What a Miserable AT&T Customer Service Experience


On June 20th, at 10:22 am Central time I made a call to inquire if I could get a status on a rebate form that I had submitted after I moved my service from Verizon to ATT. The new ATT account number is 5X81XX120467. The person in customer service department diverted the scope of the call to bring my attention to the fact that I was not given a “FREE” tablet that I should have received. I explained that I was not told about a free tablet and that I was not that interested. She then said it was totally free, including shipping and activation and the ONLY expense would be $1.07 for the tax. I thought about it and agreed to take the tablet and pay only the tax  $1.07 and the $10 per month service fee. 

I gave the lady my American Express card and she tried to make the charge. During this call as she was trying to make the charge, American Express was attempting to call me and also sending texts. I figured that they may have noticed the small charge and might have thought that it was a fraudulent charge.When AMEX denied the charge for the $1.07 I gave the ATT representative my debit card. We processed the order and hung up after the transaction was finished. I was told I needed to go to a WEB site to check on my phone rebates.

When I hung up the phone I immediately called American Express after reading the text that they expected fraudulent charges in the amount of $445. American Express had indeed declined what they expected to be a fraudulent charge. With much concern, I then logged into my online banking account only to find that my checking account with First Commercial Bank in Birmingham, AL had been compromised for the amount of $445 by ATT. This left a balance of less than $3.14 in my primary checking account with check outstanding and drafts scheduled.

It is now 1:21 on June 21st and I have spent over 5 hours talking with ATT representatives trying to get this very serious problem resolved. Many have freely admitted the problem is with ATT and a few have denied that ATT had a way to resolve the issue.  I have recorded much of my conversations with over 13 people, just today during my repeated attempts to resolve this issue – my last attempt before filing this report with the BBB was 1 hour and 27 minutes in duration during which I spoke with 14 different people of various departments, with absolutely no success in my attempts to get my money back.
I consider this to absolutely be fraud and actually think that it is criminal activity. If I have returned checks then I will become a criminal. I did not in any way agree to a charge of $445 to any account of mine and ATT has handled the return of my money in the most unprofessional way imaginable. I have experienced the following:

•    Incompetent people
•    Repeated dropped calls
•    Been transferred to people that had no idea what to do about the problem
•    Been transferred to departments unrelated to my issue
•    Had to explain – from the beginning many times what the problem was. 
•    Been treated very nicely and very rudely
•    And still, there is no idea from anyone that I have talked with on how to get me my money back.

In my wildest imagination, I could not dream up a situation so exacerbating and senseless. I demand a resolution which should include an apology from upper level management and an immediate resolution and a call to discuss this and how to move forward. I am sick at my stomach and feel absolutely helpless to resolve this situation. Check will inevitably be returned today, I will be charged return fees on both ends of the transaction. In addition, drafts to at least one utility will be denied and my credit will be adversely affected. Please accept my complaint and file it as soon as possible. I can be reached at the number listed above practically any time. Please help me. PLEASE ! ! 

Update June 23rd, 2016 8:54 am.

I spent a lot of time on the 22nd attempting to get my problem resolved. I made calls and visited an ATT wireless store praying that something could be done. The Better Business Bureau has filed a claim. Here are some of the effects of this incident on my life.

On Wednesday, June 22nd I tried for another 3 hours and spoke with 6 more ATT customer service representatives, including 2 in an ATT Wireless Store. At this point the following effects on my life have occurred by this fraudulent debit of my bank account:

1.    My bank has filed  a fraudulent claim on the charge but ATT has the charge locked and I can not get access to the funds through the typical fraudulent charge rules at my bank.
2.    I am late on a credit card payment and my credit has been adversely affected.
3.    I have exactly $3.14 in my checking account which is run on a very strict budget.
4.    I have had to cancel an extremely important meeting due to the suspension of my credit privileges with my Chase charge card. I do not have the funds to pay for the space that has been reserved for several days at the Vestavia Hills Library. This issue is clearly documented in the administration office at the library in Vestavia Hills, AL and a report is being compiled to send to the Better Business Bureau. 

Canceling this meeting has done significant damage to my business.

5.    I now have had to use my American Express to its maximum and can’t buy gasoline for my car, medicines that I need, and groceries.
6.    I have had checks returned for non-payment
7.    I have a monthly debit from Alabama Power Company come due tomorrow.
8.    I have a monthly debit from The Birmingham Water Works on June 26th.
9.    I received absolutely no communication from ATT regarding this fraudulent order of an electronic device that I did not authorize or approve.

