Top 6 Chevron Gas Station Customer Service Fails


There are a lot of customer service fails we see each day at HissingKitty. And many of you have told us how you have called the Chevron customer service number at 1-855-285-9595 to try and share feedback with the corporate office.

Most negative reviews are about items that you do not necessary have to have each day. Things like cable TV, shopping on Amazon, or even Pizza. But driving is not a luxury to American's, it is a requirement for most. That is what makes gas station complaints so important to be aware of.

If have read more than 10,000 gas station complaints over the last few years. Chevron is one of the worst offending companies outside of Shell, with corporate headquarters located at 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583, USA. 

Here are the best six reviews out of all of the Chevron customer feedback we collect each day:

1. Long hold times on the phone for support
I purchased $20.51 gas at Chevron, 1300 Scenic Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA today. The pump would not allow me to use debit as it automatically asked for my zip code.  When I later looked at my account, I noticed a hold on it for $101.00.  I called my bank and was informed Chevron put the hold on my account.  I called Chevron customer service and was told Chevron puts holds on your credit card because a large truck may fill up and they want to make sure they get their money.  

This is unacceptable!  Chevron needs to realize you have people on fixed incomes with purchases coming in on their accounts which will be rejected even though the money is in the account because Chevron put a hold on it.  No signs are up saying Chevron will put $101.00 hold on customers’ accounts if it was I would not have used your services. Where am I supposed to get $80 more money to put into my account to cover the hold you put on my account?  You should not do this to people who are trying to properly pay their bills and balance their budgets.

2. Deceptive business practices at multiple gas stations
I needed to fill my car up and saw 2 gas stations on Hwy 6 and Old Richmond Rd. Ft. Bend County Texas. Both were advertising regular gas at $1.59 so I stopped at the Chevron because they didn't have as many cars there. I went inside to pay in cash and gave the young lady a $20.00 bill. The pump showed that I had received a little over 10 gallons. I went inside to ask her why didn't I get more than 10 gallons. Her reply was because you don't have a gift card and the price of regular is $1.88 per gallon.

I asked to speak to her manager and told him why she never mentioned a gift card before I paid for the gas. His reply was because the company doesn't want anyone telling the customer that a gift card is necessary to get the reduced price, and laughed in my face. I'm taking this to the news media and filing a complaint with the BBB. I'll also make sure to let all of my American Legion, VFW, and DAV friends know about Chevrons deceptive ways of doing business!

3. Managers not keeping gas stations safe
Went to get some gas at the Chevron Station, Exit 19 of Hwy. 185 North, Georgia Route 315 West and while I was filling up my tank one of the young female (dark/black hair) employee was cleaning and or picking up trash and papers from each of the Pumps one at a time while talking on a cell phone, pinched between her ear and shoulder. This went up for about 8 minutes total. I stopped filling up the tank of my car and moved toward the air pump machine while she was done, as this idiot could have made the whole station blow up.

Maybe this is what you need to happen in order to train your employees better in reference to safety hazards and take things seriously. I have not been to this Gas Station ever since. I went inside and told the young tall boy at the register what was happening and he said nothing and just continued doing what he was doing "nothing". Congratulations for hiring people with the common sense of a 2 year old.

4. Rude employee comments at local stations
A month ago I went to Chevron Yuma AZ to make a purchase. A cashier Ms. Martha was checking me out. I stated I wanted to pay $3.00 in cash and put the balance on my Chevron card. She said she could not do that. Shocked I asked why and she replied because this register does not do that. I said but you have in the past. She then said didn't you get any? I replied what? She repeated her question. I asked what are you talking about and she leaned forward and said sex. I turned and looked at 4 other people in line and was so embarrassed I left without completing  my purchase.

I complained to some of the other employees who I thought would bring up the matter to the manager. Today I went past my new Chevron which was under construction of some sort so had to go to this Chevron. There was Martha. She began pleasant but then asked me the name of the CEO of the company I worked at...I thought she was looking for information. I realized she was looking to possibly cause me problems at my work. I called this Chevron and spoke to the manager who said she would deal with this.

But it seems I am going to have to continue to drive further for Chevron gas just to avoid this cashier. My family and I have been long time good standing Chevron customers until now. We may end our patronage with Chevron of whom we have used for about 17 years. 

