Adobe Customer Service Ranks as Worst in Software


With more than 41 customer complaints filed against them in 2015, Adobe ranks as the worst rated Software in the world according to HissingKitty.

The average consumer ranked Adobe 2.05 of out 5 possible stars in terms of customer satisfaction. This is no surprising considering the number of angry people we see each week upset about their Adobe service and customer service experiences.

Here is what happened to me. I experienced shockingly appalling customer service provided by Adobe. t is very obvious that there is no visible complaints procedure provided by Adobe which only goes to show the lack of professionalism provided by this company. I really hope that this is the way to file complaints through to Adobe systems inc. So by human error, i purchased a monthly cloud subscription but it was registered to the wrong email address (I simply entered .com at the end of the email rather than This I am sure is a very common mistake made by many and should be easily rectified.

However, Adobe regardless of me verifying my email address (which i have no access too) proceeded to take the payment from the card to the tune of £57.17. This should NOT have happened when the email address has not been verified. Anyway, as this is a company expense i need a VAT invoice. This i learnt i could only get through accessing my adobe ID which i cannot get access too as i have no access to this email address. So after ringing up three times now to which i have waited on average 12 minutes to get through to a person i am told that they cannot send me the invoice to an alternative email address.

Again there should always be a back-up email when creating an adobe ID for when situations like this occur and for security reasons. They suggested that i cancel the subscription, set up a new one with the correct email address, however this still doesn't solve my problem as to needing the VAT invoice for the first subscription payment. So i was told that i can get a refund on my monthly subscription. I get transferred through to the sales department to then be told that i couldn't get a refund on a monthly subscription as per their T&C's. This 1 call alone has taken 40 minutes! Most of it was spent spelling out my name and email address several times.

No offer was made to post the invoice to the registered address. So now i will make another 40 minute call just to find out if they will post the invoice to the address. If they cannot do that then this will have to go through to a higher authority. This is all because of a simple VAT invoice that is needed and can be done simply with a click of a button. I will never subscribe to adobe products again.

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I just bought adobe photoshop 14 but I cant activate it. Every code customer service have given wont work and when I try and download after they gave me the codes it says page not found.

I dont have 100 dollars to just toss away, so can someone please contact me at the corporate office so I can resolve the issue thanks.


Its 2015, yet I can't log into this system, and just purchase a product. On line shopping is pretty standard, yet I have to call someone to set up an account? Let me tell you how that goes: I've pressed 1 about 7x. I've had to ask to be transferred to a manager 2x, because the person who transferred me the 1st time, transferred me to the wrong product department. It took 35 mins for me to get to the proper department. All I needed was an Echosign Account. Nothing complex.

Heres a suggestion, tech company: advance your tech. And get rid of the horrendous customer service situation you have going on. You are doing yourself NO favors right now. 


The customer support on Adobe chat last night for 2 hours with people of with foreign names who could not understand that I had paid for a product and could not then get in was horrendous the nightmare began again today. The order  # issued by Adobe is AD 017419518. My name is on my Amex card. I have always thought up till now that they had great products -- no longer.


Disconnect before I finished 2 times, now I give up.



I am selling my business and called to cancel my renewing subscription. The first time I called Adobe customer service it was frustrating enough repeating and spelling my email address and physical address several times to several different departments only to be sent on line to cancel through a link. This said link didn't work. I called back and after 15 minutes on hold I had  to go through similar process only this time I was directed to cancel department who directed me to a chat room!

This after spelling my information out once again. I refused and asked for a supervisor to cancel. In a few minutes who I believe was  the same representative came back on the line and cancelled my account. Confirmation code 0216109594. I am confirming that all ADOBE accounts are being cancelled immediately. There are 2. The customer experience I received was literally unacceptable.  Please someone, respond to this complaint accordingly.


I'm a seasoned LR5 user and although thrilled with the magical possibilities of LR6, I must voice my EXTREME disappointment and disgust with the horrendous and laborious process I had to employ to download the new perpetual LR6 upgrade.  Adobe has made this task virtually IMPOSSIBLE! Downloading the Creative Cloud is what the company obviously WANTS us to do but our choice as to whether to purchase perpetual or CC is what SHOULD  be HONORED.

