Zynga Poker Players going All In

Zynga Poker Players going All In 40.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

It is just about Impossible to sit at a table and play this beautiful game, I am in South Africa. Up to now very little disturbance has been experienced. Lately computer freeze/offline is happening on a regular bassis. almost every second hand. Very frustrating. The worst is you are dealt cards and only one appears, which makes it impossible to play. I am an elderly guy, spend hours playing this fantastic game if it is played properly. Unfortunately one does experiece a few idiots who come and spoil this great game by going “All in” all the time. The problem is half the time they win! I sit back and watch the “Bingo”

One other request is that you make “Shootout” Fast. A reply would be appreciated. Regards.

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2 thoughts on “Zynga Poker Players going All In

  • Jim

    I have been playing Zynga poker for 4 years now and watched the changes of this rigged program getting worse by the hour , It seems to me that Zynga wants the poker idiots to win so they can lose at the end to buy chips from them it`s all about money now forget a good poker game its about attracting as many dummies as posible to this site <> they only thing left for me to say to Zynga is forget you and your lousy program im going to a different site to enjoy the game of poker not some fixed program put together for dummies to feel like they are pros.

  • Floyd Lewis

    Since I’ve been playing your poker, I’ve noticed some players going off line during a hand; I’d like to know how this is done.

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