8 Ways to Complain to Chase Bank Headquarters (and Get Results)


Upset with Chase Bank? To reach a live person and file a complaint you will need to know the right phone number to call. That's why we have assembled the best eight complaint numbers for Chase customer service below. Depending on the product and issue, you might need to call during normal business hours. Otherwise, many of the phone lines are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  1. Credit Card complaint hotline: 1-800-432-3117
  2. Personal banking customer service number: 1-877-CHASEPC (1-877-242-7372)
  3. Personal banking help complaints outside the United States: 1-713-262-3300
  4. Home equity or loans problems: 1-888-342-4273
  5. Retirement and investment planning issues: 1-800-392-5749 for help
  6. Investments feedback for large businesses are routed through JP Morgan
  7. Business services complaints are received 24/7 here: 1-800-CHASE38 (1-800-242-7338)
  8. Complications with auto loans and leases: 1-800-336-6675 (Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM - 11 PM)

​Or write your complaints to:

Chase Auto Finance
P.O. Box 901076
Fort Worth, TX 76101-2076

If you don't have a complaint and simple need online banking, here's four different numbers to call for a live personl that are available 24/7

  1. Online banking hotline in the U.S.: 1-877-242-7372
  2. Online banking number outside the U.S.: 1-713-262-3300
  3. Armed forces and military services: 1-877-469-0110
  4. Overseas military: 1-318-340-3308


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The Chase branch in Rochdale Village, Queens is in desperate need of tellers. I, along with other senior citizens had to wait on line for at least 30 minutes because the bank had only one teller available to serve customers. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that three machines sitting idle with ten (10) or more customers standing in line is not good business, or customer relations. If you had less than one star that would be the true rating.

I have been a customer of a Auto Loan with Chase Bank for the second time, and have had no problem with the bank. For the fast eighteen months I have been cashing a check for two thousand dollars, $2000.00 at different location without any issue, on occasions I was asked if I have an account I would state an Auto Loan so I was never charged $8.00. On January 6,2016  I went to cash the check for $2000.00 I gave my drivers license and a debit card as usual and was told by the manager that she cannot cash the Check because she does not know me.

I find her behavior to be very rude and somewhat questionable this is not the first time that I have cash a check at this location. I have no problem paying the eight dollars, but telling me that she or any of the tellers does not know me is very insulting to me especially as a black woman. Please explain to me why she refused to changed the check is there a new ruling this was a cashier from chase.


I had a account with chase until they closed it after a trusted friend of mine ask me to deposit a money transfer check from citi credit card. Do to him not having a account because of child support which he has been paying for the last 10 yrs but owes arrears  and so thats why he had no bank account.  So i did the deposit of 4500 and wasn't able to get the money because of a honest mistake of not putting the date on check. They said it needed to be cleared by citi then it would clear and to go in person with check maker and myself.

We did that and they said my account was close do to the check not having the date so they would mail a check out to me. Never received anything, so i went to the chase branch they said call loss prevention which i did and they said its under investigation because they think fraud on one of our part was done which there wasn't. Its been over 2 months and still waiting.   We have talk to citi bank to see if there was a issue and there was not, citi filed a dispute and faxed them the clear check again but nothing still has changed.  

Been really stressed because i cant open account do to chase putting my name on investigation for no reason but there own...   They never have even contacted citi bank to ask a single question and that concerns me if they are investigating why do not they talk to citi and there is no wrong doing on anyones part. Not only cant I open account but my friend owes this money to citi and nobody has got any funds or has done any wrong doings. Both me and my friend have gone in person and  talked over and over to chase prevention and citi bank but chase has given the run around.  really want to solve this issue ASAP.   Both me and my friend are willing to provide anything to solve this problem.

I have been sitting in the lobby for 2-1/2 hours literally waiting for a statement to be printed. this is not the first time for the long waits. there is a young lady greeting customers. However when there is no customers she is busy on her personal cell phone. i font understand why chase does not have someone just handling the simple task such as the statements like security service bank. Since these waiting periods have happened mote than once i will be transferring my money elsewhere. by the way there are 3 persons besides myself waiting for statement print outs.