Had I not personally had the advantage of a photography instructor with a career in IT it wouldn't have happened. We were in the customer service chat room for over an hour trying to purchase this upgrade. I continue to be on the verge of reporting Adobe to the Better Business Bureau. This behavior is borderline UNETHICAL. Shame on you Adobe!


I received an unauthorized charge of 23.88 from Adobe on my credit card bill as “Debit purchase – Visa Adobe “exportpdf 800-833-6687ca”.  While not a large sum, I was nevertheless charged for a purchase I never made, on a date I didn't purchase anything. 

At no time have I agreed to any annual subscription or service contract. Calling 800-833-6687 is a joke.  After three layers of referenced phone button options which are for specific products that I did not recognize, I was told that there is no phone contact for my product, and the call was terminated.  This was insulting, given I don’t know about any product and simply want to talk to an Adobe operator / customer complaint / accounting department.  When I called back and picked a product at random in order to at least talk to a human being.

I found myself speaking to some person with a barely intelligible East Indian accent who finally conveyed the message that he could not speak to me about my problem and referred me to this website or to go online to a chat room to complaint.  Absolutely incredible!  I see many similar complaints on the internet about Adobe have been posted going back years.  In addition, I do plan to send this complaint to  Adobe HQ and I am not required to send it "registered Mail" in order to suffice as legal notice.

I demand you reverse this charge immediately or I shall file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.  I reckon most people do not make an issue of such a small charge with the result that Adobe gets away with this practice and pockets the sizable accumulation.


What is wrong with you?  You had an easy creative product in Edge Animate and dropped it in favor or a renamed overly complicated Flash professional. Flash is great for a lot of people , but not for everyone.

Edge offered an easy solution for everyday people to create animated products for the web. Would it kill you to keep it? I have been having trouble with Actions in Photoshop. Within the Action, there are supposed to be prompts for me to make certain choices. I had this working at one point but don't seem to be able to repeat it. In other words, the Action is supposed to prompt me twice during the execution of the Action. Now, when I run the Action, it goes straight through, apparently making assumptions about my choices.

I have also had trouble with parts of the Action being disabled when I go to use it a second or third time. As a result of all this confusion, I called your help center and spoke with a woman for about 90 minutes. She got on my screen so she could see what was going on. In essence, and at the end of this very long phone call, she told me that actions do not recreate prompts. This is ludicrous as I've done it before.

While the lady did her best and was very patient, she didn't seem to understand the problem. She had a deep Indian accent and was hard to understand. When I asked to speak to someone else (politely), she refused. I would appreciate help with this matter as soon as possible as I'm a professional photographer on deadline and I can't afford the time working without Actions.


I tried to go online and change my payment option. There's a link that says "manage payment" and also a link that says "edit" next to your payment method. However, you cannot edit your payment options unless you completely cancel your subscription and re-new it. So I did that.

I called and spoke to three different people and specifically told them DO NOT submit payments to my Pay Pal Account but rather use my credit card. I gave them the Credit Card number, the payment went through and the next morning I  could not access the software I just paid for. When I called Adobe (somewhere in India) they told me my bank declined the payment... which was not true. the payment was already taken out of my account.

Then the Bank told me that Adobe had placed a 7 day hold on the credit card... no one at Adobe seemed to know why and they proceeded to tell me the subscription had not been paid for...even tho I had the bank call them via a conference call and tell them the money has been taken out of my account. Long story short, I paid for my subscription and Adobe took the money, then cancelled the subscription. It was crystal clear that the customer service managers didn't understand English well and kept telling me my credit card was blocked even tho the bank approved and released the funds.

Upon speaking to a manager, he wanted me to send him my bank statements. Adobe is a multimillion dollar company... can't we get some decent customer service help here in America? India doesn't understand how Credit Cards work very well.