I have been contacted by an ATT representative by an email that states that he will try to contact me over the next few days. When you put the “next few days” timeline into context with the above list of negativity going on in my life this is ridiculous.

This is the most miserable experience I have ever had.


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I received a robot call about a past due payment.  I called customer service and the rep could not find my account.  After 15 minutes,  Ken hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor, and was told that I could not. I either did not receive a bill or misplaced it so I called to find out the amount owed so I could pay it.  I was on hold for a very long time and then was told they could not help me unless I gave them the numbers on my bill to verify that it was my account. 

If I had my bill to get this info I would not be calling.  I would mail a check for the amount on the said bill.  I asked if I did not pay it on time would there a late fee.  I was assured that there would be.  When pressed for a solution I was told I would have to drive across town to the AT&T Store with a picture id.  They were very nice at the store  and took my payment but I am extremely upset with AT&T and your non friendly customer policies. 


We have U-verse 300 plan due to renew in May. On 2/24/15 approx., I was contacted byATT rep to try U-verse 450 for next 3 mos for only $6 more per month. I was explicitly told I would be contacted to go over new options before they took money from auto debit for new contract. In may att automatically took full payment for U-verse 450 out of my account-I have requested phone records for that call from att. In interm I ordered phone service thru ATT.

I spoke with Filipino agent and told her many time during conversation I would only take their phone service if *I could keep my current phone number-this was not negotiable. She said no problem. She gave me a temporary phone number as it may take a few days to import my old number. When the very nice workmen came to put in phone line-they installed it after a few hours and then told me they were unable to use my old number-not cool so I asked ATT to get phone records for that call.  I was told this would take about 3days. 3 days later Im told another 7 days.

They're not understanding what this is doing to my life as Im on very tight budget. They took $300+ out of my checking when I was expecting about $150. Now I cant pay all my bills and have things bouncing all over. We're on limited income (Social Security) and even a small amount is devastating to us. I want them to pay for the calamity were going thru for lying to us not once in one month but twice. Also I took the service 1 year ago because the told us we would get $75 gift card-never got it. On the 2/2015 call to upgrade to U-verse 450 the promised another $50 gift card-I told them I never got first $75 gift card and of course I didn't get the $50 card either.


I have a handicapped 66 yr old sister living in Arlington, TX. With all the bad weather in that area, her landline is not working.  She only has a 30 minute cell phone for emergency usage. She finally got through to someone at AT&T today and was told that no one could come to her apt until at least Thursday and she would have to pay 99.00 just to have someone come out to check.

She has physically crawled around trying to make sure all connections were ok and now is feeling even worse than usual. It is my understanding that elderly and handicapped people should go to the top of your list for services. She does not even know I am sending this e-mail but I would appreciate it if someone could get there sooner to try to get her phone working. Know you must have quite a bit of calls to make but she is totally on her own with no one to help.


If you look at the times I have called you will see I am unhappy with AT&T. My bill goes up every month. Your representatives are very helpful and give me a monthly charge but when I get my bill its around $100 dollars more. What is AT&T trying to do, shaft the people? I am on medicare and can't afford the bill this company is sending me. They told me when I bundled everything the bill will go down, thats a laugh    finally I thought I would go with Direct tv. My bill should be $139.00 a month and thats bundling everything   Lets hope I do not have to call every other month. This company AT&T needs to see who is running this and get rid of the people that are trying to take the peoples money and putting it in their pockets.

I will not give you any stars for the company but for the people that work for this company I will give them 5 stars. I've been having difficulty with my email and my phone keep going dead when I have my phone service with att.  Every time I login the password has to be changed.  I haven/t been able to pull my email up because of my password problems for over four months which is causing me not receiving my bills online.  I  will like for you to compensate me for all my after your investigation compensate me for all my troubles for months.  I pay $50.00 per month for a hotspot for my internet service.  My hotspot for the past 2 months keeps telling me no battery and I can barely use it. At &t sent me a new battery and it still says no battery and99% of the time I cannot use my internet. I called customer service twice now and am told  I need to pay to upgrade my hotspot $149.99 - $199.99 and a 2 year contract. I did my 2 year contract this past January 2016. Im paying for internet service I cannot use.


I called AT&T and requested that they suspend a line on a phone on my account that I was paying for, for my ex boyfriend. I found out he was committing identity theft so I only wanted the phone suspended not cancelled as I wanted the phone returned to me so I could reactivate and get information off of it! AT&T on their own accord closed out the line and charged me for the phone! The phone was left at another carrier and was stolen! I can't even report it as stolen since they closed out the line. This is such an unfair situation that they have put me into.

