Burger King Head Office Contact Details (with Phone Number)


If you are upset at Burger King and need to contact the head office, the best phone number to call is their New York offices at 1-212-893-6727. This is the phone number of 3G Capital, the private equity firm that purchased Burger King for $4 billion in 2010.

The problem with trying to get ahold of BK corporate is that the official Burger King website does not provide much information online. It is very confusing and they try their best not to allow you to contact them direclty. Instead, you are forced through a series of automated support forms.

So, if you want to write directly to Burger King corporate, write to 3G capital at 600 Third Avenue, 37 Floor, New York, NY, 10016. 

Outside of 3G, there is a phone number to call. The best phone number to call Burger King is toll free 1-866-394-2493 between the hours of 7am – 11 pm CST.

They also have a contact form on their website for:

  • Service feedback about employees
  • Product feedback about food
  • BK crown card
  • BK mobile app
  • Media feedback
  • Emergencies
  • Request for information

Burger King will try to route your feeback through a "tell us about us" automated form. This form promises a free whopper on completion.

You will need the location number of the restaurant you visited, the date of the visit, and city and state information. The frustrating part of this experience is that if you do not have specific details the form will reject your complaint with an error.

How is that for customer service?


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Have a complaint? Call customer service at: 
Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
600 Third Avenue, 37 Floor, New York, NY, 10016



I told the person at the order window that I had a page of coupons.  I asked for the best coupon for chicken sandwiches. One coupon which they took from me when I paid was 2 original sandwiches, buy 1 get 1 free and charged 5.99 plus tax and a senior coffee.  Total $7.29.  I could have used one of the other two coupons for $1 less and would include 2 small fries. I went back to the pick up window and told the tall kid that I should get $1 back and not to worry about the free fries.  

He said, with little patience, that I'm not entitled to anything.  He used the buy one, get one free and he has it.  I said who would pay more for less and I asked upon ordering which is the best coupon to use.  He asked if I wanted yo speak to the Manager and a short man with an Hispanic accent, after speaking to the tall kid he was right.  I showed him the page of coupons and the missing one is the 1buy/1free that I was told to use for 5.99 and had no idea it was $1 more for less.

He said too bad!  I said I asked for help and he could care less.  I told him he is not good to customers. I live here for over 35 years and have been a BK customer.  After this treatment I have no desire to go back!  By the way, the tall kid has no patience and when one orders he'll say "what else, what else in a demanding tone".  My ck. no. Is 4322. 47 Pedro D at Yorktown heights location, 1849.


At Burger King, located on 8510 Baltimore Ave. College Park, Maryland, a customer has been harassed by the employees because he is homeless. The last time was at 9:20am on January 22nd 2016. The man was minding his own business watching the television and started nodding off. The offending employee walked by and shouted "Wake up! You can't sleep in my restaurant!" This is not friendly and it is not good customer service. This is not the first time homeless people have been singled out by your employees. In Maryland their are laws protecting the homeless from harassment and conduct of the Burger King employees reflect poorly on the company.  


We frequent Birger King weekly. Last winter it was so cold in the restaurant we had to take our food out to the car to eat it to stay warm.  We started to frequent the Burger King on N. l76th Street.  We stayed there until the size of the egg on the Crossantwich was the sir of a half dollar so returned to the one on Port Washington Rd.  This morning it was very cold again.  Telling the employee last year was to no avail as she said she had no control of the thermostat.  Today they said the heat was broken.  I asked if they would report this and got no answer or satisfaction.  So now, that is 2 restaurants where the employees could have cared less and didn't seem to want to help. Is there something you can do?

We ordered 2 egg, cheese and bacon croissants and 2 egg, cheese and sausage croissants. 1 decaf coffee and 1 regular. The decaf came with loads of grounds in it. We can't believe the server didn't see it. We just asked for our money back for it as they would have had to brew it and we didn't want to wait. We got back on the interstate then pulled the sandwiches out. We couldn't believe what we got. All 4 were flat as pancakes and quite hard. I couldn't find the egg on it at first as it was only about a quarter inch thick and about 3 1/2 by 4 inches.

