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My poor mom…she had never heard of the Winner’s International Sweepstakes. Friday she gets this voicemail about being secretly entered into a sweepstakes and they say she’s won $2.5 million! Of course my mom…she thinks she said enough Hail Mary’s this time to really count…calls me and is hysterically screaming about this $2.5 million.

I sadly explain to her what this scam is all about…they tell you that you’ve won all this money, then ask you to make some “donation” or “consulation fee” to collect your winnings. How does anybody NOT see this scam? “Send us money, and we’ll send you money.” Really??? But what’s worse: these telemarketers keep harassing her!

They leave at least 2-3 voicemails EVERY DAY asking her to claim her “million dollar prize.” It’s starting to get really annoying. Leave us alone Winner’s International and go find someone else to scam!!

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2 thoughts on “Winner’s International Sweepstakes

  • Sharon Brandmeyer

    I received my lst call Monday. The caller said I had won $850,000. It would come through Western Union. I started questioning and was told the boss had to talk to me and was in a meeting. I said call back. No answer. Next day I get a call from someone saying I was on a list of people who had been scammed. (I had not told anyone about this.) I questioned where they got this information and they said they had a long list of people who had had this happen. I questioned more. The telephone company was supposed to have reported it to them. when I asked how the phone company would know, they said they were from the IRS & couldn’t give that information. Said they were trying to catch these people from Jamaica & wanted me to get info for them & call back. I reported this to the IRS. Next a phone call from the “boss” saying he couldn’t get back the first day. I gave him a really hard time but he came up with answers. I was supposed to go to Western Union, pay my required 1% tax portion(they had taken care of the rest) keep the receipt and a Brinks security rep. would bring the check at an appointed time and give to me in exchange for the receipt from Western Union. I really gave them a hard time. They will “ask the board” if I can pay less, etc. How can these people be caught & stopped???

  • Diane Pasqua

    I recieved a phone call today and the man said that his company Winners International has money for me that I have won. He said that I have to give the Western Union Guy 1 0/0 of the winning money so they can pay the taxes. They said they will be at my home tomorrow at 10:00 to give me a cheque after I get the reciept for the tax paid. I’m sure it was a scam. The guy told me his name isThomas Grant and his badge # is 525USA. Please intervene and put a stop to this. He first called me sweetie when I picked up the phone and I told him off for that.

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