5. Gas stations not properly maintained
Store #00308377 at 301 Powerline Road Pompano Beach FL 3360 is not maintained properly. For over 1 1/2 I have been using station as my other fellow drivers. For several months we have to go into store to get a receipt. I have told lady who works there around 4 PM that it is not giving receipts at pump and she has to print one. She really acts like she does not care and tells me each time "I am just a cashier". I have a Chevron credit card but will be using Speedway down the street until the pumps start printing out receipts. When that happens I shall then go back to the station as I  have been for 16 months. A few of my delivery drivers feel the same way. 

6. Constant billing problems at the pump
Went to Chevron Station on the corner of W. Little York and Holister in Houston Texas to get gas. Tried to use my American Express and it said to see the cashier which I did and she asked how much did I want to get. I told her $40 worth and she said it was set and to go ahead and pump my gas which I did. About an hour later I get alert from American Express that someone was trying to charge $100 on my account and it came from The same Chevron store that I was at earlier.

Amex decline the charge and I verified I did not charge the $100.00. I thought it was strange for me to go see cashier because I never had to do this before. Chevron need to check into fraud, I know I'm not the only one this happen to.

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I stop at chevon to get a drink an a phone car charger. As i walked to the fountain sodas you have 2 male and 1 female working the cash register. I hear them talking then just looking at me and laugh. I just got my drink walked to pay and at this time i no there laughing at me. I payed then i said do you sell phone car chargers the girl said over there so i looked and said where is over there. The girl said you cant be in the store with only one shoe on come back when you find the other one and then ill tell you where thet chargers are the male are just laghing so hard i turned to her and said now you say this after i payed for my drink.

Well I'll make sure to leave your store and ill come back after 6 weeks when i get my cast removed ok. Thanks for all the laughs because my foot is broke and wont fit into a shoe. Mabe you need to look at people better before your wise cracks and i walked our of your store and i will never in my life go back. I want you to know it didnt make me fill good that i was getting laughed at and really had no clue at that moment why they would laugh at me because my foots been broken for a week now and im use to it. I didnt care for the way she told me to come back when i have my other shoe.

I was upset so i left got back on the freeway. My phone had no power to use it cause i had no shoe so you wont sell me a charger . i ended up having car problems. About 20 minutes. Down the road. I had no way to call for help thank goodness chp pulled up and made a call to my aaa inc. I have the officers number the time i broke down and my recipt that shows the time i got the drink the female. Did sell me. So thanks for the nice people you hire that make fun of there costumers.


Was at Chevron 1002 E. Mulberry, Kaufman, Tx 75142 at pump#5 and the automatic shut off did not work and I got covered in gasoline, my arm, my New Balance tennis shoes, my pants and all over the side of my 2014 Ford Escape.It also covered the ground. I couldn't get the gas to stop pouring out so I finally pushed the nozzle back into my car to have the car tank to stop it. It finally stopped and I went inside to report it and told the attendant that it was broken & he needed to put a "do not use" on it.

I showed him my pants and shoes and told him my arm was burning from the gasoline & he went out to the pump & saw the gasoline all over the ground. He said that he would give me the $ that I lost & then gave me $3.00 which wasn't even close to the lost gas & he told me to just back up to another pump to put gas in my car.

So I had to use my Chevron/Techron card a second time to put gas in my car at the middle pump. I've had to throw away my New Balance tennis shoes because they were soaked in gas, had to hand wash my car so the gas wouldn't ruin the paint and I am so mad because the attendant said that someone who used the pump before me must have done something to it but he wasn't going to stop it being used. I have used this Chevron since we moved here a year ago and in all that time they never have paper in the pumps to print receipts. Why is that and who is going to replace my tennis shoes?


I'm a frequent customer at the Chevron gas station located at 17501 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pines, Florida 33028. My wife and I buy gasoline for all three of our cars as well as purchase lottery tickets several times per week. However, on numerous occasion there is several men loitering in front of the business during the evening hours asking for money and scaring paying customers. 

The employee who works at night is scared to call the police. This is happening  during the day and night time hours and has become a nuisance. There are two different men one white male and one black male. Part of the problem is due to poor lighting on the north side of the business as well as trees where they're lurking.  I'm reporting this matter because someone is going to become victimized.