Phone Calls from Winners International Scam

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Just received a phone call from “Winners International” saying I had won $2.5 million dollars just for paying my bills on time. Then the fellow asked if I paid my bills on time. WHAT??? If I won the money for doing so, why would you have to ask if I did? I listened to the schpiel for a minute or two to see just how I was supposed to get my “winnings”. Of course, I had to have a receipt that would cost me $78 before they would deliver the $2.5 million to my door the next morning. Did I want to pay the $78 now or in the morning – if I paid now, my winnings would get here earlier. I opted for “in the morning”, saying that I would give them the $78 in exchange for the $2.5 million. That didn’t fly with him and he argued that they couldn’t deliver UNTIL I had the receipt, which of course, would cost me $78.

I told him I “knew this scam” and hung up. The bugger had the gaul to call me back and ask why I hung up!!! It was a bit of fun, dangling him for a moment while he tried his best to convince me that this was real. Finally, I said, “You’re a scammer and I’m calling the police on you right after I hang up!” That did it. Anyway, guys & gals, just know that calling back after you hang up once is a trick to get you to believe that they are for real. Even though I know better, there’s always that “something” in the back of your mind that this could be real and I’m about to miss out if I don’t pay. But if you go over the conversation in your head, you’ll realize that none of what this guy is selling you makes any rational sense.

So don’t let your heart that is filled with hope eternal get the better of you. Listen to your head and tell these guys to get lost! Report their numbers if you can.

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7 thoughts on “Phone Calls from Winners International Scam

  • jackie

    Wow, ive been gettingg calls from several numbers one being 702-359-1017 gary stone, claiming to be from publishers clearing house, its a jamaican number, the other for a tony lavesqui 876-582-1130. they have beeen leaving me several messages over the past months. They said i needed to call them back right away because I had won a large amount of money and they needed to confirm all my details such as my full name, address etc. I ignored all the calls knowing it was a scam. But today they called again and this time i recognized the number and answered. Spoke with tony who said I had won 419,326.36 in us funds so of course i began asking question all along knowing this was not for real. he said it was for real . I then asked him who had won since he had never left a name of my machine. I told him there were several people in my household and he then asked me if my name was beth or jackie. he got one of them right. I then of course continues to ask him several questions including what it was i had to do. he said nothing. He advised me the money would be delivered to my directly to my home with balloons and cameras, what a joke i thought. So I continued playing with him and asked him to confirm my address and the scary part was that he had all my information including the name of the bank i dealth with and whats ironic is that my phone number is not even in my name nor is it even listed. So i told him to come on over then here came the catch, he told me i needed some golden eager or eagle stamp to claim the money once they arrived and that i had to go to western union and send 499.00 to a guy by the name of donald powlyn at kingston 10, jamaica WI and during this hole conversation, he had to keep repeating himself because i could barely understand his jamaican accent so I gave the phone to my husband who wanted to hear all the info and all he could hear was wind blowing in the background as if he was on a cell phone outside. He then went out of the wind and told us to hurry up and go to western union and not to tell anyone so we wouldnt get robbed and then call him once the transaction was complete. He even said that this was for real and if they did not show up, we could get our money back from western union, NOT TRUE. I called western union just for fun and they said once the other party receives the money, there is no reversing it. He later called back to find out if the transaction was complete, and we told him where to go. This is a serious scam and people are falling for it specially seniors. I also think Western Union should find some way to reverse money when people fall for this. Its christmas time and many fine people who are hurting for money fall for this and its sad.

  • 1St Lt. Vaughn D. Gursslin

    I had a call this moring from a James Anderson of Winners International. The difference was he gave out PACKAGE Code AC2874 told me they would pay the required taxes on the $2.5M amounting to $250,000 (90% of the required taxes) and I would have to pay the remaining 10%,($35,000). The check would be delivered in 10-15 days, but there would be a small registration Fee. So here comes the CATCH. I told him all my banking accounts are with the U.S. Government when he wanted to know if I had a checking or savings account. This kind of threw him a loop and said he would have to call me back to explain the “registration Fee”. The phone number came from Jamaca (876-477-2580. I am currently playing along with the scam even though He claims I have definatley won the $2.5M. We military personel are always on the lookout for these people and then we put them away for a loo-o-ong time!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the heads up! That’s another twist of the Lottery Scam but I don’t think it’s gonna fool me. I’ve read a lot of that at and what they do is basically, lure you with a big cash prize. But the catch is, you have to send out money for some kind of fees. Nice try. Maybe they needed a bit of schooling so they’d come up with a better plan. What do you think?

  • Flo

    Received a call from Winner’s International. Gave me the nice pitch about how much money I won and also I had won a car. But I was to go to Wal Mart and get a money card for $399. He would call me on my cell phone to be sure I had the card. I was to dress nice for I was to have my picture taken. I was to tell no one for they didn’t want a gang of people there when I received my check. He told me how much I should thank God and be sure to give him a little bit for he had don a lot of work for me. He said his name was Peter Bradford. I checked the internet and found a lot of material about how this was a scam. When he called again I told him about it being a scam and hung up. He called my land phone and cell phone at least 20 times before he gave up.

  • Greg Mesa

    i had 2 people tell me that i had won $1.8 mllion and $350.000 cash, i sent them $450, i never heard from Mr.James Thomas again? this week i had another E-Mail from the same # asking me to senf $300 more so could claim my prize? So what i did was call the Bank talked to the fraud department he’s looking into it now. he told me i should get my answer buy the middle of the week, but Mr. Grant (FBI) (the real FBI doesn’t give out their last names), he say’s said he’s going to cancel it since i seemed unintreseted and that he’d send my $450 back to me in a cashiers check i asked him to please put it in a money order instead he refused to do it that it had already been put in the mail? i contacted they said that “Winners International” there was none!! so i feel it was a scam! i’ll never really know until i “get my check?”back? so it’s still up in the air? i have been in contact with the FBI ever since and the Bank so if i did win? i lost it in 3 days??!! because i didn’t send the $300?

  • Barbara Nocian

    I want to compain about a person called Mr. James from Las Vegas who got very dirty with his mouth to me. I want to know what I can do to have him either arrested or something. Its getting very discusting lately. He is a con artist and I have told him that. Please advise me of what to do.

  • myra

    just had a phone call from one of their representatives. Mr.Peterson. I won 5.5 Million + a bmw…….from the beginning this sounded like a scam. I continued my conversation with the man for a little while to find out more information on the company. Throughout our conversation he told me things like where I last traveled, where I live and who my boyfriend is. Which was to say the least creepy. I understand Facebook has access to all this information but hearing it from the mouth of a scam artist is unsettling to say the least. As mentioned by Barbara, the con artist got very “lively” though out the phone call. The more I questioned him the more defensive he got. Once I acted a little interested he asked me to go to my nearest wall-mart or grocery store to purchase a $400-600 cash card. As I am writing this I received 3 more phone calls which I sent straight to vmail. (When I check my phone history their number isnt on the list of my recent calls…..very weird)

    Word of advice to anyone who speaks to these people. Be assertive and after the first phone call do not keep answering. Just listen to your gut.

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