Same thing they are doing to me, I feel that it the other bank clears the check then there's obviously no fraud... I deposited a check for my mother who rushed here from out of town due to my grandfather's death, and didn't bring 2 forms of ID. At first they told us that she could verify who she was with her phone number as long as it is under her name, well she has 3 phones on her account under her name and they're trying to say they can't verify any of the 3 numbers ( how odd is that)now they are saying that if the other bank clears it then the money will go back but my thing is why even let the check go as far as to clear from the other bank if there's a real issue with me depositing it into my account!

Then they had the nerve to tell me that I can continue to put money into my account but will never be able to withdrawal my money... I believe that they are a scammer..Not to mention that the amount of the check is $4,650 from the funeral home , I'm starting to believe that anything after a certain amount they just keep and they continue to get rich from taking people's money...I'm calling the news stations and a lawyer because I'm not getting took up top that easy.


I went into the Chase chicago branch located on 300 s Riverside, chicago, IL to open a checking account. Well, when I went in on April 13, 2017. I paid off a past due chase account bill that was 147.xx i had left to pay. So, the banker called to make sure I was able to re-open another account. Well, I was able to open a Liquid chase account. My job use this banks for our payroll, so I thought to use them as well for my direct deposit. Well, I deposited my remaining funds of $1000.00 into my new checking account. I was able to use my card on Friday the 14th of April. Come Saturday April 15th, my account was on restriction.

Called customer service to see why, got transfered over to the resolution or prevention department for them to tell me that they are closing my account and that Chase was ending the relationship. Well, no reason was given and to make matters worse they stated I'll receive my funds in a cashiers check in the mail. Well, that was not good. No reason as to why it got closed and you going to just hold my funds and send them to me when you finish closing my account that you decided to end the relationship on. Bad business and bad taste in my mouth for such actions that Chase do.

Well, come Monday morning I go back into the branch that i opened the account up with. Well, they tried helping as much as possible to see if I can at least get my funds released. Well, it was escalated by the Manager at the branch, by mid day I finally called the department back to get a Senior customer support rep, whom stated that I can back to the branch and receive my funds. Go back later the manager had left for the day, so I had to wait until today which is April 18th to receive my funds. 

The way this was all done and not to be given a reason as to why my bank account was closed. Let's not mention it was a pre-paid account to be hassled like that was very humiliating and very poor business practices on Chase end. I am very disgusted on how you do business and I definitely would not Recommend anyone to do business with you. Your business practices are so not heard of and a inconvenience to the consumers, that are trying to establish a banking relationship with you. 

I will continue to write reviews about this displeasing act and how I was treated. And how they would not release my funds, but closed my account without reason. 


When buying my house, Chase Bank had “insider’s information” about my finances, money on hand and stole $5,000 in July 2011. When refinancing the same house in May 2015 we started 4% in later the same day it went up to 4.125% After I complaint to a Manage the following week, she raised it 4.25% I complaint again and was going to walk away but the interest rates were higher that week, and best I could find was the same rate so I stayed. On July 20th a day before the closing date a letter was sent out to me telling me my APR is going up over $1,500 more. I did not get the loan this time at the higher rate.

On Monday Aug 3, 2015 when the rates were at 3.75% again, they refused me again, reason why is with me, they could only work off the May 21st interest rates, I said great, I want 4% the interest of May 21st, and again no, however they offer me the second rate of 4.125% when the current is 3.75% and that is when I got the last letter of another increase. I had been a customer of the same bank for 25 year that had changed names many times over the years . I had over drawn my account a few times over the years. I opened a business account  and the bank wanted me to use overdraft protection I declined. I had a few thousand in the bank and deposited a check for fifteen thousand dollars for an advance for a job.

When I tried to buy materials my card was denied, it was a weekend so I called  the bank  and found I was overdrawn by 14000 dollars I was frantic. Later I found it was just an error the bank made I was relived until I talked to  my banker. She informed me it was my fault for not having overdraft protection and told me that chase did not know who I was. I told her I've had an account with them for 25 years and still said the bank didn't know me. Needless to say I went and opened a new account with another bank and have been treated like I've had an account for fifty years.

