Yahoo Mail Virus

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For the second time my email at yahoo has sent everyone in my address book a virus. I don’t know if someone is doing it or if it just goes around by itself, but for the second time in two months my email sent everyone I know an email with no subject line. When they open it, it just has a web address. As soon as you go to it you have a virus, and sometimes, people say that their virus scan won’t let them open it at all. I have changed my password, but it still happened again. I have also received the same kind of email from other people on yahoo. If you or anyone you know has a yahoo email watch out, but it’s all good after hearing the news this morning.

Apparently the hacker involved in planting multiple yahoo mail virus applications was infected with a bug that crashed his own system. Talk about irony! In addition to the virus problems, I am constantly getting yahoo chat requests from people I don’t know that are just spam. I mark them as spam, but it’s a different one each time, so it’s useless. I am getting so sick of all the stuff I am having to put up with just to keep this email. It’s just not worth it. I am changing my email to Google, no one I know has had that problem with them. And to anyone who works at yahoo, since you guys won’t listen to my complaints or try to fix your problems, this is my only option, to tell everyone I can think of to stop using your company.

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo Mail Virus

  • asif iatikhar

    i am asif user this e mail adress last 8 to 10 years my first password pakhero change last 2 to 3 year metroo my passwerd word haked plz help me my important contact in my mail i request u my hacked password chang me i am wate responce my 2nd mail address asifmian

  • krishna p gupta

    I am unable to read my mails. I can go upto the home page of my accunt. I can even open a mail also but in a second or two everything is gone by saying there is broblem in accesing the net. Surprising .because I have been operating internet regularly. Problem is with Yahoo only.this is happening since lsat two days. Kindly help.Krishna

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