We get these all the time at many different Burger Kings, but this one was well below standards. I believe it was day old.  We were on our way back from Florida with 14 and a half hour drive since we last ate and were really hungry and still were after that. We couldn't eat them, we tried, but they were awful. Generally we would have taken them back ,but we just wanted to get home after our long trip. Obviously we will never stop at that one again, but I feel bad for the people that live in that area.


On 01-29-16 I placed an order to go at Burger King, 14999 Old Hickory Blvd. Nashville, Tenn. 615 832-8555. The line at the drive thru was very slow. I decided to go inside the door was lock. I returned to the line after waiting for 15 mins. I ask the lady for a courtesy drink she replied they don't offer this at this location, after she ask the manager. Also I ask what time do you'll open she said they didn't have help on the inside this isn't the way business should be conducted to customers that's paying for service. I hope in the near future this company will respect the customer wish.


On September 15, 2015 at 1259 pm the wife wanted to try the Chicken Fries which I guess you had been advertising. Anyway, we pulled and ordered. The pictures at the ordering station make the Chicken Fries look super. We pulled up and paid for the meals we purchased. We received and we drove to an area where we could park and enjoy our meal. The wife handed out the sandwiches and fries. She held the Chicken Fries for a moment or two.

She then opened the Chicken Fries up and what a shock. These chicken fries were real dark, skinny, near burnt in color, tough to the bite and disgusting.  After eating cause we are diabetics, everything but the gross looking pieces of chicken, we went back to the window in our truck. i informed the manager that this was gross. He said why, and I told him that it does not look anything like the picture on the menu board.

told him they were tough, nearly burnt or over cooked and tasted like they had been cooked in old oil. But how can Burger King show pictures of something so great looking and yet serve a product that is so nasty looking and they think it is great. Most people in the drive through don't sy anything, but i will. It needs to be corrected. I dp mean corrected. Other wise tear all of your signs down and just serve as you see fit.

The manager stated we sell a lot of these with no complaints. Ah - but one complaint is too many especially when we are paying good money for something so so partly done. He refunded me $3.49 for the inferior product. Did he correct the gross looking product that he states he has been selling lots of? Probably not and  maybe he labeled me as complainer. I'm sorry, you in the food business and you have pictures that you have spent big money on only to have an establishment sell an item that don''t look anything like those high priced photos you show off. I now that you are sitting back and wondering why i am complaining, Because it is wrong that is why and it ruined our entire meal.


My husband and I ate at Burger King #2472 in Aberdeen NC on 9/29/15. After we ordered our meal and sat down to eat, a service man began working on a vent next to us. He was pulling tape from the vent which caused fiberglass particles to fly all over the place. There were other customers in the restaurant as well. I spoke with the manager that was working that day and he stated that the service man said that he would wait until there was no one in the dining area. Of course he did not.

The manager said he would speak the service man about the situation. He did speak to the service man, but rolled his eyes up in his head and told the service man not to worry about it. He was just saying something to appease us. The service man continued to work. This was very disrespectful and uncalled being that we were paying customers.  It has been a while since we have been to Burger King and it will be the last since they do not sincerely care about customer service. I will spend my hard earned dollars else where.


I haven't been into a burger king for a while now as my daughter prefers McDonald's, but I been on and on about it for months now and last week when I had a bit of money to spare I went to take my daughter for a treat and she said no mummy you have wanted a burger king for so long let's go there. Great I thought, well on Saturday the 8th about 5.30 /6 we go in I ordered a double cheese bacon burger meal and my daughter had a chicken mc sandwich meal, it was absolutely disgusting the chicken was cold the coating was soggy,.

The burger was cold the bacon wasn't just cooked, the cheese hadn't even melted properly. And the milkshake's we asked for strawberry that tasted of nothing just vanilla, and the price for a small milkshake is outrageous. I was absolutely appalled of my visit to burger king and I don't expect you will even care.