My second problem with chase was when I tried to put 50 dollars  cash in my wife's account I could not do that. I was told I couldn't put cash in my wife's account because chase was helping the government stop money laundering 50 dollars isn't money laundering. Now we get to today I tried to get gas in my wife's car. The card has been cancelled because they sent new  one and cancelled the old ones without telling us. To top it off chase has closed all drive up windows. The sign  says it is to better serve us with 24/7 ATMs. Thanks chase. I am sitting here waiting for my son to bring my card from another bank so I can get gas. All I want to do is tell people what a great bank chase is for the rest of my life. We will be changing banks but it not easy because of all the auto draft fees coming out.


I had pulled up to your drive in service, I putted my money and deposit slip in the tube and sent it threw. Your cashier was working with another customer when I pulled up. I was waiting on my transaction when another car pulled up behind me and sent her information in the tube. This customer just happen to be a white female and I am a black male. Your bank teller decided to wait on her first, at the same time the Bank Manager was walking in the drive thru area.

I told the bank teller that I did not like it that I was here waiting on service and the lady came up after me, and he decided to wait on her first. I went in to talk with Matt (Branch Manager) and told me that Teller stated that we both drove up the same time ( that was a lie), Matt said those thing happen and I told him he was not going sell on that. I told Matt that I do have options when it come to which bank I want to use. I have being banking at this location every since it open (122nd and Rockwell). I expect to hear from Chase Complaint Department on this matter.

I also was traveling and then visited your Meridian branch which by the way does not have the warmth of all the other branches. To make the long story short that was my second visit to this branch unfortunately I was about to make a payment for my credit card from my checking account. She asked me for identification I said no its a matter of principle. The Name and address on the card is the same and address on the bill. Finally I said I"ll go to the another branch  give me my documents.

Upon leaving I said thank you for upsetting and stressing me then Mr Marco said Ok. I turned around and told do you know what you just said means? I told him Ok mean the hell you we do not need your business). Where to you teach your employee how to treat their customers and eventually I am considering switching banks and terminating my business with Chase.



Son & I opened a College Account.  A week after opening an online account, he got hacked.  Told by Chase Fraudulent Department that I need to close account ASAP and would be able to reopen said account.  I went into local Chase and closed account.  Sadly unable to reopen because son was not here.  He was across the county in college with no money and does not drive. After filling a complaint.  The bank manger said that he would an open account, but my son needed to go into a Chase bank and sign a signature card. 

After three weeks, my son finally made it to the bank sign the paperwork.  I went into local bank to make sure everything was done correctly.  Sadly, NO.  I am the owner of account and it is not set up. There will be a monthly charge.  The bank manger lied.  This account was to be a College Account with my son being the primary and I the secondary.  Now I  am told that we must close this account and reopen another account.  Sadly, we are stuck with Chase because there are not Bank of America's in Indiana.

The new procedure to obtain access to one's safe deposit box borders on the asinine. Instead of the 20+ year procedure of gaining access via the teller after proceeding through the teller line, now (1) one must sign in; and (2) wait for someone who has been servicing new accounts, advising clients, shuffling paper, doing personal business, etc., to finally meet you to gain access after a 15+ minute wait. This started without notice on July 9, 2015. I don't have the time to waste and am tempted to take my business elsewhere. Also, get employees who speak intelligible English. Rather than providing me with access to my safe deposit, some Asian female who barely spoke English, argued with me about how long I had been waiting.

We have a signed RE contract buying a Chase foreclosure.  Was supposed to close June 29th.  We had to jump thru many hoops to get this via Auction.com.  Now we have been left in the dark.  Apparently Chase sold us a property at a price and they did not know about the past HOA dues and fees owed on the property? Yeah I don't believe that either.  Rather than getting this closed they are trying to negotiate the fees down at my expense.  Property address 1021 Royal Oak Blvd Leesburg FL. Chase employee: Lynn.a.manganiello@chase.com


I used a Bank of America ATM card in your machine, (there is no more B of A in our town) paid a $3 fee went inside the bank and asked to exchange the $20 bills into $100 bills, they said unless I had an account I couldn't do that. It left me furious. You corporations and the way you treat people! Honestly. You carried my mortgage for years and I've always been pleased with you- this has pissed me off! After a paying a $3 fee you could at least do this for me.

