Burger King Faces Customer Complaints about New Grilled Dogs


Burger King is trying to make a name for themselves online with their new grilled hot dogs. However, Kathy Warye from Marysville, Ohio has a different story.

I went through the drive thru and saw that Burger King now have hot dogs. I was so excited. This will be great for my grand kids plus I myself like hot dogs. I ordered one with cheese plus some other food. On my arrival at home and taking my hot dog out of the paper it was burnt totally black. I could not possible have eaten it.

I returned to Burger King with my hot dog took it inside and asked if I could please have a new one and showed them the burnt dog. The grill cook told me that was the way they came out of the grill. I pointed to the picture up on the order wall and remarked, well those don't look that way. He just shrugged. I then asked if I could have a hamburg instead.

The other person working walked up to the counter and said she had no idea as she didn't work the grill. Very disappointed in Burger King's new addition!

What's been your experience with Burger King customer service?

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The Burger King located 113 W. Roosevelt Rd. Maywood, IL has got to be the worst out of all of their restaurants. For the love of me they will never put all of my food in the god damn bag, and will not answer the phone after the purchase has been made. Order number 352 missing two 9 pc. Chicken fries $5.98 + tax and gas to drive back because this has been the fourth time this has happen. Never spending another dime at this place!


Saturday at a little past 8 pm. I stopped by Burger king (1237 N NC 16 Hwy Conover, NC) and ordered 2 reg. chicken sandwiches, medium coke, and a medium Oreo shake. The total came up to 10 dollars and some change. We gave the girl a twenty and she was trying to give us a small amount of loose change back. We told her we gave her a twenty and that is when another girl came up to the window and said "Ya'll say that you gave her a twenty" and we said yes. We sat there while she was supposed;y counting the drawer and she then opened the window and said her drawer is short so ya'll did not give her a twenty.

We argued with her and then I told her I would be contacting corporate over this. $9.00 and some change is a lot to be cheated out of because of incompetent employees. The girl that waited on us at the drive through window was black and the other woman that came up was a heavy set blond headed girl. I don't know if she was a manager, an assistant manager or just another employee but she was very rude. I would appreciate in you taking steps in this matter. I will not ever go back there and I will be telling a lot of people I know about this incident. People cannot afford to be cheated out of money.


All my complaints are from the same store# 06048. We live in Academy Dr. which is abt. 3 blocks away so we frequent Burger King a lot. It is 1:30am  & we just tried to buy 3 lg shakes as they are a 24hr. store and we were told on 3/01 @ 1:45 am the shake mach. is took down @ 2:00 am but was already down for the pm and tonight we were told it was broke down as we have been told frequently when we try to get anything frozen wheather it be frozen coffee, shakes, ice cream, or ice.  I understand machines break down but not all the time. We went there on 5/30 @ 12:30am and was told the computer was down and no orders could be taken.  

We eat b-fast there alot and have been told frequently "sorry we  don't have any more ready or we don't have that right now and we arrived between 10:00 & 10:15 as 10:30 is b-fast  cut  off.  Several times being told bfast was no longer available as early as 10:10am. Biscuits are never available after 10 am. We have never complained before but I am fed up! I will say that the various staff is nice and if we actually get food it is always hot and good but that's a big if. Burger King is closest but no longer the most convenient, for the time it takes to go, turn around and come home and get another order ready and head out again.

McDonald's is becoming the more logical choice as we have never returned home without the order we set out to get.


I am writing regarding unfortunate body burn incident that  happened  to me last week , 20/5/2015, 2:25 p.m. in your Middlesbrough branch. 58 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 RA,  Tel no., 01642248919. Before I start to write about incident, I would like to draw you attention to  your employe attitude towards customers and their unhelpful  and unprofessional  maners. I have been hold on line about 45 minutes in order to talk to manager or supervisor, in order to get incident number and full postal address of the branch.

I have been transfer from one to another, when I asked for incident no, they said they do not have it, manager is not there, supervisor and staff lack of knowledge to go to incident book and find it.or there may be not good policy of record keeping etc on. 20/5/2015, just after 2 p.m. I entered the resturant, she i reach to counter I asked for burger, coffe and small ice cream.

After I paid no received was given, and I did not ask for it either. Strangly enough small ice cream was placed standing in tray. Not even on paper cover. When I turned to sit as ice cream was placed on unstable and uneven surface , not in paper cup or anything like that.  The ice cream was tipped over, while I wanted to straighten the melting, watery ice cream the coffe was tipped over me. I was surprised that the coffe was not only tipped but it was splashed all over me and floor. If the lead was placed tightly as they should be, the coffe would not splashed, after tipping it will be poured in try. There were not any extra staff on flor to to help. I turn back again to the counter but girl behind the counter looked at me without say any thing and  continued with her job. It was very unfortunate  kind of attitude toward her job, and member of public. After immediately  removed my clothing from area to prevent further injury.

I told her I was burned. waiting and watching her for any help, that I was ignored. Again I told her I am badly burn with blister and asked her to  give me some ice to put it over the burn, she did not know what to do, eventually after going around a few times she came with bag of ice and handed to me. When she saw I was busy to cover the burn and bluster with ice she suggested another coffee.  Nobody was on floor to clean the flor I used my tissue to dry it to prevent people slip over it.

