CenturyLink CEO Email for Complaints to Glen F. Post, III


Glen F. Post, III is CEO of CenturyLink, one of the world's largest telecom companies. If you have a complaint and wish to email Glen directly, the CenturyLink CEO's email is glen.post@centurylink.com. CenturyLink corporate headquarters is in Monroe, Louisiana. So if you want to write a letter the address for their offices is 100 Centurylink Dr, Monroe, LA 71203. 

There are many complaints filed each day against CenturyLink on all types of websites. These websites include Google, Yelp, and even places like Twitter and Facebook.

Many people also take to sites like Google and Yelp, posting their CenturyLink customer service reviews directly to the internet instead of emailing the CEO directly.

Are you upset at CenturyLink? Here are some common complaints.

1. Problems cancelling services
When I cancelled service with them I was told I owed no money and that I was getting a credit, but that I would receive a final statement.  I never received a final statement, and actually never received any contact, but today I opened a letter from a creditor saying I owed almost $400.  I called and spent hours on the phone with them and no one could explain why I owed, but they were adamant that I did owe.  I asked to speak to a manager and they told me that was impossible but that I could mail a letter to executive office.  Horrible customer service, horrible product, horrible company...do not purchase services from this company!

2. Terrible support from customer service employees
Since April 5, 2016, the adequate (that means I talked to a live person after a 22 minute wait) notification to Century Link that I had sent an on-line banking check to them for an amount far and above that amount due on the account.  I had put Century Link's name on a check intended for a credit card company. They acknowledged there was a amount due in refund.  When nothing happened I again went through the 20 some minute wait to talk to someone in accounting who said yes, that is an amount due for refund but, we can't do anything until we get your bank on the line also to tell us the account reflects that amount expended to Century Link.  I guess the cancelled check and deposit in Century Link's possession isn't evidence enough?

So, on 4-21-16, Century Link's Teresa, hearing what she needed to hear from my bank said it will be referred for payment.  So, it's now May 3, 2016, a total of 13 days since that commitment to refund and no refund check has arrived.  But wait, I've gotten the next month's bill from Century Link that reflects they don't have money in the account to cover the bill, but I sure as hell don't have the money either.  So, Century Link had my money for their use.  Shouldn't consumers have a right to penalty fees for late payment?    

3. Poor signal and overall quality of service
As a past customer, yesterday, I decided to leave Cox and return to CenturyLink for internet and phone service. The customer service seemed o.k. until I decided I'd buy my own modem. The rep could not change the order during our call and suggested I call back the next day, allowing processing time.  I called the following day and they had no record of my order, though I had already received a 3rd party call from a company about switching my phone number to CenturyLink. I called back 3 hours later and got the worst customer service I've actually ever received.  

Still very little information available about my order, though I was told it was now too late to cancel the modem since it was already mailed? And then I felt quite bullied by the salesperson since he couldn't understand that I wanted to cancel the order due to my frustration with a simple change. I don't think I will ever return to CenturyLink after the last two days of extremely poor service.

4. Long hold times on the phone
I've called about 3-4 times because my account was supposed to be cancelled. I was even told I didn't have to pay a fee I had when I cancelled and they keep billing me because apparently my services are still going. I keep trying to reach a manager so they can pull the calls and the agents hang up on me, I'm put on hold for a LONG time or they tell me to call back. I'm SICK of this "service" they give. I will soon be escalating this issue a lot more than it should have been because everybody that works here is extremely rude and don't know what they're doing.

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On March 28th, I realized that I've paid your company 3 times, twice from our bank account and once from credit card. 36.00 on march 9th, 42.06 on march 23rd and 44.28 on March 28th. I have a full chat transcript from one of your website agents who reviewed everything and said she would be crediting my account 53.69. I make the assumption since this was end of March and beginning of April I wouldn't receive a bill for April since I'd have a 53.69$ on account. I was surprised when I received May's bill and it said I had missed April's payment and May's payment was now due as well. I contacted your support over the phone which was horrendous. I am a manager at a call center of a fortune 500 company and if I ran my business like that my NPS and VOC would be garbage. First agent I spoke to was Josh, who had no inflection at all. He put me on hold without telling me for 40+ minutes. I ended up hanging up because I wasn't certain what he was even doing after 40 minutes.