I was going to open a new account once I drained my B of A account, but I'm not now. The hell with you. It happened in East Wenatchee, Wa. I tried today to access my accounts, but. was told my device was not recognized, & that I was to request a code. So I did, along with my e- mail. When I submitted the code, was told that I couldn't log on with my smart phone, but needed a personal computer to do this. Really don't understand what the problem is with using my smart phone, which seems pretty personal to me! I don't have a personal computer.

So give me a break. Chase bank has the worst customer service tellers. They treat you like if you owe them something. You asked them for help and they start raising there voice on you that's why I moved from Bank of America  to chase but it looks like they have the same customer service training   If they have any at all  not cool they need to retrain their associates. I walked in on a Thursday about 2pm. My checks are in  my name and Chase. All I need is for Chase to endorse their part. That is all. I'm told that I need to see a banker. There is one customer ahead of me, who was called 20 minutes after I arrived. I've been waiting for 40 minutes! Since waiting 7 people come in behind me. Finally a representative steps up. I know that I'm next. She talks and calls 3 customer's names.

And not one name is mine. Are you kidding me? Am I visible here? No one said anything. I literally had to raise my hand; stand up; walk to someone to find out what is going on? Why have I been skipped over when I've been here long before ALL these other people? And why would you continue to tell me that I'm next, if I'm NOT?  Chase Customer Service sucks. It's horrible. Then the one who called others before me is walking around talking loud to be heard, especially by me to say "That's why people should have an appointment!"  I'd like to add unprofessional and stank attitude to the list.


I took my 9 year old daughter out to dinner. When I went to pay, my card was declined. Since I knew there was money in my account, I began to panic, worrying that someone had stolen my money. My card does not expire for a year and a half. After a humiliating discussion with the manager of the restaurant, she very kindly allowed me to make a quick run to the bank. It was after hours, but I was hoping it was simply an issue with the restaurant's card reader, and that I would be able to withdraw cash. After attempting to withdraw the money, the atm informed me that my card had been deactivated. I checked everything I possibly could. I checked my email, my phone, even my bank account history to see if there had been some sort of suspicious activity. Nothing.

No correspondence, no alerts, nothing from Chase to tell me they were deactivating my card. I was pissed. I was left at a restaurant with no checks, no card, and insufficient cash to cover a simple reward dinner for my little girl. I have very few relatives, none close enough to call, and my boyfriend had to leave work while we waited miserable at a restaurant for him to come pay for us. And for what?? When I call my local branch the next morning to find out exactly why this has happened, they inform me that I should have gotten another card last October. I never did.

The lady told me that dozens of people had called, complained, and showed up after their cards were suddenly deactivated without warning. I asked why there was no notice, no email, no call or automated message? She said the notice was with the card sent last October, which I never received. I am VERY upset. I know very well that Chase can tell whether or not a new card has been activated, and yet they still neglected to monitor this or have some sort of alert in place to warn people, and I was left with a child in a restaurant, humiliated and unable to touch my own money to pay the bill. This is absolutely unacceptable.

I have been a customer of a Auto Loan with Chase Bank for the second time, and have had no problem with the bank. For the fast eighteen months I have been cashing a check for two thousand dollars , $2000.00 at different location without any issue, on occasions I was asked if I have an account I would state an Auto Loan so I was never charged $8.00 .On January 6,2016  I went to cash the check for $2000.00 I gave my drivers license and a debit card as usual and was told by the manager that she cannot cash the Check because she does not know me. I find her behavior to be very rude and somewhat questionable this is not the first time that I have cash a check at this location. I have no problem paying the eight dollars, but telling me that she or any of the tellers does not know me is very insulting to me especially as a black woman.

Please explain to me why she refused to changed the check is there a new ruling this was a cashier from chase. How can I contact Chase?


My wife and myself are victims of a double theft. One from a thief and the second is Chase bank. This past February someone stole all of our money out of our savings and checking account. We did everything that the bank tells you to do to report any stolen funds as soon as you find out about it. Chase bank refused to return my money and they are trying to force me to pay for overdraft money that the thief stole of $1035.00. How many other customers are they doing this to. Here is the timeline of the events that occurred. Feb 17th 2016, 5:52 pm: My wife called me telling me that she tried to make a purchase but her card was declined when at the register.  She then checked her balance on the ATM located in the store where she found that there was no balance on both their savings and checking account.

