Comcast Xfinity Triple Play Review — Worth Signing Up For?


I’m writing because I’ve contacted Comcast customer Service 3 times on the phone and 2 times online, with no resolution.

Here is what happened...

I recently signed up for the XFINITY Triple Play early December 2010. The promotion, as stated, read if you installed your service prior to 12/14, you would receive a Flip HD Video Camera by 12/24.

I inquired about the camera on Dec 23 since we were expecting it by Christmas. To my surprise, the Comcast rep on the telephone had no idea about it. Told me to call the rewards department. The following week, I called the rewards department, and they had not idea, told me to call Marketing by asking Customer Service to transfer me there.

I could go on and on but by now it’s pointless. I feel like I was conned into signing up asap, due to the gift, but now the promotion just doesn’t get honored. To me, this is breach of contract. On top of the camcorder redemption issues, I recently tried calling my phone inbound and it never rings my house.

The number was ported almost 8 weeks ago!! THis is unacceptable. I work in the wireless industry, and ports take 3-5 days. I’m highly disappointed with my experience so far, and quite frankly don’t want to do business with a company that constantly lies to me and gives the run around.

I will try calling Comcast Customer Service 1 more time on Monday 1/31/11. If I don’t get an answer, expect my cancelation.

I was a DirecTV customer for 3 years, and have no problem switching back.


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I am a Best Buy employee and I am expected to sell this? It took them a month to figure out my billing and I to this day have to have my set top box rest once a week so I can watch what I want. Oh yea, don’t try netflix, it comes up “your internet connection is too slow” all the filipping time. There has to be a better way.

The same thing is happening to me. They tell you to wait three months which of course is two months after their guarantee. We had Triple Play installed in December amd its now Mid May and I am still waiting on my $100 gift card and Flip camera. I have been given the run around and been switched from department to department, what a scam. DirecTV might be getting our business as well.


The same thing for me as well. Comcast is a total ripoff and should suffer federal prosecution. I complained to the better business bureau but i feel that the best way to resolve this is to go after each Comcast individually so that they complain to there supervisors. Sometimes its worth fighting to bring justice to such unamerican treatment.

Xfinity website is crap. The ‘smartzone for voice services never works. I have called and used the ‘chat’ representative and they assure me that it is fixed. They lie, and lie. I have a friend who is a contracted tech – during their sales push they instruct them to set up equipment that is known not to work. They say they will just come back and fix it later. They would rather have a sale even if the customer cancels in disgust just to make their numbers look good.

Customer service is non existant – the poor employees that work for Comcast spend the day apologizing, knowing that any promises they make relative to service will not be honored. Service outages are rampant and they give you no credit for the weeks that nothing works. Can’t we get a class action lawsuit against this predatory company? They can only screw the consumer so much. I want to leave but they have areas where they are the only game in town.

After about ten calls even the most patient of us are reduced to screaming profanity.


I know the feeling people. Comcast is not what it seems to be in any area of the world. If I could gather up all the people that they have draw-ed in with false advertisements and take they to court and sue I would. This company is very large and nobody really knows how it happened but it just happen. Comcast offered us a “Special” for cable TV for $29.99 a month and internet for $19.99 a month but when we received our first bill it was stunning. Instead of it being the price that it should have been we were charged almost $80.00 more than we should have been. Someone have to stop these people.

I was a longtime Comcast Triple Play subscriber in northern Illinois, and generally loved the service. It was fast, easy, understandable; and it was not, ‘Xfinity’. Then I moved to Texas. For a long time, I was a CenturyLink subscriber instead, as it seemed Comcast could not do the service in my area. Then I moved again, and the Centurylink service with respect to internet reliability, became terrible (this last August). So, I switched to Comcast in November ’11, which became available.

Life has been a nightmare, ever since. Comcast Customer service is completely clueless; place three calls on the same problem, get three different answers, all of them wrong. Same, for chat. Forget emailing, all you get is canned answers proving that the respondent didn’t even read what you wrote in the email.
Management of new customer installation is awful. They are careless in threading the cables. You can’t access your new voicemail after set up, because you must wait many days to get a PIN number in the mail. Which, never arrives. No manuals on the equipment, just a fold-out sheet on the remote. After complaining and complaining and complaining I was able to learn the PIN number via telephone, and finally could set up voice mail.

The modem was defective, battery was too old, the cable box defective — always hanging when accessing On Demand, constantly requiring reset. They have no idea why it needs reset, yet many customers complain about it. Every day it must be reset. They say switch the box, which means resetting all your favorites, and of course switching the box never solves the problem, since the same model is always replaced.
And don’t even get me started on how inept is their ‘Constant Guard’ package, especially ‘Secure Backup and Share’. 19 service calls and still wasn’t able to resolve the problem. Was given wrong information 9 times out of ten about almost any topic you want to name. Worst of all, even if you call from your Comcast phone, the service rep doesn’t know what number you’re calling from, and you have to go through the litany of stating your name, address, last four digits of SSN, and that when you get to a real human being — which is at least 2 minutes after navigating the time-delaying auto voice prompts.

