Best Buy Customer Service Number (Tired of Waiting on Hold)


Recently a couple in upstate New York wanted a new TV. They had been shopping and saving for many months, and finally had their heart set on a Samsung flat screen 65" from Best Buy. After going to the store to check it out, the sales person mentioned great discounts if they buy online.

That is where the nightmare started with Best Buy customer service number, I called 1-888-237-8289 for weeks trying to get through to a live human.

The couple ordered the TV and found out that it was not in stock, so they had to wait several more weeks. Then, once it was shipped, there were delays causing it to arrive weeks after they originally paid for it. Finally, to top it all off, when the TV arrived the couple discovered something shocking.

The TV glass was cracked in several places and would not even turn on. So, I eventually sent photos to the Best Buy corporate HQ at 7601 Penn Ave. S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423.

After calling Best Buy corporate they were told to submit a refund online and that guess what? There would be more waiting around after that. How about letting them exchange it at the store for a full refund? Now that would be customer service!


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I have had their computer tech support for the past 2 years.  Every problem had been taken care of up til last Sunday.  I had explained the problem, he said no problem; but when I came back to the computer, my icons were all screwed up & he was no where to be found - just left everything in a mess.  Left a bad review on the survey, thought I would hear back from Best Buy - didn't.  Figured they didn't care, they had my money, that's all they care about.  

So today, I called, explained the Sunday problem, said they would take care of the problem.....yeh, right.  This time they lost my Favorites, didn't fix any of the problems I was having.  Called the store, said I wanted my last years subscription returned, they said they don't do that. Do not use Best Buy tech support, they suck.


I have a complaint about Best Buy customer service in Cedar Rapids Iowa by Lindale Mall. Let me first start out by saying Best Buy has some excellent products. I have been purchasing Best Buy products since I can remember. In the last few years I have purchased a television, 3 computers, a couple of phones, stereo receiver/amplifier, etc. with hardly any issues. Your sales staff has always been professional and pleasant to work with. 

Here is my problem. I had a warranty on the computer that I purchased. It was in getting cleaned up. They called my wife to tell her that they have to close out the ticket and send it on to the service center to get the fan replaced. OK, send it out. I was watching it on the tracking site and it said that it was shipping but it did not move from that category. After about 2 weeks I came back in to see what is going on. I asked for them to see where it was and the sales associate told me that it could take up to 2 to 4 weeks to get fixed. I asked her why the tracking site was not updating it.

She replied, I don’t know and repeated that it could take up to 2 to 4 weeks. At this point I was not yet irritated but confused. About a week later I came in to ask again what was going on. I insisted on talking to a geek squad member. He looked it up and said that he had to go back to the warehouse to see what was going on. He came back and told me that it was on a table hidden under a box so it never went out. OK now I’m irritated but stayed calm. Mistakes happen. The sales associates told me that since they messed up that he was going to overnight the computer and expedite service.

He assured that they will work on it and complete it when it gets there the next day. I kept watching the tracking ticket but it still did not move. I came back in again just a little bit more irritated because I, at that point could not even see the progress on the internet. I stated my issue and let him know that their service was not acceptable. He said that he couldn’t do anything about getting it serviced and did not know why it took 3 days to arrive at the service center. He also let me know that he couldn’t do anything about the service center and the General Manager couldn’t either.

I let him know that I was not happy and I expected an update on my computer on Friday. Today, (Friday) I got a call from Ethan, the Front of Precinct Agent. He told me that they do not overnight packages and 3 days is the time that it takes for shipping. I asked myself, was I lied to??? Now I am just a little more irritated. He told me that it is normal to take 2 more weeks to get it repaired because the service center works on it for days going back and forth to other projects. (Was I lied to again???) 

This computer is what I work on for my job. I needed it 2 weeks ago. I might have to purchase another computer just to get caught up on my work. If I don’t get it back soon, I’m screwed. I asked if I could get a reasonable discount on another computer since it was their fault that it happened. It should have been back a week ago. They told me no. 

I am a loyal customer of Best Buy; I have spent a lot of money at your facilities over the years. I cannot truthfully say that I am going to boycott Best Buy because truthfully, I am still looking to upgrade my television and other computers in the future. I will say that I am very disappointed in the service that I am getting with no resolution in the near future. 


I placed an order first thing this morning and received email confirmation that I would receive my order on Friday September 25th. 7 hrs later I received an email stating my order had been canceled. When I called 1-888-BEST-BUY I was switched to 4 different people. I was on the phone for over an hour and they couldn't resolve my issue. I tried ordering the item again but now the item is sold out. I'm extremely upset and will not be doing business with Best Buy in the future.


I checked out the TV's on Sunday and decided that we could buy the 899.00 Samsung with a Best Buy Credit Card.  I applied for and received a card but the credit was for $500.00.  I told the credit chat person that that was not enough we needed 400.00 more.  I was told no problem just go to the store, buy the TV and ask the salesperson to increase the credit line.  We followed the instructions and at the point of purchase the increased credit line was not available to us. Why tell us how to complete a sale and then not follow through on your part. I expected you to live up to your word. Please look into this matter and let me know what you intend to do.


As I was exiting the cash register with the items I purchased walking toward the door the store security stop me an ask could he check my receipt, mind now the merchandise is in a clear bag visible with the receipt. I really did not appreciate this at all, I have been shopping at Best Buy for years and never had this happen to me. I can understand  if this was a practice where  every customers receipt is checked when they exit the store. However, there where two other customers behind me in line they exit the store security did not ask to check their receipts, which made me feel as though I was single out for my race.