My husband ordered chicken fries, chicken nuggets and two coffees. We decided to eat the chicken fries and nuggets along with the cups of coffee in the foodcourt located in Katy Mills Mall, in Katy Texas.  I ate a couple of chicken fries with no problem, and when I started eating the third chicken fry, I noticed something hard in the edge of the corner of the fry, and noticed immediately it was a piece of chicken bone.  Immediately after, I placed the piece of chicken bone in a napkin, and headed to Burger King and reported to the manager of the Burger King, and gave her the piece of bone in a napkin, she took it, and she stated she will report this issue to the people in charge of making the food for Burger King fast food restaurants.  

This incident was very uncomfortable for me, since I almost swallowed the piece of chicken bone, I don't understand how come Burger King chicken fries have chicken bones inside their chicken fries, very strange....and very dangerous for me as a consumer, or for anybody else who buys chicken fries in Burger King in the future, I am very disappointed about what I encountered today with the chicken fries from Burger King at this location, I am not sure if I what to buy or visit Burger King in the future, since I am not sure what I am going to find in their next meal.


3:50 pm on 1-8-16 went thru drive thru. One car in front of me.  We ordered and pulled up to the window.  Sat there for about 15 minutes.  I thought the person in front me may have ordered a lot of food and that's why the delay.  The girl finally put a very small sack out the window to the person in front of me, they grabbed it and sped off.  I pulled up and she was freaking out said the guy told her he wasn't paying for his order, grabbed the sack and sped off. 

I told her the long wait was aggravating and that's probably why he did that.  Then she tried to charge me for his order.  My food wasn't ready for another 5 minutes.  I asked her was the heck was wrong back there and she told me they were in the middle of shift change, a truck just made a delivery and they were out of food waiting on the truck and just got it cooking.

I've heard of Just In Time but this is ridiculous!  She finally got my order total corrected and got my food out to me.  I asked for the manager's name and she told me it was Kim.  She (helping me) was the assistant mgr. They should both be yanked from the store and put thru more training. That was the worse experience I've ever had at Burger King.  By the way, I have a dash cam recorder in my car and it was running so I have the license plate number of the car that sped off without paying. 

I can release that to you but I hope you would compensate me for my troubles with this horrible experience.


Today, 1-21-17, I visited Burger King, 6813 Tilton Rd, Egg Harbor Twp., NJ, at 12:39pm. I ordered a drive-thru iced senior coffee. The manager said he couldn't honor my request. I replied, "Aren't all size iced coffee's available for .99? Why can't I buy a senior iced coffee? You tell me...why couldn't they put some ice in my senior coffee?  What lousy customer service! The manager should be reprimanded. Also, I was denied access to the receipt survey response about my experience, although I have not completed a survey in months.
Kathy Hays


Went to the store at 5025 delmar.order burrito /bisc combo b\e\c hash brown, soft drink. (order # 564). no one other person in line and these black turds could not even get it right. The burrito was hard asa cack, as was the b\e\c and the hash browns are thrown all  over your drive way. We had not eatenthere in years and was wondering way, well know we know. Keebe shoulsd be trasported back to 1880. 6...37 was ths the cost. Oh AnD I got on your facebook page and hammered not just you, but all you vendor, soif htat comes up. I was raised in social media, waana see? You should change your name to "Meals on Wheel"

todd j maxwell

5916 cates

st louis mo 63112, send me back my money (survey code....................go fock you self)



On March 24th 2017 I ordered two 2 cheeseburger meals and the buns on all four sandwiches is old and stale. .......I'm so disappointed because BK was my favorite fast food resturant 


My complaint is about the B.K. at 1027 Union Ave. Memphis, Tn.38104. My husband walked into the restaurant instead of using drive thru, because they were not responding to driver's calls and when he went into the facility there was toilet paper all over the floor. 

The cook had her under aged children running around screaming, unattended, the tables were nasty, the floors were nasty, and my crispy chicken sandwiches were not what I've seen advertised on television.. The chicken looked liked the chicken sandwiches you buy for two for five bucks, obviously not the same product.

This Burger King has always been a real disappointment, thankfully the one on Lamar is much better and cleaner, we would have gone there but they are closed due to reconstruction.