Next person i spoke to was Donna, who told me that I missed February's payment this entire time. (Although for some reason neither your website OR paper bill ever said I was behind a month) And that she didn't see any notes about a credit to my account. When I began the conversation with Donna and told her I'd been on hold for 40+ minutes her response was "Ok" no empathy, no sympathy, nothing. She kept talking over me when I was trying to explain. I asked for her manager because at that point she's basically calling me a liar about chatting with one of your online techs. I get her manager Kelly, who's employee id is 1057862 , who assured me she was not at an outsource call center but a true century-link employee (but I assume this was a lie since she said Centurylink doesn't cover her area).

Kelly repeatedly talked over me, put words in my mouth, told me (((((I))))))) mis-understood what Donna told me (even though I repeated it back to Donna for clarification) and Kelly refused to address the information I was given by the online tech. I asked her why this tech told me I'd receive a credit on my account but never did, and who I could send the transcript to, and she said NO ONE. She told me to get back on centurylink chat and give THEM the transcript. I asked her, why would I do that if they gave me inaccurate information the first time according to you? Not a single person showed any empathy about the situation, about me being told one thing by online techs and something completely different by your techs on the phone.

Please please explain to me why none of my paper bills explained i was a month behind (if that is the case) please explain why your website never said I was behind when I'd make a payment, please explain to me how if I was a month behind on March 28th, and March's payment was due at the same time on March 28th (36.00 and 40.00 est) and I paid 36.00 on the march 9th, 42.06 on march 23rd, and 44.28 on March 28th, why that wouldn't have put me AHEAD?  The full chat transcript is below, according to Kelly this agent left NO notes on my account regarding this but I assure you it happened.

Chat start time     Mar 28, 2016 10:24:46 PM EST
Chat end time     Mar 28, 2016 10:43:02 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time)     00:18:16
Operator     Megan L.
Chat Transcript
info: Thank you for contacting CenturyLink. A sales and service consultant will be with you in just a moment.

Your account information is confidential and protected by law. Please advise our agent if you prefer that we do not use it to market products or repair your services. This has no effect on the service or offers we provide you. Thank you for contacting CenturyLink for your internet and television needs.

To ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry guidelines, please do not share your credit card information, security code, or CVV/CVC in the body of this chat. If required, your credit card information will be requested through a separate, secure window.

You are chatting with Megan L..
info: How may I help you today?
Megan L.: Hello! Thank you for chatting in today with CenturyLink. Where we bundle with DIRECTV. My name is Megan, How can i assist you today?
robert: hello, apparently my wife paid our phone bill at the same time I did. can you see the 3 payments made this month?
Megan L.: id be happy to check for you may i have your account number and last 4 of your social?
robert: oh
robert: one sec
Megan L.: not a problem
Megan L.: thank you
Megan L.: yes i see the 2 payments made
robert: There was a 36.00 payment on march 9th
Megan L.: yes
robert: 42.06 on march 23rd
robert: and 44.28 earlier
robert: march 28th
robert: MAR 28 Pending PRE-AUTH - CENTURYLINK/SPEEDPAY 877-645-4310 LAUS $44.28    
Megan L.: one moment please
robert: I think what happened was, your website frequently errors out when we attempt to pay our bill. But I don't understand why the amounts are different - 42.06 and 44.28
robert: sure
Megan L.: of course
robert: still there?
Megan L.: yes
Megan L.: i see that on 4/13/2015 you didnt pay for that month and when you sent a check in for $33.78 on 2/8/2016 it was sent back (bounced) so that month was not paid for also on 2/13/2016 you were supposed to pay 40.78 but you only paid $36.00 so when you subtract all that form what you paid for you only over paid $9.41
robert: Do you see the payment made today of 44.28?
Megan L.: it has not processed yet so i cannot see it
robert: Ok, so lets imagine it is going to process, what can be done about it?
robert: The check didn't bounce apparently, because your company said it charged me 0.00 for it, and my bank never charged me a fee.
Megan L.: we can credit your account the amount owed which will be $53.69
robert: ok fine
Megan L.: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
robert: is there are charge for paying over the IVR?
robert: Will I receive an email with the content of this chat?
Megan L.: no there is not and you can email it to yourself by clicking on the envelope above this chat
robert: excellent, thank you Megan.
Megan L.: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to robvickrey07@gmail.com at the end of your chat.
robert: No
Megan L.: Thank you for chatting with us today. Click the 'Close Chat' button (not the 'x') to initiate a short post chat survey.  Our goal is to provide you with excellent service and we sincerely appreciate your business. Please take a moment to give us your feedback.