5:54 pm:  I called the number on the back of my debit card (800-935-9935), spoke to the representative and he explained to me that someone had made withdrawls out of our account.  Our call was disconnected shortly after.  

6:08 pm:  I redialed the number, explained the situation to the representative again.  The representative asked me if I changed my email and my phone number, which I did not, and he asked for my current numbers which were not the correct numbers on file.  He then asked me what my email was and when I responded, he also said that the email was incorrect and that the email given was a yahoo account which was not mine.  After realizing that the money was stolen, he closed both of our accounts and instructed me to go to my nearest Chase bank and open a new account.  He said that because the money was under $5,000, the money would be refunded to the account.  My wife checked her online banking when she had gotten home and found that there were three transactions made after all of our money from our savings (2,333.00) was transferred into our checking account (@4:34 am on 2/16/16).  The three transactions were made in Florida at Seminole Coconut in Florida, each taking out the amount of $1,619.25.

February 18th, 2016:  My wife and I went to the Somerville Chase located in Somerville, New Jersey, where we spoke to the relationship banker, Johanna Viracocha, who opened a new checking account for us.  She spoke to someone on the phone (another Chase employee), to ensure that our old accounts were closed and updated our contact information.  She assured us that our direct deposits would be safe and transferred $3,337.38 into our new checking account.  We were given a deposit slip to deposit the money into our new account.  We were issued new debit cards which we tested and our transaction went through successfully.

February 19th, 2016:  At 5:07 pm, we attempted to cash out $200.00 at the Somerville Chase ATM, but were declined and told that we had insufficient funds.  We went into the bank and talked to relationship banker, Johanna Viracocha who called a representative who said that the money was not stolen but fraudulent charges that were initially charged to account ending in 5163 were forced posted to new checking account ending in 1725 because the original account was restricted and funds were not able to be collected.  The phone representative said that my wife’s direct deposit along with the other money would be placed back into our account on the following Monday or Tuesday.

February 22nd, 2016:  I called the Somerville branch at 1:54 pm and spoke to the associate that has been helping us through the situation.  She said that she had terrible news and when reviewing our accounts, our accounts were closed and that we were liable for all of the stolen money.  She said that she explained to the representative that we have been good customers for over 15 years and did not understand why the accounts were closed.  She gave us a number to call (866-564-2262).  I called afterwards in which I spoke to a Jeffery, who could not give us any information about our account other that they do not wish to do business with us anymore and that we are liable for our funds due to the fact that we did not secure our funds to our savings and checking accounts.  He also claimed that we have a balance $1,016.11 which we tried to take out at the Somerville branch but were told that it was a negative balance instead of a positive.  We contacted consumerfinance.gov to complain about our unfair treatment.

February 23rd, 2016:  My wife called Chase Fraud and spoke with a representative (Ruby), who stated that our initial claim has been denied.  She asked to speak with the representative’s manager where she was transferred to a specialist, Jonathan.  After being on hold for an hour, Jonathan stated that our funds were not being returned to us due to email transaction verifications that were sent to our account and approved.  My wife said that we did not approve any verifications and Jonathan was unable to provide proof of the emails when requested.  We asked for his recommendations as to what steps to take prior to hiring a lawyer and he transferred our call to the Chase Executive office.  

While on hold, I checked my email records and found no verification emails except for an email that stated our email address was changed on an account.  This email was received prior to the three email verifications that were sent out. Octavio Machuca answered our call from the executive office and we explained to him our situation with the emails and our account.  He stated that a second claim will be opened with the claim #20160223EOTLB0123.  He explained that the claim could take up to two business days to complete and we could contact 1-800-978-8664 to check the status of our claim.