To Whom it May Concern. On October 15, 2015, I paid my bill in full; the balance was $50.89, for which I have a receipt and a copy of the check; this was paid in-store. I have not been able to pay on line because I kept getting the message that my account number was an invalid number; it is not an invalid number. Because I had been fighting this problem for almost a year, I cancelled my account - or thought I had because it apparently is still active, but I cannot sign on to access my account. That leads to the second problem.

Wednesday, January 6, I received a notice that $75.00 would be deducted from my bank account on January 15. This was normal as long as I had a balance because I had signed up for automatic deductions. Since I no longer have a balance, why would you deduct a payment of $75.00 for payment on a $00.00 balance? Needless to say, I no longer do business with Best Buy. I have no complaint with the store because the employees know what customer service is; evidently the company doesn't.


I purchased over $15,000 worth of home theater, TV and complete installation package from the Best Buy in Folsom, California.  They didn't install the system correctly and I had them come about 8 to 10 times since them to correct the problem.  To this date they didn't correct the problem, instead every time they came to my house they sold me some gadget or other assuring that those will fix the problem.  After spending all the money and putting so much time, to this day my home theater does not work properly and I don't get HD picture in my TV.  This has been the most frustrating experience for me.

Then, I took a computer in to be fixed at the best buy. The members of geek squad told me it would need hard drive repair. I agreed to the repair. I then went to purchase a second computer and have the geek squad do the setup on the new computer. They told me they would call me when the job was done. I received a call the next day stating the work was done and to come pick up the computers. I then drove to the store to find that only the new computer had been set up and that they would call me for the second computer. I then tried to exit the store with the computer that I had already paid for and security told me I needed my receipt.

No one stated that I needed my receipt when they left a message for me to pick up the computer, this information would have been helpful.  I was told I had to wait in line at customer service.  Now knowing that I was going to have to wait in customers service for a receipt and then return the next day for the second computer that I was told had been completed I became annoyed and left the first computer with security so I could drive home and get my receipt. I then called the store and asked to speak with a manager and I received resistance from the employee on the phone. The manager failed to understand why I thought this situation was unacceptable.

I then returned with my receipt to pick up my computer. I then returned home to find a message on my answering machine stating that my second computer was finished. I thought to myself that this must be some sort of sick joke. The number one factor for success within any organization is service. Tomorrow I will make my fourth trip to the store to get my computers if  proper communication were used two of these trips could have been avoided. My first inclination is to say the managerial staff should be fired for failing to supervise employees properly instead I would like to remain constructive and say that my best buy customer service experience was not good.


I went in to the Eagan, MN store to buy a fridge for one of our properties because the unit in the home had quit.  The sales reps in the appliance department were not busy, and I quickly chose the model and told the associate that I needed to get this really fast as it was for a tenant.  A holiday weekend was approaching - It was a Tuesday, and they told me they could have it delivered on Thursday.  I ordered it and ran back to my office.  I did not even look at the paperwork.  He explained that they would call the night before and they would give me a 4 hour window.  I communicated this to the tenant.  

The delivery date arrives and no call - so I call them.  I enter the phone number- and the system tells me that it is scheduled for the NEXT Thursday.  The store doesn't open until 10- so I call at ten on the dot.  I am put on hold for over an hour.  They just keep picking up the phone and putting me back on hold when it started ringing for being on hold for so long.  No manager would talk to me.  I finally went in to the store at 5pm.  

They told me that they couldn't do anything - except give me the floor model.  FINE I said.  Three of them stand there looking at the computer for an hour and they couldn't figure out how to get it on a truck.  They told me again that they escalated it, and that they would call me.  Next day - NO CALL again.  I was on hold for another 40 minutes - finally leaving a message.  Called again - same thing.  They won't talk to me.  

Yesterday when I was in the store - the GM Bob made the kid who placed my order come over and talk to me.  He honestly stood there and told me he knew it was the following week.  I said - I was not told that.  He said that it wasn't available.  I asked him if he didn't remember me telling him it was an emergency because of the holiday- and he said he did.  It was like I was talking to people from another planet.  One thing that was clear - they DO NOT CARE.

And Best Buy corporate never replied to my urgent email to customer service either.  What a waste of my time!  You would think that after all these years, they would have figured it out.  NOPE - not yet!!  I am still on hold right now.  So far 22 minutes. 


I went to the Best Buy in Clovis, CA store #1188 and purchased a Samsung TV on 06/17/15 at 18;15PM.  When I brought it home, I took it out of the box and the screen was cracked. I called the Best Buy store that same evening and spoke with associate Jonathan. He and another young lady were the ones who helped me with my purchase at the store.  Jonathan said for me to bring my TV back and Best Buy would process my exchange. I told them I did not have a vehicle large enough to bring it back that same night and would have to be the following morning.

June 18, 2015 I bring the TV to get it exchanged. I spoke with General Manager Kevin Darling and explained what happened. We paid for the TV. Two Best Buy employees pulled the item from back inventory and rolled it out to the parking lot using a dolly and loaded the TV into my car. We never handled the unit from the store to my car.  It is a 2 mile drive from the store to my house.  We brought it home and opened the box and saw the crack.  The manager refused to take it back stating that I tampered with it. I told him I wasn't going to eat $1,173. Kevin told me my only course of action was to contact Customer Service. In fact he pretended to dial a number, handed me the phone and walked off. Very classy move.  Apparently, each store can take back whatever it wants, there is no corporate policy even though it clearly states on your Return & Exchange literature:

"You can return or exchange almost everything within 15 days for a full refund. Simply bring your item(s) to us with all contents and packaging, proof of purchase and ID, and we will process your return or exchange"

I've held up my end of the bargain. I informed the Store of purchase immediately after I bought it of the problem and returned it right away, not a week later. Best buy still refuses to take it back or replace it. I was refused communication with any higher level management. Never shopping at Best Buy again and am currently seeking legal action.