Complaints Against YouTube Soar Due to "Demonetization"


This week thousands of YouTube complaints about "Demonitization' have been registered around the world on websites like Reddit, Twitter, and yes even on YouTube. There are articles being written and channels being taken down, even at this very hour. 

With all of the upset users who have reached out to us, complaints about YouTube are up more than 150% in the last month.

So, we thought a response would be appropriate. But to discuss this current issue, it's wise to look at the past for a moment. YouTube was founded on the idea of free speech. The co-founder Karim was searching for videos of two main stories back in 2004. One awkwardly was of Janet Jackson’s revealed chest. The other was footage of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. He wasn’t able to find much and discovered the need for a video hosting website.

Since then YouTube has grown. But at it's core it's still all about individuality. Perhaps that is what makes YouTube users so upset over YouTube's recent "Demonetization" of many channels. Demonetization is the act of removing advertising from certain videos due to content that is "unfriendly" to advertisers who pay money to YouTube ie. Google.

YouTube was independently owned from 2005-2006. It's roots are in content of all topics and viewing audience.

But the website has been parented by Google since its 2006 purchase for $1.6 billion. No doubt this next step comes down from Google's executive team as a way to protect revenue and extract more money from advertisers.

The very first video on YouTube was titled “Me at the zoo” and is still available to view. Perhaps that video, along with the original searches that led to YouTube's creation, would never have been created had these rules been in place then.

What do you think about YouTube's recent changes around monetization?


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A thumbnail on youtube supposedly advertising the available-on-youtube movie "The Score". It showed 4 beautiful girls in showgirl costumes. I scanned the film and saw no such scene. This is clearly spam that hasn't been cleaned up yet. From what movie was the thumbnail taken? A trusting person who watched this relatively-slow-moving film, hoping to see the girls would have wasted about 90 minutes of his life. That could be a 4-star grievance.


I posted my video on the 25th of August and after several days I ignored my profile and forgot my account email, password and the mobile number linked to it. Now I got an email saying ads will no longer be shown on this video? I have created a new channel with a new email in which I have no video uploaded in it. I want that particular video deleted for my personal reasons. Since I lost every details I'm unable to delete it myself. I would be very grateful if YouTube helped me out here.


The update on the YouTube app sucks I want to have the recommendation changed back I don't want to have to click on a category to view a video it stupid it was perfect the way it was leave it alone. Trying to watch a bunch of items am constantly seeing Richard Shelby ads. I live in his state and will not be voting for him.

What is YouTube's strategy for advertising? I understand that ads pay for this service. However, youtube needs to add a selection to opt out on certain commercials. He is on every item. While great for revenue, I do not want to be bombarded with these ads. We the targets want the option to decline the ads we don't want. This will give users a better negotiations position.


I am dissatisfied with the whole experience of Youtube, where there is obviously a disregard for age related content. My three year son was watching Thomas the Tank Engine and when the episode was finished, he was faced with a menu of related content, with which some options contained swearing, partial nudity, and was generally inappropriate for his age. He wouldn't have been allowed to see this at a cinema, and it does question why he can see it regardless through Youtube.

I need to know why there is not a button to report inappropriate videos and then a sub menu for "is this really suitable for children", then perhaps actually watch this video and decide if it does need the user to sign in to verify their age. This is growing issue, and whilst some use Youtube to express their views, dubbing children's programmes with content including bad language should be age restricted to general users. I think you have a lot of work to do, to be honest, but this would definitely give a better YouTube experience.


I recommend you go to a sub section of youtube called youtube kids. I think youtube has done enough to protect young children from profanity and other various content that is considered not 'child friendly'. There are many more other audiences of youtube that have been dedicated to it for many years (including myself). I find that more channels have been outrageously ridiculous and youtube still did not lift a finger to stop it. Instead, it has gotten worse as the years go by not only for the viewers, but also the content creators.

There were always complaints about youtube (nothing perfect, youtube certainly isn't) but this time it has gone too far. The most annoying and unprofessional thing about youtube in the demonetizing incident is that they didn't warn the content creators. Some people on youtube post videos as their only source of income. By not telling them about the guidelines and immediately putting them in place, this is just the same as firing an employee without warning or reason whatsoever.

I am subscribed to 70+ youtubers and I watch many more than that. I have been watching youtube for the past 8 years and I am worried for it and the people in the Youtube community. As the world continues to become more globalised and as more people (including children) are coming online, it would almost be impossible to rid all the inappropriate things from the younger people's eyes. If you really can't stand your child being exposed to such content, I think it that he is better off not using the internet at all until you think he is old enough.

This is quite unrelated to my rant about youtube right now, and it isn't really your fault but youtube's. Thomas the tank engine shouldn't even be legally on youtube as it is copyright. Youtube is a video sharing website. Its original purpose was to show various content that anyone could upload. I think they already did enough to protect younger viewers (including having a flag button which you probably didn't know existed and youtube kids as mentioned before).

I suggest you look into youtube and its guidelines before posting comments such as this. I fully understand that you are worried for your child's welfare as a parent. Youtube is not just a place for children. It is for all the people of the internet. If you would be kind enough to understand, please take my advice.


I guess they are cracking down on ads as well as copyrights lately. In my youtube channel this morning the sound was eliminated on my videos. I was notified of a owners copyright of the music in the background of my video. You can watch my video but the sound was eliminated. I am complaining because the sound that you eliminated was my personal friends voice and me talking during the video and it was a memorable moment of my friend laughing.

It is not fair that you messed up my one and only video now i cant hear the sounds. That really makes me angry that you took it upon yourself to eliminate the sound because the owner had a copyright issue. That is not my fault that its copyright owners issue. I was videotaping this event as a memory. I want the sound of the video put back on my video. YouTube destroyed my memories. That is so wrong. I want the sound replaced back on my video.


Not sure about the money making problems, but I'm certainly upset with YouTube right now.

I paid YouTube £11.99 to watch the first of the Grateful Dead's Fare Thee Well shows. And then another £11.99 to watch the I had noted the receipt for the first show stated (as does the second receipt I got) 'now that you have completed your purchase you may watch your video as often as you like. I have tried on a number of occasions to watch parts of both shows again but each time just get the unhelpful message 'We are experiencing problems with our servers. Please try again later. Sorry about that.' 

When will this be sorted as at the moment YouTube are not fulfilling what their own receipt says?


YouTube is based on free speech. And if we cannot protect that then what does the website stand for? I understand those who defend YouTube's right as a business to monetize how they see fit, but my point is that it's a slippery slope. Who desides what is right, the money? We all know how unbiased money can be.