February 29th, 2016: I went to the Somerville branch to meet with relationship banker, Johanna Viracocha to show her this timeline so she could verify the information was factual and she did and I made the proper adjustments. She asked me if she could speak with her branch manager Brian Poppen to see if he could help us out. He explained to me that there were a lot of red flags and that is why Chase is investigating the incident. He made a few phone calls and explained to me that the transitions were done as follows:

- Feb 16th @3:01 am Someone called to change my phone number to a Florida number and change my e-mail address.
- Feb 16th @ 4:17 am - The first withdrawal was made for $1500.00 and was approved through e-mail.
- Feb 16th @ 4:34 am – Someone transferred all funds from our savings account to our checking account.
- Feb 16th @ 5:00 am - The second withdrawal was made for $1500.00 and was approved through e-mail.
- Feb 16th @ 10:51 am - The third withdrawal was made for $1500.00 and was approved through e-mail.

Brian then called the number that the person in Florida gave as a contact number and it was out of service. He called the number to the company who made the transfers in Florida and asked them how did they validate who made the transactions and they said it was in person with the card ending in 4569 and ID. He asked them what was the name on the card and they told him Freddy Ford. He then told them that the name was not even close to his clients name and asked them for the contact information for the Florida casino where the transitions occurred. He attempted to call them but got an answering machine and he left his contact information for them to call him back. He told me that he will keep working on this and will call me back as soon as he has more information. Brian no longer works for Chase bank.

I have gone through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and received an update from Chase denying our funds. I was able to get in touch with the Everi fraud department (The company that conducts the money transfers for the casino)  and spoke to a John Marquez. He explained to me that all I had to do was have Chase call him and they will give them the information that they needed. He told me that it was strange that Chase never contacted them to find out who made the withdraws.

I explained that Chase is trying to hold me responsible for my stolen funds and $1035.00 that my checking and savings did not cover. I have requested that verizon send me my itemized incoming and outgoing calls due to Chase claims that the person who changed my e-mail and phone information came from my number. My home phone is only used for voice mail only and it is by our bed so no one made any calls from my house at 3:01 am. I have attached the information that Everi sent me with the name and address of the person who stole our money. They gave a card with my account number on it but the expiration date was different. I have also contacted the casino to see if they can give me any kind of information or picture of the person who stole our money.

I have been with Chase for more than 15 years without as much as a bounced check and they have been treating my wife and myself as criminals. I am not a rich man and losing $3900 hurt my wife and myself. We had to borrow money from our daughter to pay our bills. We would really appreciate any help you can give us with this problem. I just can not believe that a bank would do this to their customer. They keep saying that we verified the withdrawals through the bogus e-mail account. I would never use my full name on an e-mail account. I have found out that both the e-mail and Florida phone numbers are no longer in service.


It is really sad that Chase Bank supports fraudulent actions on customers account. They have the opportunity to prevent it and stop it but are choosing to do nothing to help the customer. I will be closing my accounts... 

Thank god Flex in the complaint dept is not employed by me. He would be fired. Since I can't fire him, I will do the next best thing by closing my accounts and any chance I get I will inform everybody on how poor custom service is at chase bank.


These folks keep assessing insufficient funds fee associated with my checking account. I will always check my balance before I make purchases and have little room for errors. It should be fraudulent for my bank to process after business hours or days later in order to create the occurrence. Every month this is going to happen at least once. This is another tool a bank is using to collect profits off of customers.


I was offended by Molly at our local branch on Bardstown road, Louisville KY.  She made hand gestures about there being a glass wall, one that I was going around, when I went to ask if she was the representative that I should be waiting for.  She tried doing this as a humorous gesture to the clients in front of her, which was just an insult to me as I watched. I had patiently waited a half hour for her to open an account with a customer.  Which to me might have seemed like a long time.  But the older lady sitting next to me said she had been waiting an HOUR before I even sat down in the waiting area.  You can be incompetent and slow, or rude, but please not both.


I have had a business account with Chase Bank in University Hills, Denver, Colorado for more than twenty years. At the end of last year (2015) I found a transaction that was not recorded on my bank statement. I have a deposit slip, but the bank claims I requested the deposit to be returned to me. The tellers tell me I would always be asked for the deposit skip back if, in fact, I had requested the deposit returned. They have shown me the exact process that is used for each transaction. Chase Bank tells me that their records are destroyed after a two or three month period, a rule that not in effect when I initially became a client. The executive group refuses to be accountable. I am a small business owner and the deposit was for $2300. I have talked with other banks and they have told me this is terrible customer service and would never be handled this way at their bank. I am finished with Chase.