I would have to be billed after I received my winnings. He then asked for my credit card number, I refused to give it. Jim then said that he would send me the funds via Western Union and then I would send it to the broker and then I would be billed. I agreed to this and then received a call a couple of hours later saying that their accountant decided to bypass sending the funds to me and sent the funds directly to the broker and that I would be billed and that they were on their way…Jim never showed up. This happened on Monday 9/17/12 and it is now Wednesday 9/19/12 and I haven’t even gotten a phone call back from Jim.

  • Judy

    Have gotten three calls from some guy who first gave me a number that was supposed to be from UPS concerning a package that was to be delivered “today”. When I tried to call back the number I received a message that said my account was not authorized to call that number. Got another call from the same number today – 876-413-1136 and some guy supposedly named Donovan Palmer (with a heavy accent of some sort) said I was the first person to win their 2014 Promotion and that I would be getting a car (first it was a BMW which later on in the conversation became a Mercedes), $550,000 and a gift card from WalMart where I could buy anything I wanted there for a year. When I told him I was at work and could not take off to go to the nearest CVS to get a money gram express card, and no, I did not have the $1500 that he said was for delivery fees, he put on someone who was supposed to be his supervisor, Jonathan something, who told me that I could get cards in the amount of $600 and I would get that money back. He then re-iterated that I should take off from work, go to CVS to get those money gram cards, go to my house so that they could deliver all of my prizes and then go back to work. When I asked him how I would be getting that $600 back, he got pissy and told me that he had already told me everything and he had a meeting to go to and was giving me back to the other guy and to basically do what he told me to do. At that point I hung up on him and then immediately proceeded to get another two calls from the same people. I didn’t pick up.

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