I had CenturyLink for years in  over 30 Oregon and was told that the bundle I had was transferable to my new number if I moved, but when I tried they told me that I couldn't transfer it across state lines. I also had line backer for CenturyLink all of those years only to be told that I couldn't use it for months after I moved, then they told me that I would have service when I got moved only to find out that I didn't have any service when I got here and not for a week after. Then they told me that I was hooked up and I still couldn't get internet. They also wanted to charge me $75 for every phone jack they put in my house. As I only had one in the back room with boxes stored that worked I had to sit on boxes and try to make calls.

So I cancelled the service and you still charged me for hooking it up anyway after I was told that I had the right to cancel it without being charged I cancelled it the day It was hooked up. Then I received a bill for the service that I didn't have and I tried to pay it on line as I always had and I couldn't pay it because I had cancelled my service so I paid by money order. I never received another bill and today I received a collection notice without every having received a bill. You have poor service and I will make sure that everyone I talk to knows about your service. I would never use your company again.

Ordered phone service with internet was quoted a price of 61.90 month. I received my bill and it it 71.90. Called CenturyLink customer support number and was told it is 61.90 with auto pay. I was Not told that when I placed my order. I am on disability and can not go auto pay, nor do I want my card number out there floating around. Also, pay 30. for high speed internet when I only 1.5. To me That is Not high speed. We have been told that our server was maxed out an we are paying for high speed internet even though you can not supply what we are paying for.

We are paying the same dollars as your customers that are truly getting fast speed internet service. I feel that your customers like me that are being charged for high speed as advertised by CenturyLink and not supplying it have been discriminated against. If you could not supply high speed in an area you should not have sold it as fast speed service. I feel that we should only charged a fourth of the cost for the service we are getting. Case of false advertisement! A man is only as good as his word.


I am writing this to let you know that I am appalled by your "customer service".    This is not customer service, this is a perfect example of toxic corporate non-care-of customers. My educated guess is that you have minimum wage workers who could care less and certainly do not live by any golden rule of customer service. The one star I gave for this company is for the tech support.   There would be more stars for tech support, however, usually tech support people have such heavy accents and the reception on the phone lines is usually always bad.  It is hard to talk to somebody from the Philippines when the phone lines are bad.

My general awful experience with CenturyLink was 3 days ago with 2 1/2 hours of going back and forth on the phone with what turned out to be an exercise in frustration. Customer service rule 1. do not leave the "customer" hanging while engaged in a phone conversation; get back to the customer often to let them know what is happening and what is being done to resolve the issues. If one does the  first rule of telephone customer service it  inspires confidence that the issues will be resolved.   

Customer service 101 says Listen to the customers. Don't just read from a script. Address the customer's issue. Cooperate with the customer.ANSWER questions. Be a problem solver. Just a little suggestion. I have been a paying customer of this toxic company since 2011 and will be leaving this company and telling everybody I know.   The  customer service is atrocious!!!  It is as if the managers of this company have given the telephone operators the idea that the person on the other end of the telephone is an enemy.

You get what you pay for. I would rather pay more for service from a company that has a good respectful culture, pays their employees well, and trains them to be the best than to deal with this despicable, low class, low paying, toxic corporation.


I called about directv. First of all they ran like 3 hard credit reports on me screwing up my credit at a crucial time when i was buying a house. Then, without even asking, some punk tech came over and knocked on the door without an invitation or so much as a phone call to schedule an order that I did not place. Next thing I know, I get a bill for services.

Then it takes three months of phone calls to get through to someone in "upper" management who can supposedly fix this error. She says on the phone that is has been taken care of and that unless someone from CenturyLink calls me that everything has been taken care of and that I owe nothing. Then, another two months later i get a collection notice from these freaking lieing no good SOBS.

I imagine all because the punk tech who came to the door didn't tell anyone he didn't do any installation so we therefore obviously never received any type of service. more likely he said he did the install and instead took a two hour break to take a nap or Lord knows what! i am so mad that i could spit fire. i have absolutely no problem paying for anything that i order.

But to ask about directv then have someone come to the door for an install we never ordered or received and got billed for as well as services is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard of let alone been a part of. To get a notice from a collection agency after i was lied to by "upper management" is even more.