The one thing good, is internet connectivity. And that is the ONLY reason I remain a a Comcast customer. If I had another service provider with good internet connectivity, I’d leave this XFINITY version of Comcast in a heartbeat.


This internet is so bad. If this is appearently High Speed Internet it is not. All i have connected to my router is a PS3 that’s playing skyrim and my laptop that is playing a PC Game. I got Disconnected 4 times in a game. This has been happening for the past 6 months. All the commercials you see on T.V. about Xfinity is a lie. Don’t believe 1 word they say because they are honestly the worst service i have ever known. If you want internet get AT&T. That is the fastest Internet ever.

Same thing happened to me when I signed up for AT&T as did Comcast. There was a $250 bonus for getting UVerse, that never showed up, said after I got the service, they had stopped that promo. They are all a bunch of liars. Comcast has no clue how to fix them, besides he is in bed with America too. This is just an outrage. However there is strength in numbers, and because of what you posted, I am no longer going to get Xfinity.


I have Directv and Centurylink and was considering moving to Xfinity because I could get their Preferred Plus for $139 for a year no contract or 2 years with a 2 year contract. or their premier for $20 more. I am paying $110 or so for Directv and about the same for Centurylink phone and DSL, so I would save at least $60 a month, but I don’t know now if it is worth the headache. The problem is deregulation, by allowing all of these companies to merge leaves no competition, which keeps prices down.

The larger they are allowed to get, the less service they will provide. They don’t train their customer service people completely and they have a high turnover rate because of that. They are too greedy to put out any money, so they get what they pay for. We have Comcast here, but Charter has a call center here. My husband went to work there and they provided 2 weeks of classroom training. They were supposed to then go and sit on the floor with a trainer for a few weeks, until they knew what they were doing.

The day after the classroom training was done, they put my husband and one other new person together to answer the calls, no trainer at all, then complained when it took them so long to help a customer. The next day several of the new people didn’t come back, including the guy my husband had been sitting with, so now he was alone. He quit half way through the day, because without further training, he was lost. He really wanted that job, he had lost his job over a year before, they would have cut him anyway in a day or two, and it wasn’t worth having a breakdown over.

This is less government and deregulation at work, it will only get worse if they keep deregulating everything. It is the same thing with radio, TV and newspapers. It used to be you could only own one or two media outlets in any market, now there is no limit, so someone can come in and buy all of the media outlets and control all of the information resources in multiple markets. Welcome to less government.


Really really really bad customer service. I’ve tried to port 1 phone line over 4 weeks. They have had me independently verify approval to port 3 times the last time with a live operator. I called twice after that (and now we are at no less than 7 calls to customer service). The second to last assured me that the porting had occurred. Which is interesting because I was still getting bell south voice mail. So the good news is the ported it over today.

Now I have no inbound of ability to make outbound calls. They are send out repair. Asked for a number to call to report what a horrible experience I’ve had. The 800 number didn’t work. I had heard how bad they were. Really wished I had listened. If you are considering the triple play. Don’t waste your time. I have seriously never experienced such poor customer service. It is unbelievably bad.

I guess I can add to the long list of complaints. We were convinced by “Vince” who kept coming to our door telling us we would save so much money if we did the triple play, he’d give us a $100 credit towards our bill (we were still under contract with Direct TV so had to pay a penalty to end that contract) and 25 movie passes for on demand movies. We’ve never heard from him again, have never seen either of these things we were promised, and the service is horrible.

Of course Vince never returns phone calls either. More times than not our wifi isn’t working and our phone has had numerous times where it is not working either. Do not get Xfinity. We were with Direct TV for years and never had these kinds of problems. AT&T was our internet and phone provider and we never had problems with them either. I only wish I would have researched before we switched so I would have known not to. Hope others will not get caught up in their scams.


Xfinity/Comcast is getting worse by the day. A few months ago my modem needed to be changed because they changed the system (upgrade? yeah right). Took them three visits to get it right. Last month my DVR box went out. They told me they’d send a new box. They did. Jumped through all their hoops to try to get it to work and their system wouldn’t recognize the box they sent.

So, they sent other box. After hours of trying, same result. The told me they need to send out a service person who will bring yet another new DVR box. He came out, and merely swapped out the old box with yet another old box. Guess what? My wife just called tonight and the new old DVR box is not working yet again. I’m cancelling the service as we speak. They are simply horrible.

I have been a Directv customer for 5 years now I have had very little problems with them. Service is great Quality is great. AT&T Phone service is OK, I have problems with their internet service The Moden they provide is worthless I have to unplug it daily and reset it every time I need to use the ingernet. I have been looking long and hard at comcast xfinity triple play to save me about $60 a month.

After reading these horror stories about comcast I will not look any further at their lies and advertisment. Thank you all for your warnings about comcast xfinity.