No body suggested to help with tray until super visor came in and took my tray . While i ckeked my injury i saw  a largea area about 20-25 x5 cm size of burn on my stomach. I asked for incident record  form to be completed. I was waiting about  20 mins for form. then i asked them let me have my lunch while i am waiting. I complited my incident form but as I was shaking,  probably is difficult to read.

I was given hand written copy of witness, which was signed as manager. He wrote what ever he wanted to protect himself of his absence and passive dealing with incident. Unfortunately my mobile was not charged enough to take picture of large area of burn. But I took picture of the burn  and bluster after I arrived at home 3-4 hours later. While it was burned I contacted a friend doctor, to inform the incident. On my arrival at home I took picture and consulted a doctor to prevent spread of bluster and infection.

As it was in very sensitive area. On Saturday again I talk to family doctor for how to deal with bluster now that the bluster alone was about 2-4 cm. The area is still cover by suitable bandage. As a result of carelessness of your staff I was left with permanent scar. Picture of the burn at the time an blustering after wards are avaible if you need them.


Because of your commercial for pulled pork sandwiches, I purchased two of them on 48th street in Ahwatukee, Phoenix, AZ. Instead of the ample amount of meat shown on your commercial, both of the purchased sandwiches had barely a smear of meat on the buns. Talk about false advertising.  I would say all I got was flavored buns.


 There was no one in the parking lot or in the drive thru. I tried to place my order with the staff member alexis in the Manahawkin nJ store. Every time I would ask to order something she would tell me to hold on. I entered the drive up at 945 pm and finally left the property at 1036 pm. I asked for iced tea and she told me that there was no iced tea available. This is a constant issue that happens every time I went there. Every time I go there later at night they always tell me there is none available.

We were still waiting for our food to be made while watching alexis be on her phone. We saw the manager flipping her hair by where the food is given. She was not wearing gloves.  Alexis began touching her face and than stick her hand in the bag and swirl it around. Alexis was not wearing gloves. Another staff member came up and asked what it was that we ordered in. We told her a number 9. She went back to the kitchen. The manager placed the food in the bag not wearing gloves or washing her hands.

We finally get our food and it was made wrong. It took me a while to get some to answer the door to even help me. The door was locked and they finally got one customer since we had been there.When someone answered the door they took the food and went to add the missing topping on the now cold food. I asked 5 times politely to have the  food be made over. I spent 20 minutes waiting for my food. the manager yelled at the staff saying "is that food ready because I want to lock the door". I finally got my food from the manager and she was rude. I politely said thank you there was no acknowledgement that I was even alive.

I walked out and she went behind me and locked the door. She than proceed to make comments about me as I walked away. I finally get to the car and the food was still wrong. I could have went to a restaurant like Olive Garden and get two meals with better customer service and time spent at the restaurant. I am very appalled about the customer service I recieved. I usually like going to Burger King because of the speed and accuracy of the staff. After I recieved my food the food was still wrong. the fries were cold and had no salt. I spent almost 30 dollars for the worst experience I have ever had in my life.


I went to the Burger King on 6-26-15 at 9:00pm. I ordered my meal through the drive through,and drove up to the window to pay.i paid and they gave me my drink, then the manager told me to pull around to the front because they didn't have any French fries ready. I waited and waited then an employee came out and gave other people their meals when I was out there waiting before everyone else.There was a lot more people that was waiting for their meals too.

There was a girl who was waiting too long too and when she went to the door she fell down and hit her head very hard. The manager came out and was just stairing at her and after awhile he asked her if she needed paramedics and I told him yes she needs one if you don't call one then I will call one for her. He was very un professional and un pleasant visit there this is the second time that this happened in one week. If you have any questions please call me. I gave my phone number to the corporate office.

I love the meals from Burger King, #1, large, and I always try to get,at this new location, things turn out wrong,the manager needs more training, on to assiting a new manager to learn. I would love to go back but at this point I have to find another one that can do their job, I almost fell down on a slip and fall right before the girl fell down and hurt herself.


I went through the drive through window at Drum Hill, MA location. I ordered one small coke zero, and two orders of four piece nuggets. The person taking order says 3.09. So I get to the pick up window and the young lady says 24.67. I said that's not my order and told her What I ordered She practically threw my drink at me. I tasted it and it was root beer, so I handed it back and she gives me back a medium drink and I hand her the 3.09 and she tells me no that's 4.85. I said no my order was 3.05. I ask her if the manager was in she said I am the manager. I had I hard time understanding her as her English was not real great. so she again tells me my order is 4.85. I said no it is 3.09.  

She was very rude, and threw my stuff and said I owed her more money. So I told her what I ordered once again and because she gave me a medium drink not a small she wanted to charge me for it. I told her it was her mistake not mine...she still argued with me. At that point I just drove away after giving her the 3.09. I felt she was very unprofessional and was trying to charge me for her mistake. This all happened after waiting in line for 25 minutes. And only had two cars ahead of me. The car in front of me ordered and drove by the window and didn't pay or take order so she took her gust ration out on me as I was the next car. I will not ever go back to this location as they were so rude.