I already have so many issues to deal with and debts due to the identity theft and then they are completely rude and do things without my permission. My ex also changed the account to have his number as the main number twice and I opened the account and have been the main account holder since then! He had only had a phone on my account for a few months. They don't check identity at all. And most of their employees are complete morons. I have never spoken to so many people who work for a company that are so incompetent. lease resolve this issue and I will be changing carriers as soon as I can.


I have used AT&T for years. But no more. I went to the AT&T store on Southside Blvd in Jacksonville (32256) and could not have been pushed out any faster. I came to require some information on expanding my existing AT&T cell, but the young male sales rep was more interested with his cell phone. Maybe he had a hot date. I should have asked for his name, but I was too offended. I own a large company, and if one of my sales staff employees operated comparable to your AT&T employee, he would have been terminated immediately. I never respond to situations like this, but I had to follow up. I called the store and they did not answer the phone. The worse part was I was the only customer. I will pursue Verizon now. Including my friends and family.


Husband died seven years ago.  Initially placed a call to have service put into my name, they didn't do it.  I continued to pay the bill.  Switched from Comcast to AT&T in the spring, (2015) for internet, again requested service in my name, checks are in my name address etc.  service continued in his name.  I made many phone calls, received credits in his name and finally they put account in my name, so I thought.  I received another bill in his name, I paid in so service would not be discontinued.  Got a credit for that in his name, now they are threatening to discontinue service for account in my name for which I never got a bill. 

This is all for the same address.  They could not just simply delete the name of a deceased spouse, despite billions of dollars of technology.   I could not cash refund checks sent in his name because he is dead.  Unbelievable.   Called customer service and put on hold for 55 minutes. After reaching a customer service representative I started telling him of a charge on my phone that I did not make and he hung up on me. I called back a second time and after a long wait, I was hung up on again. I plan to file a dispute and go to arbitration.


Enough is enough! Due to wreck, equipment wiped out at box in December. Temporary box damaged by another wreck last week. Understand box is to be moved but surely it could have happened in six months. Temporary box powered by generator and out of fuel off and on for six months. Service and phone techs are great but service is so bad because of equipment failure. What is going on with AT&T? I have been a customer for 50+ years and am disappointed in how slack AT&T has become. Neither have I seen all the days of no service deducted from my bill.

I called today because my bill was incorrect.  It was $35.75 when it should have been $26.00.  Agent said there was a $9.00 late fee applied.  I said that I have never been late paying bill bc they have the wrong billing date.  Billing date should be on 12th like the cell phone bill.  Also, I explained that I called in to pay bill 5 days ago and agent said there was nothing due but .75 to pay on next bill, apparently, this caused the late fee.  Agent said can not remove late fee.  I asked to speak to a supervisor.  I spoke with Theodore from Texas about 15 mins. ago.  He offered to remove late fee but did not have the patience to listen and threatened no other provisions would be made due to past credits.  Bottom line, I felt he was rude.  

I explained that my billing date has never been correct and practically every month I have had to call about something wrong with my service, for over a year.  This was the reason for the many credits.  He still wanted to argue the credits instead of reading the reports as to why the past credits were given.  The last concern was that my speed was to increase with the new contract, but instead has slowed down.  He asked did I want auto pay, bc that would help increase the speed. Then I needed to know about the next payment since my husband and I are senior citizens and on a fixed income.  It was an awful experience with the supervisor.   I became so upset that I just hung up.  Att has great technology but some of the customer service agents need better soft skills and listening skills.  I still have not received a confirmation number on my email for my uverse payment made today.  

We have lost service again for the third time in 2 months, equaling nearly one month of no phones. The first was a broken wire a mile away. The second was their fault--in repairing phone service after a storm, they mixed wires and cut us off. How interesting that I see 2 ATT trucks 1 mile from home (sunny day) and when I get home, no dial tone again-completely without service.. Of course, you can't reach real person and their automated service says it must be an unhooked receiver.  Are you kidding me.  

I have made 3 complaints of no dial tone on my land line in less than 2 months. I am a nurse and grandmother to 3 small children who visit frequently and a phone is essential. Currently I have been without service for almost 48 hours and it is a problem. I know there is a push to eliminate land lines and wonder if this is an attempt for me to change based on unreliable service. I fortunately do have a cell phone but it is inadequate to handle the volume of calls I receive. The automated service is unhelpful when trying to report specific problems. I would like a response as to why this problem continues to occur.